Diet age

Diet age. If your reason of frustration began 2-3 extra pounds, do not rush to blame yourself. The reason can be not late dinners, and the hormonal changes in your body. Different age requires different nutrition. Many people are thinking about the selection of a diet by age. In fact, the number of full years significantly affects the performance of certain common diets for weight loss.

Perfect diet age should consider all the features of your development, metabolism, body condition, and to fill the need not only enough protein, fats and carbohydrates, but also vitamins and minerals. To choose a diet according to age in absentia is difficult, however, there are “framework” constraints for each period of human life. In addition to this factor when choosing a diet should take into account the presence of chronic and acute diseases, and heredity, food allergies, and prefer your own products.

If we are in the Prime of youth and beauty, but wish to look more beautiful, we are very easy to lose weight 20 years weight disappear effortlessly. Why? Because in adolescence the requirement of the high calories (at least 2000 a day), and muscle mass is 40% of body weight.

In 30 years, if one wants to lose weight, it is necessary to count on a more modest result for the same effort. Although one cannot deny individual differences: someone could get lucky and he managed to maintain a high metabolic rate while maintaining a high percentage of muscle mass with regular exercise, and to someone less fortunate.

Диета по возрасту

But in 40 years, the problems start even those who life never experienced difficulties with controlling our weight. There are many bad, a little boring, so for many people, trying to put himself in order, and even for a short time, become in this age of flour. With every passing year the body’s metabolism slows down, and requires less energy to maintain their vital functions — breathing, blood circulation, blood formation and the construction of new body cells.

Plus, the process of digestion is not so efficient, so every extra gram of unsplit fat quickly and easily deposited in a depot. Of the fat, then it is very difficult to “kick”, is almost impossible. So the importance of diet and physical activity with age only increases. The right balance of energy expenditure and food balance will help you not accumulate extra pounds.

Diet age 15-20 years

Your ally youth, and enemy No. 1 – the complete absence of any mode. To look, to have a slender legs, tight buttocks, flat stomach – follow a special “young” diet. Its main feature: it must contain the necessary amount of calories – 1800-2000. To 25 years the body continues to grow, spends a lot of energy, and thus in need of its sources and nutrients. Antinomically the effect of diet is achieved through its full balance.

The most important components of the diet

  • Iron for formation of red blood cells (more than others in need teenage girls). Iron rich meat and vegetables (especially lots of it in leafy greens).
  • Calcium, which strengthens bones, which are rich in dairy products (even low fat), cheese, eggs, mineral water.

Begin morning with a glass of cool water to Wake up the stomach and help the bowel.

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Your menu


  • Paraprof or 2 kiwi fruit;
  • A boiled egg or slice of ham;
  • Coffee or tea without sugar.


  • Raw vegetables or salad (without mayonnaise);
  • White meat (chicken breast, Turkey) with green vegetables (e.g. broccoli, peas or green beans and steamed);
  • A slice of bread from wheat flour;
  • Yoghurt or fruit to taste.


  • Vegetable soup or a salad;
  • Egg or fish with vegetables;
  • Yogurt.

A few tips

  • If they don’t want, bring a piece of fruit, a bag of hot cereal or a granola bar. The body will still require his morning serving of calories, so let it be healthy food, not chocolate, purchased in a stall and eaten on the go.
  • During the day do not look at the puffs, pies, and ice cream (they are the most harmful to the maiden the figure).
  • To make it to lunch, eat an Apple or banana, handful of dried fruit.
  • Dinner should be light, but with enough protein. It is necessary to supply muscle, which depends on the beauty of the silhouette.

Diet age 30-40 years

“Long live vegetables!” the motto of the next decade of your life. Vegetable diet has a dual action: cleans the digestive tract and drowns out the feeling of hunger. However, it is devoid of the disadvantages of a fruit diet, in which there is the so-called “resonant effect”, when weight is added, it decreases.

At this age a woman reaches the balance between family and career, her children have become more or less adults, growing her experience… And gaining extra weight. It seems that to throw off those 2-3 pounds that come to us after the holidays. However, 30 years begins slowing metabolism, and the pounds become as if enchanted, not wanting to leave the most noticeable areas of our figure.

So vegetable diet, which is minus 2 kg, 1 per day.

Breakfast: mix oatmeal and corn flakes (unsweetened), pour low-fat milk and add one | grated carrots. Eat one Cup of this mixture. Second Breakfast: 1 cucumber.

Lunch: 2 boiled potatoes in their skins with a large quantity of any vegetables.

Snack: 1 red bell pepper.

Dinner: prepare any salad to your liking and let yourself to enjoy vegetables. Salad is allowed to take a thick slice of rye bread.

However, this diet will not solve all your problems, if you will allow yourself to eat to satiety twice a month. It is time to begin to follow the sport mode: for example, do not schedule a workout on the day of fasting. Limit yourself to essential not only in food but in exercise now is enough to be done in the gym for 30— 45 min 2 times a week. And even more helpful would be to replace part of the active training walks.

If you are involved in sports regularly, you may be faced with the natural slowing of the metabolism. This effect can be overcome. Concentrate on strength training and eat enough protein. At this age, care should be taken to refer to strict vegetarian diets not rich in vegetable protein. If you restrict caloric intake, let alone protein foods, don’t cut them, and then you don’t have a lifetime to settle for meager portions of vegetables and fruit to keep the weight off. Simply put, you should choose a diet of medium calorie, and pave the way to the gym. The minimum for a healthy active girls – five half-hour workouts a week.

The success of the diet at this age depends on whether you are in a hurry, or will choose a reasonable phased scheme of weight loss. On apples or yogurt “sit” once in ten days.

Diet age 40-50 years

At this age most women are gaining extra pounds. Sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, pregnancy, stress (especially when you look at a photo from high school graduation). It seems there is no hope again to become slim. But in fact it is not so.

If you don’t eat meat, try out a balanced vegetarian meal plans, but remember that chocolate, banana and carrot diet from now on is not for you.

To reduce the load on the psyche will help yoga and swimming, sitting on a diet, do not forget about physical activity.

To lose weight and stay fit, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  • Have all but for a little bit.
  • Eat slowly and at a certain time.
  • Sit down before you get hungry.
  • Don’t rush to put the Supplement. (If 20 minutes after dinner you are still hungry, then you are really hungry. Eat a portion of fruit salad.)
  • To avoid semi-finished products. As a rule, they have a lot of salt and fat.

Your menu


  • Coffee or tea (without sugar);
  • 2 slices of bread with bran (or flour) with a small piece of butter.


  • Raw vegetables or vegetable soup. Note: soup can be quickly sated than hamburger. In addition, there is doesn’t last much longer;
  • 150 grams of meat or fish (or 2 eggs) with vegetables;
  • Natural yogurt.


  • Lots of vegetables and fruits, fresh or steamed with a small amount of vegetable oil;
  • Yogurt or low-fat cottage cheese;
  • Herbal tea, beverage or yogurt.

A few tips

On your Desk regularly should appear:

  • Oily fish (mackerel, salmon, sardines), rich in antioxidants – reliable defenders against premature wrinkles and heart problems.
  • Garlic. Yes, bitterlyiy and the smell is specific, but useful. Lowers cholesterol, improves blood circulation, fights with the hated cellulite.
  • Vegetables and cerealscontaining 12 amino acids necessary for a good functioning of the body.

Water diet

Drink daily not less than 2 liters of water. It interrupts appetite, excretes metabolic products and toxins, increases the overall tone of the body and supplies important minerals.

The most common mistakes

  • Between meals constantly eating high-calorie nuts, chips, crackers, candy.
  • Eat Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time, sitting in the evening in front of the TV.
  • To wash down a Burger or Shawarma sweet soda.
  • Drinking black coffee in unlimited quantities.

How to burn extra calories?

Lesson Consumption kcal/h
Dusting 80
Office work/computer 110
Cleaning of the apartment 150
Slow Cycling 185
Hiking at a fast pace 235
Dance till you drop 440
Tennis 600

Can I lose weight with a baby?

 During pregnancy a woman is recovering at 10-12 kg. If got more, then you just got fat, that is the pounds “empty” burdensome both for you and for your baby. For moms-to-be physicians designed special diets, and unique programs weight loss for pregnant is initiative, without which it is better to do. Before starting to withdraw from some products, check with your doctor. These 9 months are special, you are not your own and fully responsible for the life of the unborn child.

Diet 50-60 years

Many women after menopause are rapidly gaining weight. This is due to natural processes in the body: hormonal activity is reduced and metabolism gradually slows down. To feel remains light and youthful, it is especially important to eat right. The best diet for you – moderation in all things!

Body needs:

  • Calcium (900-1200 mg per day) to prevent osteoporosis and maintain healthy teeth. Dairy products (need low fat), nuts, spinach, mineral water contain it in sufficient quantity.
  • Zinc, found in fish, seafood, cereals. This is a natural antioxidant that slows aging of cells, strengthens the immune system, has beneficial effects on the nervous system.
  • Proteins for the maintenance of tone and elasticity of muscles. Especially a lot of protein in white meat, fish.
  • Vitamin C is needed as well as in any other age. Eat more citrus fruits, kiwi, berries.

Your menu


  • Cup of coffee with milk;
  • A slice of white bread (biscuit, muffin) with jam;
  • Light yogurt.


  • Soup or raw vegetables;
  • 100 g meat, fish or 2 eggs;
  • Mashed potatoes, vegetable stew, 200 g of Italian pasta;
  • Slice of bread with cheese;
  • Fruit.


  • Vegetable soup;
  • Meat or fish (depending on what you ate for lunch);
  • Yogurt or fruit salad.

If in between meals you have the feeling of hunger, you are allowed to eat any Fruit or 100 grams nonfat cottage cheese.

After 40 years increases and the number of restrictions many sweets. So when it comes to treats and Goodies, you will have a “slow down”. Instead, you need to add to your menu soy products — soy tofu, bean curd, beansprouts and other products in which it is contained. These products are substances that help to deal with attacks of hunger.

In addition to soybeans, you ought to pay attention to so-called “killer fats” vegetable enzymes. It’s the most effective substances that burn fat and they are best suited to maintain harmony in this lifetime. The most famous storehouses of enzymes and also vitamin C is an exotic fruit: pineapple and less known to the General public papaya. On their basis in the industry of weight-loss drugs is large amount of supplements for weight loss.

By the way, the natural “ironical” include artichokes (and the broth in which they cooked), kiwi and Apple cider vinegar.

However, the “natural products” in any case, more useful than the stuff in jars, even if it is drawn juicy and perfect in every way fruit. So try to arrange a fasting day on the basis pineapples — during the day you have to eat 2 kg of these exotic fruits. And it is important and the pulp and the juice of this extremely healthy tropical gift.

The 2 kg you have to divide into 4 admission: Breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. Ideally, other products for you in this day should not even exist. However, in this age, we in most cases are the owners of a number of diseases that can be aggravated from this diet, so pineapple the day can vary other dietary products. To diet necessary with breaks: after each pineapple of the day to arrange.

Breakfast: 1 slice of pineapple, 100 g low-fat cottage cheese.

Lunch: half a pineapple and 100 g of chicken white meat, low-fat boiled beef, pork, crab meat or boiled fish.

Dinner: 1 slice of pineapple and 1 slice of rye bread with low-fat cheese.

As for physical activity, remember: at this age increases the need for vigorous walks. Think about that after half an hour of active walking a certain amount of hated fat leaves the “home place”. Additionally in this age are encouraged to dance. The fact that just an hour of vigorous dancing will rid you of the extra 400 calories!

In addition to these recommendations, nutritionists emphasize the need for regular physical exercise. It doesn’t have to be workout in the gym: for example, you can every day to make walking at a fast pace.

Another tip: always take a nutritional Supplement containing vitamins and minerals. This is especially true of calcium the risk of osteoporosis increases each year after the first signs of menopause. Women up to 50 years should take 1,000 mg of calcium daily, and after the age of fifty, the dose should be increased to 1200-1500 mg.