Back massage with osteochondrosis

The word “osteoarthritis” is often heard from the lips of the physician in the diagnosis of the patient, on average, 35 years old, came with complaints of limitation of motion in some joints, pain at sharp movements, dizziness or tinnitus. All these phenomena can be symptoms of “disease of the century” — degenerative disc disease, which sooner or later makes itself felt in almost all people – so we pay for walking upright.

Is it possible to alleviate the condition or have just come to terms with the gradual wear of the intervertebral discs, with the aggravation of taking painkillers? Of course, the disease can and should be kept under control – helps developed several centuries ago, back massage with osteochondrosis. If you practice it regularly, in many cases, the pills and injections is not required. Flexible, strong muscles will act as a corset and hold the spine in working condition.

Indications for massage

Neurologists recommend the therapeutic massages in the following cases:

  • back pain of various localization;
  • headaches caused by deformation of the cervical vertebrae;
  • the numbness of the neck and shoulder girdle muscles.

Back massage with osteochondrosis showed during the recovery period after a bout of lumbago or sciatica — sharp pain in the spine, making it impossible any movement in the case of sciatica radiating to the buttock and in the thigh. Sessions of therapeutic effects will speed recovery, help the patient to get rid of degenerative disc disease, rather, its most striking manifestations in the shortest possible time.

For the prevention and treatment of diseases of the JOINTS our constant reader uses the increasingly popular NON-surgical method of treatment is recommended by leading German and Israeli orthopedists. Thoroughly acquainted with him, we decided to offer it to your attention.

Массаж спины при остеохондрозе What caused the therapeutic effect? The disc deterioration of the spine leads to pinching the nerve endings, which causes pain and swelling of the surrounding tissues. The discs themselves can not hurt, the source of unpleasant sensations become nervous and muscle tissue. The body is in a hurry to limit movement on the affected area – muscle spazmiruyutsya.

The task of the therapist is to restore normal lymphatic flow and blood circulation in the affected tissues, remove edema and restore muscle flexibility. In the end, after stihaniya inflammation the spinal column is regaining mobility.

After 35 years, all the regenerative processes in the body are slower – so back massage (osteochondrosis and its efficiency is not subject to doubt) will benefit everyone.

Found effective remedy for pains and for the treatment of joints:

  • natural composition,
  • with no side effects
  • efficiency, proven expert,
  • a quick result.

Preparing for the session

Before the massage, the specialist should find out whether the patient’s contraindications:

  • tumors of any localization;
  • acute respiratory disease;
  • hypertension of high degree;
  • varicose veins stage IV and thrombophlebitis;
  • hernias of large size;
  • women massage is not recommended during the critical days and during pregnancy.

If contraindications are discovered, the patient is asked to lie on your stomach on the couch. The back should bare. In case if there is a recovery period after sciatica, bare buttocks – the impact on them gives a nice effect.

Specialist smooth, soft movements does on the client’s body warming cream or oil. If the skin of the back is very oily, use talcum powder.

The sequence of methods

Clear common rules on how to do a back massage, does not exist. Each master has its own professional techniques that allow him to quickly and effectively deal with the manifestations of the disease.

A lot depends on the patient. Importance:

  • age;
  • floor;
  • muscle tissue condition;
  • the character of the pain;
  • the magnitude of the affected area.

However, there are principles which will adhere to every qualified person. The techniques may differ slightly, but the sequence of their change in a similar way.

The first movement is a stroking.

They are necessary in order to prepare, say the therapists, “warm up” the skin and muscles of the client. Both of his hands along the wizard back down into the blades trying to perform the movement to direct them to the axillary lymph nodes. First stroking of the soft, careful, at this time, the specialist performs palpation, that is, determines the most tense areas that need to stretch during the session. Palpation must be extremely gentle – if you do it right, muscle not spazmiruyutsya in response to a slight pressure, and, conversely, relax a little.

Stroking must be done without taking your hands from the patient’s body, or face discomfort.
This is followed by methods of sawing and grabline. Their goal is to “break” a muscle, remove congestion. Sawing make the edges of the palms, and grabline – pads splayed fingers, slightly bent. Both techniques require some effort from the massage therapist and must be implemented vigorously.

Important point! With the passage of the most painful area to reduce the impact. The reason is simple: severe pain (in the absence in this place a large hernia or other damage) suggests that muscles are ill-prepared. If “drank” of the patient not paying attention to his complaints, you can get the effect opposite of the desired effect: “cold” muscles will shrink tight, hence the pain will only increase.

Techniques needs to be alternated with stroking. This recommendation seems logical and understandable, if we recall that after a strenuous exposure to rest both bidders and the masseur and the client. During stroking, the skin is soothed, the body prepares for the next stage, called grinding.

Grind the back can be a reason of the palms and the whole hand, pressing hard enough – the effect should be noticeable. If you feel that the cream is almost completely absorbed into the skin, you can additionally apply it a little more.Растирание

Slightly modified technique of grinding can be used on the buttocks: need to compress a working hand in a fist and to spend some times with pressure along the gluteus Maximus muscles. It perfectly removes such things as:

  • soreness;
  • numbness;
  • the feeling of “crawling ants”.

The most important step is kneading. At this stage the therapist will have to invest significant effort in every move. Should be deep muscle and roll it like a roller in different directions.

You can do this: standing on the left side of the patient, to form a cushion on the right side of his back in the lumbar region, as close to the spine, however the spine it does not hurt. The roller should roll to the side. The following cushion is generated just above, and so forth, until the cervical area. Then you need to stand on the other side and repeat the same motion.

Many professionals are working in another way: just stretching my back muscles, grasping and rolling them like dough. It is easier to do if the patient has a fairly high body weight or if it’s a man sport, and his muscles are toned, they are difficult to capture.

Gradually, the muscles become softer and more plastic, the skin on the treated area reddens.

The final stage

The massage should be soothing techniques: light tapping and vibration.

If the patient is a powerful fat and (or) muscular layer, tapping can be done with fists, of course, the attacks should be very weak, and in the area of projection of the kidneys, they are prohibited altogether.

In other cases, use tap folded in a handful of palms.

Vibration do so: the therapist puts one hand on the patient’s back, fixing it, and second, the maximum take off my brush as if to shake the client’s body.

After the session is complete, it is necessary to ask the patient not to stand for a few minutes. You can cover his back with a towel and briefly turn on quiet music, dimming the office lights.

What you should pay attention

That massage brought relief of osteochondrosis, it is necessary to spend from 7 to 10 sessions. We can’t begin to impact during the period of acute pain, you must wait until remitting it to such a degree of intensity when the patients can do without painkillers.

Starting to massage, a qualified specialist will not touch it during the first session the damaged area. First, considering healthy parts. Before exposure to the painful area massaged area, located above.

Massage – the perfect tool to give no drugs to restore mobility of the spine. Because low back pain in varying degrees is observed in almost everyone who crossed 35-40 years old. From time to time preventive and curative sessions can be useful to pass to anyone who cares about their health. The muscles will become flexible, the stiffness will disappear, will appear youthful vigor. It is not necessary to wait for the degenerative disc disease will attack, the best time to warn him of attack