Where is the sacrum and coccyx in humans

Not all people have good health. The same pain sensations that appear at the location of the coccyx and sacrum, give a very small value, and in addition, not everyone is knowledgeable about where the sacrum and the coccyx.

The sacral region and the coccyx

Very often pain in the coccygeal area was taken for the pain in the sacrum. Where is the coccyx, really? Usually this part of the spine in human is located slightly below the sacrum. Why do people need the coccyx and the sacrum? What causes pain in the sacrum in women and men? Connected to the coccyx and childbirth?

The structure and location of the sacrum

The sacrum is a large triangular bone located at the bottom of the post spine. The upper region of the sacrum joins to the latest fifth vertebra, forming, thus, a kind of Cape or ledge, highly prominent in the pelvic cavity. The lower section of the bone joins the coccygeal part (usually the sacrum is often confused with the coccyx). At the Central region of the sacrum is a special channel, which is a continuation of the spinal cord canal, it has its own curved shape, and the sacral nerve endings of the sample coming out of special holes. Sacral canal when approaching the bones of the coccyx becomes more narrow and hollow. The sacrum in women has a different shape than the male.

Differences in anatomy are the following:

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  • in men, the sacrum is narrower than that of the female;
  • women have a shorter sacrum, they have this part of the spine is less curved.

Why a person needs to sacrum? This area of the spine responsible for the following functions:

  • the sacrum retains the human body in the vertical position;
  • the sacrum is responsible for the accumulation loads.

The vertebra possesses an embryonic stage of development. It affects the structure of the coccyx and sacrum. It includes from 3 types of fabrics:

  1. cartilage;
  2. webbed;
  3. bone.

Place of ossification in the body shell as well as the arc of the spine occur in the embryo stage when its development reaches six or eight weeks. The coccygeal vertebrae of the sample are characterized by a single area of ossification that occurs in the first year of human existence. From the age of thirteen and up to thirty years, the bones in the coccyx through a period of merging for the formation of solid bones.

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The existence of atavisms and vestiges in humans

Atavism is the appearance of specific individuals visible signs, which were characterized by distant ancestors. Rudiments – these are bodies which have lost their functionality during the evolution of a living organism.

To understand what it is in fact possible in simple examples:

  1. A throwback is considered too long coccyx resembling externally the tail or hair spreading over the surface of the skin of the child. Even atavisms are considered accessory glands of the milk type. Many scientists believe that such education means the relationship of human beings with representatives of mammals.
  2. The coccyx for anatomist is the main vestige. It is believed that the bone is what is left of the tail of human ancestors. Its function in the human body is not clear. The rudiments can be wisdom teeth and the Appendix and muscles of ear. More detail to read the rudiments can be in the photo.Атавизм

What causes pain in the sacrum

To the attending physician determined the optimal medical therapy, it is necessary to identify the cause of the symptoms in the coccygeal area. The causes usually are of such a nature:

  • the presence of anomalies, and a variety of defects during the development of the vertebrae;
  • the presence of infections;
  • the dysfunction of the reproductive system;
  • the occurrence of tumors;
  • the presence of spinal cord injury.

However, the most common cause includes cases where the individual rises sharply or often takes severity.

Injuries in the sacral region

If the patient is convinced that the main cause of pathological manifestations is a specific injury, it should consider that the condition of discomfort may be associated with symptoms of this nature:


  • the appearance of swelling in the muscles of the spine;
  • the occurrence of spasms in the location of the sacrum;
  • pain in the head;
  • a feeling of nausea;
  • the appearance of vertigo.

In the case of a fracture of the sacrum may be bleeding, the skin begins to peel off, and in some cases the pain can reach up to the groin.

If a man had to fall on the lower back, it could happen strong dislocation. This condition negatively affects the joints, which occupies the upper part of the bone. The female sprains usually occur during childbirth.

Treatment sacral pain usually depends on how severe was the injury. Usually in such situations, it is recommended to stay in bed for eight weeks. To reduce pain, the patient should take pain medications prescribed by a doctor. If medicines do not bring the desired effect, then it is necessary to conduct interventions on an operational basis: a piece of bone is removed (and from the sacrum, and the coccyx). Very often, the injuries involve the emergence of infectious diseases. In this case, the pain will exasperate the patient, even when he will be in a calm state.

The deformation or displacement of the pelvis occurs due to injuries or congenital defects of character, which are available for the individual.

Causes of pain in the sacrum in females

Pain in females usually occurs on pathologic basis, which may be of the following characteristics:

Pain in the sacrum

  • Offset joints in of the iliac-sacral. Different strong pain in the sacral region, disorders of blood circulation in his right leg. Many women have a similar order of things is usually the cause of pathological manifestations of gynecological type. In very frequent cases, it is possible to observe weight loss and an ill-functioning digestive tract.
  • The displacement of the same joint, but on the left. In the sacrum area of the person experiences strongly expressed pain.
    Typically, these symptoms begin to appear in females during pregnancy. Such a scenario is formed for the following reasons:
  1. when the occipital part of the baby in the womb, carries the load on the pelvic section;
  2. too big stomach – in this situation, the center of gravity begins to shift due to what the woman has to bend his waist. Effect it kind of pain in the sacral area;
  3. in case of change of location of the fetus.

In males the pain in the sacrum area usually indicate prostatitis of a chronic nature. As for the tumors, while cancer of the uterus in females, the sacral canal in case of voltage causes a very unpleasant sensation that occurs in the lateral and Central areas. Equally important is here the very structure of this area, which is closely associated ligaments uterine type. Characteristic painful sensations appear during the development of a cancerous tumor on the prostate gland.

Pathology causing pain in the sacral region of the spine

Symptoms pain in sacral region has the characteristic intensity and impossibility. In very frequent cases, people take pain in the coccyx pain in sacral part, and Vice versa. Find out the correct cause of pain under these circumstances can only specialists.

Often these symptoms manifest in the body in the background of several diseases. Pain sacral this files most often occur during degenerative disc disease, after a serious injury in the event of displacement of the vertebral formations along the length of the spine.