The head massage. Practical tips

Head massage, unlike other types of massage, many people is taken seriously. Normal is considered to be massaging the back or waist, cosmetic massage of face and neck, classic massage of the whole body, but not head massage. But because they are good professionals finish the full massage. The procedure improves blood circulation not only of the skin but also the brain, allows you to relax and release stress. In addition, the impact on certain points helps to fight headache. It is also extremely helpful for overall condition and hair growth.

Even briefly outlines the benefits of scalp massage is able to attract the attention of a large number of people looking for overall health, suffering from frequent headaches or are thinking about the prevention of baldness. Behind all this, of course, you can contact the salon where the procedure will be conducted by experts, and you can try to learn some simple ways of self-massage of the head and some of the techniques used to achieve the desired effect at home. And also good to pleasure.

The techniques of head massage

No matter where, at home or in the salon, doing the procedure in an absolutely tranquil and relaxed state. Usually head massage starts with stroking. Then perform the rolling massage movements forward and backward, right and left all over the scalp. Makes such movement specialist synchronously with both hands. When you head massage is useful burdock, castor or olive oil. In this case, the skin is not massaged just are motion, rubbing oil into the skin.

Another effective technique when the massage heads are so-called shift movement. The finger pads of both hands are placed on the scalp, and then, without lifting your fingers from the head, you need to move the skin in different directions. Such movements are repeated in different parts of the head.

Also maybe a light tapping with fingertips over the entire surface of the head. The movement should be careful not to cause discomfort. Finish the head massage strokes and left for 10-15 minutes in the supine position. After the procedure, especially using the oil in the head should be well washed.

Self-massage of the head

Head massage stimulates blood flow to hair follicles, which is useful for the strengthening and growth of hair. This procedure can be done at home, but requires consistency. The effect of the massage will be higher if you do it at least twice a week.

The simplest way to self-massage the scalp to strengthen hair is considered normal combing hair brush. Try to use brushes made from natural materials and do at least 50 movements in different directions. For a more conventional massage techniques you can use right after brushing.

The basic principles of self-massage head applies a gradual accustom to the procedure. At first it is recommended to be limited to just a few movements and gradually increase the sessions to meet the maximum time – 15 minutes. Also the General rules include the need to wash your hair after the procedure, because the head massage activates the sebaceous glands. Finally, to the movements of the hands during self-massage is also have certain requirements: they must be vigorous but not abrupt, and the procedure in General should not cause discomfort.

The massage head includes all the same movements as the massage performed by a specialist: palms of both hands are stroking at first, then with fingertips are rubbing and kneading. To stimulate hair growth, you can use a circular motion with your fingers on the scalp.

The direction of movement of the hands can be from the base of the head to the front of the hairline or brow and forehead to nape. In the first case special attention is paid to the head and the whole scalp, in the second temporal region. It to circular massaging his temples and forehead may be resorted to in headaches. Typically, these movements help to dull the pain or completely get rid of it.

Another type of scalp massage for hair is their twitching and stretching. Like combing hair, this procedure can be performed daily. Just gather the hair in small strands and jerk them to the side or up. The movement should be confident, but not very strong. On his hands after such a procedure should not be a large number of ripped out hair.

Contraindications to scalp massage

Like any medical treatments, head massage has contraindications. These include eczema, fungal diseases of the skin and a pustular rash on her open head injury, hypertension. Also massage is not done for hair with progressive hair loss. If hair strongly drop out, it is not necessary to accelerate this process further irritation of the hair follicles. Much better to do such procedures in order to prevent baldness. This will allow you to preserve your hair in good condition.