Massage for back pain

Back pain can occur in anyone regardless of the age of the person. This pain can be of varying intensity and regularity. Back pain can be chronic or short-term. Massage for painful sensations in the back will help eliminate human discomfort and to promote well-being.

Back pain. Reasons

Causes of pain in the back can be diverse – it can be as standard fatigue and the symptoms are quite dangerous disease. The reasons are:

  • long stay in the same position;

  • increased physical activity, overexertion of muscles;
  • spinal cord injury and curvature of the spine;
  • the process of inflammation, displacement of the vertebrae;
  • hernia, arthritis, osteochondrosis;
  • a tumor within the spine.

In addition, back pain in women can occur during hormonal changes – pregnancy, menstruation. The reasons may be varied, but in almost all cases, it helps to massage from back pain. But only if the patient has no contraindications to its conduct.

Advantages of massage

Usually the massage is for prevention and treatment. What is the impact on the person he is having:

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  • improves functioning of the cardiovascular system;
  • promote blood circulation;
  • makes nervous excitability;
  • regenerates reflexes;
  • changes your posture;
  • improving the functions of the respiratory system.


If a person has some comorbidities, massage for painful sensations in the back to use for treatment is prohibited. The use of this massage can only worsen the patient’s condition. To do the back massage is prohibited in:Массаж спины

  • hypothermia;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • skin infections;
  • pretty poor blood clotting;
  • infection.

The technique of relaxation of the lumbar

Before starting the massage, it is necessary to arrange the surface where you will be sick. The best solution is to use a table with a non-slip lining. In that case, if the massage is performed at home, it is best to use a Mat for massage, which should be put on the floor.

Close to the prepared surface, place towels and oil. Oil should only choose those that do not contain fragrances. When massage working on the surface appear to be a part of the body from the top of the buttocks to the ribs. The patient must be put on your stomach, arms folded along the body. Most attention is dedicated to the lumbar and sacral.

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Back massage for pain. Technique

  • The first thing to do is start with simple techniques – it will help to warm up the muscles. It is best to use the technology of stroking. Two hands should be put on the back – thumbs handprints you want to merge in the spinal division, and the remaining fingers should aspire to the sides. Thus, it is necessary to perform the movement up and down. Press hard not worth it.
  • After all the above you need to perform enhanced focused stroking. Palms should remain in the same position, but need to press with more force. Movement must begin in the lumbar part of the body and end in the coccyx. After the work done should be back to its original position. To execute these movements it is recommended that about 20 times.

  • The next stage will be rubbing of the muscles – pillows fingers together, thumbs should be separate from the other and abut the skin of the patient. Thumbs need in a small circular motion to create vibration and strong enough to push. Need to move up and down, then change to diagonal course. Terminate be lateral movement from side to side.
  • After the kneading is done – some section of the muscles need to grab between the fingers, and slipping movements of the fingers should move upward. Fingers during execution should be tight enough to cling to the skin of the patient, and the movement must be gentle and quick, you should from top to bottom.
  • Next is a gentle effleurage palms need to put an edge and take turns to beat on the skin surface of the patient. Effleurage should be pretty gentle, since the lumbar is a dangerous place for heavy blows.
  • The end of the massage when back pain is characterized by mild clapping with open palms. Claps needs to be soft and gentle, not to hurt the spine. The value for final acceptance as much as possible to relax the muscles of the patient.

The pain during the massage should be

Massage for back pain is the most popular procedure. Massage you can be done both in hospitals, and in some beauty salons. It will help to cope with various diseases or just to relax. But in some cases patients complain of pain during the massage.

Causes painful sensations at back massage

Often the causes of pain are varied – it can be like a normal Amateur traffic, and aggravation of any disease:

  • Spinal trauma – dominate nagging pain in the area of the spine. Over time pain may spread from the centre of the pain points in diameter.
  • Curvature of the spine, pain can occur because of the curvature, but because of extrinsic influence on the organs of the patient.

  • Inflammation of muscles characterized by pulling pain, they are increased during pressing source of pain during movement.
  • Pyelonephritis – marked pain in the region of the lumbar. Often accompanied by fever.
  • Prostatitis is characterized by pulling pain in the lower back (the coccyx, the groin).
  • Diseases of the female – usually appear aching pain in the lower lumbar.
  • Pneumonia is mainly manifested pain in the back and the lower ribs.

Is it possible to get rid of the pain during the massage

To remove pain during the massage should use extra pain relief – ointments on the basis of medicinal substances and gels. If you have pain during the massage, be sure to use gels or ointments before the procedure, it will help to remove the pain and relax. The most effective means against pain:Мазь Фастум гель

  • Finalgon.
  • Fastum gel.
  • Dolobene.

It is important to remember that many of the tools against pain is contraindicated during pregnancy and breastfeeding. But some medications you can take, the main thing is to consult with a specialist.

Thus, it is possible to summarize, in case of heavy pains in the back, almost always applied therapeutic massage. But sometimes during the massage, the patient may appear unpleasant sensation of pain. The question whether to apply a medicinal ointment or gel before the massage will be the sole responsibility of the doctor.