Vacuum cupping massage of the back

Vacuum cupping massage of the back is a versatile procedure that is widely used in a variety of injuries. During the massage there was a vacuum, which promotes the release of extracts of the sebaceous glands, which consist of toxic substances. Because of their breeding is improvement of human health.

The effect of treatments

Cupping back massage is widely used in a variety of diseases, thanks to its universal effect:

  • In the period of the event improves the circulation of fluids in the human body as interstitial fluid, blood and lymph.
  • In the area of impact is improving respiration of the skin and increased metabolism. The procedure is aimed at decongesting. Cupping back massage provides smoothness, elasticity and suppleness. In the period of its use increases resistance to various mechanical and thermal factors.

    When performing manipulations are highlighted in the extract of the sebaceous and sweat glands, which are toxic substances in excessive quantities.

  • In the installation of the jars is the formation of biologically active points. When exposed to them is the activation of regenerative and metabolic processes.
  • During the manipulation of the human body removes harmful substances and toxins.
  • Vacuum back massage helps reduce stiffness in the back. Also, the procedure leads to the removal of muscle, improve joint mobility and muscle sensitivity.
  • Cupping facilitates powerful blood flow. This leads to increased metabolism in areas of fat deposits. Thanks to this procedure, is the active weight loss person.

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Indications and contraindications

Before the procedure on the back must necessarily be taken into account indications and contraindications. Vacuum back massage is recommended in the recovery period after the treatment curvature of the spine. Quite often it is used for sprains and fractures. With the help of this methodology is the treatment of disorders in the health of musculoskeletal system. The purpose of manipulation do with the surface of scars. The technique is widely used in open bleeding. With the help of canned massage is therapy:Бессонница

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  • diseases of the blood;
  • insomnia;
  • gynecological diseases;
  • diseases of the nervous system.

Despite the high effectiveness of the procedure in some cases, her conduct is prohibited. Procedure does not apply for tumors of benign and malignant character. Also it is not the therapy of pulmonary tuberculosis in the open form. The technique is forbidden, if the skin is covered with ulcers, wounds and injuries on the skin. If the patient has poor blood clotting, it is not prescribed vacuum back massage. In case of hypersensitivity or lesions of the skin are also not recommended for this procedure. If the patient has exhaustion, he shows the Chinese massage.

Contraindications to the use of the procedure is to open the bleeding. In diseases of the blood treatment patients is not recommended. If the patient has fever, which is accompanied by increased body temperature, it is prohibited to carry out the manipulation.

Cupping should be performed when indicated. In order to avoid complications before the vote shall be considered contraindications.

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Features of the procedure

This massage is quite simple, allowing you to spend it at home. The procedure is performed using latex glass jars having a capacity of from 40 to 200 milliliters. To provide comfort to the patient it is necessary to use fatty creams, massage oils or vaseline. Before treatment is necessary to prepare an alcohol swab. Recommended to moisturize the patient’s back. With this purpose, it is recommended to use vaseline, hand cream or massage oil. With the help of these funds the possibility of discomfort will be minimized. Also, funds will provide optimal slide banks for the skin.

Баночный массажInside the banks the therapist creates the vacuum. If the massage is used the Bank of glass, then you need a pre-dipped in alcohol swab to hold in the Bank. After that she quickly set on the back of the patient. During the application of the latex cans their walls are pre-compressed, and thereafter are mounted on the back.

In the next stage, proceed directly to the massage. With this purpose, the movement of cans on the back. However, their strongly prohibited to tear away from the back. The movement of the cans is carried out to the lymph nodes and in the opposite direction. The movement of cans through the lymph nodes is strictly prohibited. The duration of one session is 5 to 30 minutes.

When done correctly, cupping massage, the patient a feeling of warmth and slight burning sensation. During the procedure, pain does not occur. After the manipulation, you may experience irritation and swelling of the skin. This condition is normal and resolves on its own. If the patient’s skin is overly sensitive, you may experience its blueness.

Techniques for massage

A specific choice of massage techniques depends on the characteristics of concomitant diseases. If the patient has low back pain, then banks need to comply with the slides from cervical vertebra and back. The trajectory of the cans should be straight. During the treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease it is recommended to perform a circular motion around the seventh vertebra. In order to find it, the patient should tilt the head forward and it will bulge. The exercise movements should be done clockwise. At the same time is strictly prohibited the contact of cans with the seventh vertebra.

If a patient is having respiratory diseases, the massage must be done from the shoulders to the lower corners of the blades. Also conduct massing of the lateral surfaces of the thorax. Thanks to the positive influence of cans, by improving breathing and expectoration of sputum. To ensure the most effective treatment, it is best to use silicone banks. Before carrying out the manipulations, we recommend taking tea, which is added honey.

Manipulation is characterized by a high level of efficiency in the fight against cellulite. In this case, you must use silicone jars that are installed on the back, buttocks and thighs. It is recommended to perform straight-line, circular and zigzag movements. During manipulation it is forbidden to move banks on the inner thighs. Before the procedure it is necessary to conduct appropriate training body. For this the patient is advised to take a shower, which is a cleansing scrub. It is best to give preference to cosmetic product based on natural ingredients. After applying massage oil, you can begin the procedure. Massage technique is quite simple, enabling the development of anyone person.

With the help of canned massage is the treatment of various diseases, toxins and a variety of negatively affecting the body’s metabolism, elimination of cosmetic defects. With the help of this procedure is elimination of pain and effective tissue regeneration. To ensure the effectiveness of massage, it is best to trust a qualified specialist.