Cooking oil blends and essential oils for aromatherapy during a massage

It is difficult to imagine high-quality classic massage without using oil. It not only allows you to better stretch and massage even the most problematic areas of the body, but also nourishes the skin with nutrients, leaving it soft and silky. And the use of essential oils allows to obtain more pleasure from the massage and has a beneficial effect on emotional state.

Useful properties of oil basis for massage and essential oils make the process even more healing, enhance the therapeutic effect of the massage. But the choice of components is necessary to approach with mind, knowing the intricacies of aromatherapy and some of the secrets of making a unique oil blends.

m-02First, you need to define the basic oil which will be the basis of a mixture of massage. The choice usually is based on the basis of individual preferences and useful properties of these oils. You need to understand that the base oil will be the key to your song, therefore, its definition should be approached with great responsibility. Most often used as the basis of almond oil or coconut oil from seeds of peach, apricot or grape oil, Shea butter or jojoba. It may be more traditional and are available for us olive oil.

When choosing a base oil first make sure of two things: that it is completely natural and that you are not allergic to this product. Other selection criteria are also important for comfort during the massage, but not so critical. So, olive oil someone seems too viscous oil, avocado oil too fragrant. Oil from seeds of peach or apricot suitable for people with sensitive skin, and grape seed oil leaves a greasy feeling. If you want, you can combine different oil bases, thereby also achieving completely different effects and sensations.

m-03Usually massage is enough 10-20 ml of base oil, it is just 2-4 teaspoons. Then follow rules for adding in essential oils. Because of their concentration they are in any case can not be used as a standalone oil mixture. As a rule, 10 milliliters of the basics it is recommended to take 5 drops of essential oil. While increasing the number of aromatic components, it is necessary to reduce the content of each essential oil individually.

There are certain rules of cooking the basic Foundation and massage the mixture. First, a few teaspoons of the same or different base oils, pour into a bowl, then to one drop turns add essential oil, mix well the ingredients with a stick or toothpick. Keep in mind the rule of using no more than four essential oils in one mixture. The prepared mixture can be applied on the palm and RUB, after some time, when the oil heats up from heat of hands, to assess the aroma. Smell the oil for massaging should not cause negative emotions, not to mention the rejection.


The rest of the secrets of making massage blends are directly related to the properties of certain essential oils. By combining the different components, you can achieve amazing relaxing and even therapeutic effect. We have collected recipes of the most useful blends for body massage.

For recuperation after a hard working day you can use one or more oils from the following set: bergamot, Clary sage, lavender, rose or sandalwood. Well add to this mixture a drop or two of oil of lemon, which will give courage and lift the mood.

m-05To combat depression it is recommended to take three or four components from a rather extensive list of invigorating oils: cypress, eucalyptus, tea tree, nutmeg, ginger, Jasmine, juniper, lemon, grapefruit, peppermint, rosemary.

In a positive way the mood can also be affected by oils of bergamot, cedar, geranium, orange blossom, rose, ylang-ylang.

Calming effect have oil of frankincense, sandalwood, neroli, ylang-ylang. Despite the rather strong aroma, they create an atmosphere of tranquility and give a feeling of peace.

When the pain and stiffness in muscles after exercise helps oil, black pepper, Clary sage, eucalyptus, ginger, juniper, marjoram, nutmeg.

An excellent option with the warming effect is considered to be a mixture of oil of benzoin and rosewood with ginger and orange oil.


Combine essential oils for an aromatic massage can be endless, but taking the decision to use a particular oil, ask about its basic properties. Because the skin has a large number of nerve endings, if you use essential oils in their composition primarily begins to respond exactly the nervous system. It is important to send the entire body was setting him up for positive change.