Massage for kyphosis

Kyphosis — an acquired or hereditary curvature of the upper spine. Massage for kyphosis is the main place in the treatment of this disease. It restores blood circulation and restores tone to the muscles, develops muscles of the back, improves the flow of lymph, starts your metabolism.

The person suffering from kyphosis, it is advisable every year to take a 2 year course consisting of 10 sessions, with initial stages of disease or 3 courses at later stages. Of course, it is recommended to consult a professional massage therapist, however, you can do this procedure for free in the home, very thoroughly acquainted with all the subtleties.

Preparation for massage for kyphosis and safety rules

Getting to do a back massage when kyphosis of the thoracic spine, you need to put the patient. It should go belly down, hands placed along the body, relax the muscles of the legs. Also under the chest and the frontal part of the face enclose the pillow. You should make sure that person is comfortable in full.

The procedure of massaging, of course, should be conducted using creams or essential oils. Be aware that it is impossible to stretch the skin areas with wounds, bruises and other injuries, as well as moles.

Definitely need to remember that for all diseases of the spine is permissible only smooth, delicate movements. Do not put pressure on skin tissue, it helps to increased pain. It is important that the back muscles were relaxed throughout the session, you need to remove tension from the muscles at the introductory stage of the procedure and a judicious selection and arrangement of the space where it will be sick.

You need to pay attention to the fact that all therapeutic measures have contraindications. Back massage while kyphosis is not recommended to perform in cases where the patient has:

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  • infectious diseases of acute nature;
  • purulent processes;
  • high body temperature;
  • inflamed defects of the epithelium of the skin;
  • proliferative inflammation of the bone tissue;
  • an open form of tuberculosis;
  • malignant and benign tumors.

Technique techniques

The introductory part of the procedure takes about three minutes and contains gentle techniques. Massage should begin with the relaxing strokes, there are three kinds. Consider the main methods and techniques of their implementation.

Planar stroking is a light impact full palm of the hand, without significant pressure. F-stroking occurs by inclusion of skin with your thumb and the other, together.

Rubbing occurs through displacement of the skin in different directions, pulling her in different directions, longitudinally or transversely. It prepares the tissues and muscles to workout, and stimulates the flow of lymph and blood.

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Warm-up involves three stages of implementation. In the first stage, the skin is fixed during the second stage the skin is compressed with the hands and pribavlyaetsya, during the third warm up by squeezing, felting, tension and rolling. It improves the activity of muscles and their elasticity. However, all operations must be conducted cautiously as they can cause pain.

Next, execute the vibration based are fluctuations in the areas massaged the skin when performing manipulations with different speed and amplitude.

There are several techniques of vibration, for example, stable or labile vibration or intermittent, or continuous. Vibration is achieved by shaking the fabric and shake their hack side of the palm, tapping, neat claps an open palm, dotted with the click of your fingers.

The process of performing a massage

Most importantly comfortable to lay the patient on his stomach, then you need to start the massage action. Start with soft, easy strokes full palm. All massage are performed simultaneously from both sides of the spine.

Массаж спины при кифозеAfter stroking massage manipulations are done in the following sequence: first, grasping actions, and later touching on the direction of the spiral, and comb-like stroking movement with the fingers.

Then follows the grinding, first full surface of the palms and then the fingers. The technique of rubbing should finish the motion with a hand or fist.

Kneading need to start with the shearing of the skin, then move to stretching and the soft tingling. Step ends comb-like actions, that is, bend the nail phalanx and warming up the skin area.

To finish the massage procedure adopted by vibration techniques is shaking, shaking, clapping.

Recommended for full understanding of how to do massage for kyphosis, watch a video with a clear example.