How to treat eyelash after extension

Eyelash extensions is a very popular procedure that can offer any beauty salon. It is a attach with a special adhesive artificial eyelash or a beam to this at its very root. The eyes are pubescent beautiful, curved, thick lashes, eyes become deep and magnetic.

Unfortunately, the period of such beauty is short-lived and unpleasant consequences. Under the constant friction and pressure from his own eyelashes start to fall out, to expire, to thin. Many girls say that after the eyelash eyes look extremely unattractive.

Before eyelash extensions, you should consult a professional cosmetologist for their subsequent recovery.

How to remove the extended eyelashes

In many ways, the rate of regeneration of the damaged due to build up of hairs and follicles depends on how accurately were removed artificial cilia, as well as the professionalism of the master who performed the procedure. Substandard materials can not only cause irritation and just look unattractive, but are often the cause of loss of your own eyelashes and thinning of the follicles of hairs.

In order to preserve the healthy appearance of the eyelids, should make the removal procedure is the same master who built up the lashes at the beauty salon.

To soften the glue, which holds the artificial hair, the beauticians use special tools. If there is no time to conduct the removal in a salon, you can buy one of these tools in beauty shops, previously asked the consultant what kind of remover you use.

During the removal of the artificial hair on the edge of the eyelid with a cotton swab to get into the eyes, causing softening of the adhesive means, after using two tweezers separated eyelash extensions and real. You must be very careful, trying not to fall on the mucous membranes and not to provoke tension and subsequent injuries.

Also popular ways of removal of eyelashes with the help of folk remedies:

  • abundant lubrication for the night century with extended eyelashes cosmetic any vegetable oil (peach, olive, burdock, castor). Oil will provoke a softening of the glue and allow the fake lashes to slide off the attached point. The method is not suitable to owners of oily and combination skin, also in the night there is a big risk much dirty linen;
  • some girls prefer mineral oil, pure petroleum jelly or fat cream of vegetable components. Forever superimposed on a cotton pad, liberally lubricated one of these funds, then worth a couple of hours to take a NAP, while the fat components will not soften the adhesive.

Please note

It is important to remember that the application of any drug, cosmetic or pharmacy that may provoke an allergic reaction, so before use you need to apply a small amount of the chosen measures on less sensitive skin area and to ensure no risk of irritation.

Skin care age

To lashes successfully recovered and saved in the future, their beauty and luster, the first thing to take care of the health of the skin on the eyelids. The top layer of the epidermis in the eyes nourishes and protects hair follicles. The better the skin condition the better you will feel sensitive hair roots.

Proper care of the skin on the eyelids includes:

  • use only high quality, certified cleanser and make-up remover;
  • instead of aggressive cleansing the eyelids should be cleaned with a cotton pad abundantly dampened with first ojogovom the tool, and then in warm water;
  • after washing the use of softening, regenerating, moisturizer;
  • in seasonal colds and allergies will not be amiss to take vitamins that will help not only to recover lashes, but will also contribute to the strengthening of the whole organism.

If these steps become habits, you will soon improve the condition of the hairs in the eyelids the skin around the eyes in General, but of course it will be a nice bonus and the ongoing support of natural beauty.

The use of vegetable oils

Natural oils cosmetics experts consider the best means to restore the density and beauty of the eyelashes. Used in therapy to restore eyelashes after eyelash extensions:

  • castor;
  • peach;
  • almond;
  • burdock;
  • olive;
  • sunflower cosmetic.

Since natural substances contain large amounts of vitamins and nutrients to promote regeneration of tissues and cells, their regular use significantly improves the condition of skin, eyelashes, fills the cells with the necessary trace elements and increases the skin resistance to negative factors of the internal and external environment. In addition vegetable oils are also natural antiseptics: prevent the occurrence of infection corrupted age, the activation process of inflammation.

It is important

Before you apply any of the oils or oil blends on lids, used the composition should be slightly heated to a temperature slightly higher than bodily. This will help the oil substances most likely to absorb into the skin and reach the hair follicle.

For the application of oil you need to buy in a beauty shop special brush, similar in shape to that of the ink attached to the carcass. The applicator brush is dipped in oil or in a mixture in which all components are mixed in equal proportions, and gently apply the composition to the eyelashes from the roots to the tips, as if combing them. after that, leave for exposure for a period of about 1.5-2 hours. Thereafter remaining oil is removed through cleansing wet wipes for the face. The use of this procedure at least for a week daily will help to provide care to recovering cilia.

Home remedies for eyelash growth

Another popular remedy is the conditioner, which any can make it at home. Its constituent components can be easily purchased at any pharmacy or cosmetic store.

For the manufacture of the air conditioner you will need:

  • the aloe juice;
  • castor oil;
  • oil solutions of vitamins A and E (retinol and tocopherol).

Aloe juice contains large amounts of vitamins, microelements and other active substances, capable to hydrate cells and tissues and stimulate their regeneration process. Vitamins A and E are active sources of health for the top layer of the epidermis. Castor oil promotes the thickening of the eyelashes, their intensive growth and strengthen hair roots.

This tool is applied for 20 minutes on the eyelashes similar to the oil solution before going to sleep, after exposure to the remains, remove with a cotton pad or a wet cloth.

In addition to this compress, beauticians recommend to additionally use the decoction of chamomile, sage, calendula and mint daily facial cleanser before bed. Herbal compresses and rinsing soften the skin and the ciliary hairs, helping them regain their natural state.

Professional tools

In cases when there is no time to prepare home remedies for strengthen and repair eyelashes, there is a risk of allergies or lack confidence in people’s recipes, in cosmetic shops or pharmacies you can buy specialized tools, designed for intensive recovery, stimulating growth and thickening of eyelashes.

Choosing such a tool, you need to carefully study the composition, pay attention to the manufacturer. Also will not be superfluous to buy read reviews on these drugs.

The most popular among customers of beauty salons.

  • Alerana – specialized complex for growth and repair of eyebrows and eyelashes;
  • Botox for eyelashes Magic Efecto Botox is quite difficult to use and expensive tool that includes a set of procedures;
  • serum for lashes Almea xlash with a complex of natural extracts that nourish and strengthen every lash;
  • for nails Cil Glamour, enhancing the growth of hair and nourishes the root;
  • Markell Cosmetics Eyes Care Serum is a relatively new, but already proved itself to be a tool for strengthening and growth of eyelashes.

All of these drugs have their advantages and disadvantages, and a list of contraindications. Before purchasing or using, you must first consult an expert beautician.

How to speed up recovery

For the treatment of damaged eyelashes were faster, you should follow a few simple rules:

  • you need to apply the selected remedy every day, without blank spaces;
  • during treatment necessary to switch to a healthy lifestyle and to normalize the power to spend more time in the fresh air and do light exercises to strengthen the immune system;
  • experts in the field of pharmacology and cosmetology for a long time developed vitamin and mineral products aimed at improvement of appearance (Special Dragees Merz, beauty, Vitrum, Complivit Siyanie). The use of these dietary supplements will substantially help accelerate the recovery of beauty not only eyelashes but also skin, hair and nails;
  • during the treatment of eyelashes is to abandon the use of cosmetics.

Treatment outcome depends not only on the selected drug, but also from the rules of its application and careful attitude to their own health and appearance. The regularity of treatments helps to quickly and permanently return broken and stancevska after removing the lashes increasing length, strength, and attractive curves.

Irina Kuznetsova, medical columnist