Benefit, harm, and contraindications of massage

Most often, the back massage is used in diagnosing certain back problems, pain and stiffness, noise in the head, not giving to move normally and to live a full life. At this moment the head is born the idea, isn’t it time to resort to a back massage to ameliorate the symptoms and treatment of many health problems?

Benefit, harm, and contraindications of massage

Useful if a back massage when you cough, it will help get rid of the noises in the temples, pains in the back, what are the limitations to carrying out massage during menstruation, its benefits and harms – will consider all in more detail.

To mention the fact that this is a medical procedure that, in General, his understanding is the most affordable and common method of positive influence on the organism and its recovery. The essence of massage is mechanical stress on a particular part of the body with hands. Benefits of back massage for the body is very large.Indications for therapeutic procedures

More specifically, what is needed back massage the woman and the man, then it is prescribed for such factors:

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  • back pain, having constant, chronic and aching in nature – it gives a huge discomfort and a lot of inconvenience in a full human life;
  • excessive nervous excitement. Benefits of back massage and neck in this case? In this case, the massage is relaxing, soothing and relaxing effect, while providing positive results, which is not always possible to achieve a course of drug therapy;
  • the benefit of massage is that it helps to cope with chronic fatigue syndrome. When one works with high intellectual or physical activity or lead a sedentary lifestyle – it is at risk of suffering from such diseases as chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • excessive mental stress and poor weakened immune system – first and foremost, is to resort to the vitamins, proper rest and to massage the back;
  • the benefits of massage are obvious and in the formulation of such a diagnosis as muscular hypotonia, and speaking easier – decrease in muscle tone. In this case, the back massage is useful in that it helps restore muscle tone, improve blood flow and make them more elastic;
  • useful massage of the back and neck in such diseases as scoliosis and degenerative disc disease? Doctors in one voice say so!

Scoliosis is removed the hypertonicity of the muscles and is removed not only pain, but also the denial of the nerve endings, when I get headaches and noises in the ears.

Osteochondrosis back massage not only helps relax the muscles and restore mobility to the vertebrae.

The benefits of massage, consists in the fact that by means of mechanical impact of hands on spine improves muscle tone – they better serve to maintain the basic skeleton of man and of the spine. In addition, normal blood pressure and respiration, stabiliziruemost metabolism and improves overall emotional state.

Possible harm from procedures

For all its benefits, massage for each patient has its indications and contraindications. If we talk about the possible harm, the doctors isolated the following points.

To perform the massage of the back and neck area should be exclusively a specialist with medical education and relevant skills. Before the session, the therapist clarifies the General health of the patient, presence of chronic diseases, and diseases that are in the acute stage, inflammation or fever. If the body has an open wound the massage is not performed as and when the diagnosis of one or another of mental illness.

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Is it possible to do a back massage when menstruation? Of course, inexperienced massage therapists can tell you that you can do a back massage when menstruation – this is a big mistake and an indicator of the incompetence of the therapist.

Any back massage is not performed during menstruation – it just is contraindicated. The fact is that during menstruation in women of any massaging of the abdomen and pelvis, lumbar can strengthen the bloodstream and to cause irreparable harm to the body, and cause huge blood loss. During menstruation for a certain time should delay the back massage.

Wrong action, hand position and movements of the massage can trigger the appearance of new lesions, pain, provoking an increase in blood flow, can trigger internal or external bleeding, which is particularly dangerous, for example, during menstruation. If ignorance of how to properly do massage, strong pressing hands can provoke pinching of the nerve roots of the spine, and this, in turn, the curvature and paralysis.

Is it possible to do massage for diseases such as tuberculosis or osteomyelitis? Strictly prohibited!

The thing is that in this case there is external power and mechanical nature of the impact on certain areas of the body, internal organs and systems. Such an impact will not always benefit. He, on the contrary, can aggravate the disease.

Can I do massage during menses and certain diseases of the internal organs and systems – absolutely not!

Contraindications to massage the back

Despite its use in practice, doctors have identified the following contraindications of massage. So, contraindications to massage include the list of conditions under which it is strictly not allowed.

To hold back massage is prohibited in:

  • acute forms of infectious disease, trauma and bleeding;
  • purulent tumors, regardless of their localization and failure in the ability of blood to coagulate normally;
  • is it possible to do a back massage with the inflammation of lymph nodes and ducts are prohibited;
  • contraindications to massage the back chronic form of osteomyelitis and tuberculosis, venereal diseases and mental disorders.
And if the fibroids

When the diagnosis of uterine fibroids is prohibited to warm the pelvic area for any operation. Due to the fact that massage is a warming treatment in uterine fibroids to do it is prohibited. With uterine fibroids to massage the back, thighs, and belly – is strictly prohibited because it can cause serious complications such as internal bleeding and rupture of benign tumors.

But if it’s a cold

Is it possible to do a back massage when you cough? Doctors even recommend it – it enhances blood flow in the trachea and bronchi, improve the waste sputum, providing excellent anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effect. Back massage for cough – best treatment, especially if combined with inhalation. This medical procedure is indicated when the cough for both adults and children, improving the General condition and speeding up recovery.

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