Diet for gastritis

Diet for gastritis. Diet number 2 is recommended for patients with the following diseases: chronic gastritis with secretory insufficiency with mild exacerbation, and in the stage of recovery after the exacerbation; acute gastritis, enteritis, colitis during the recovery period as a transition to rational nutrition, chronic enteritis and colitis.

Physiologically complete diet with a moderate stimulation of secretion of digestive organs. Allowed dishes of different degrees of grinding and heat treatment: boiled, steamed, baked; roasted, without formation of rough brown (not to be planirovat in breadcrumbs or flour). Pureed meals from foods rich in connective tissue or fiber. Eliminate the foods and dishes that take a long time delayed and the stomach is difficult to digest, irritate the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract, very hot and cold.

Diet No. 2 contained normal amount of protein (100-120 g), fats (100-120 g), carbohydrates (400-450 g) and salt (15 g). Free fluid — 1.5 liter. Mass of daily diet is 3 kg. Energy value — 3000-3500 kcal per day. Diet for gastritis mechanically sparing with the preservation of the chemical stimuli. Temperature of cold food is not below 15°C, hot — not above 62°C. to be eaten 4-5 times a day, small portions.

Диета при гастрите

Diet for gastritis resolves

  • wheat bread yesterday’s baking, muffins or cakes of nesdobnoe test with cooked meat, rice, eggs, apples, cheesecake;
  • soups skim meat or fish broth with cereals (except millet), noodles, potatoes, carrots, squash, pumpkin, cauliflower;
  • lean meats (beef, veal, rabbit), poultry (chicken, Turkey) or fish (perch, cod, silver hake, perch, saffron cod) piece Il chopped, boiled, braised, baked or fried (without breading), lean ham, doctoral, dairy sausage, soaked herring;
  • various vegetables (carrot, potato, zucchini, pumpkin), with good digestibility — cabbage, green peas, young haricot, a beet stew, boiled and baked form;
  • crisp cereal (except wheat and barley), cooked but water with 1/3 milk or cream, puddings, steam or baked, boiled vermicelli;
  • baked apples and pears, sweet fruits and berries in the form of jelly, compote, jelly, jam, preserves. Strawberries, wild strawberries, raspberries, apples and pears without skin is allowed raw. Freshly made Apple, strawberry and cherry juices and boiled eggs, steam, baked and fried omelettes;
  • whole milk at meals (if tolerated — and in its pure form), dairy products, fresh cheese in its natural form or in puddings, casseroles, cheesecakes, mild cheese, fresh sour cream (15 g dishes);
  • parsley, dill, cloves, vanilla, a small amount of Bay leaf, milk sauce without Browning flour with sour cream, butter, tomato juice, fruit sauces;
  • tea, coffee with milk, broth hips and black currant;
  • butter (in ready meals) and for frying foods.

Diet for gastritis excludes

  • legumes (millet — limited), barley, barley, corn grits;
  • oily and rich in connective tissue of meat and poultry, duck, goose, smoked, canned (except dietetic), limit pork and lamb;
  • crude not wiped vegetables, marinated and pickled onion, radish, radishes, peppers, cucumbers, rutabaga, garlic, mushrooms;
  • coarse varieties of fruits and berries fresh, berries with coarse grains (raspberry, red currant) or rough skin (gooseberry), dates, figs, chocolate and cream products, ice cream;
  • fatty fish (sturgeon, stellate sturgeon, Beluga), fish and canned meat, egg, hard-boiled.

Diet No. 2. Sample menu


1-y Breakfast. Rice pudding with cream, coffee with milk.

Rice pudding pureed steam

50 g race, 150 ml of milk 1/2 eggs 15 g butter 5 g sugar, salt.

Cereal to sort, wash, cover with cold, salted water (10 g salt per 1 liter of water) and leave for 3 hours then drain the water, cook on milk viscous porridge and wipe. Add sugar, oil and egg yolk. Gently mix the mass with beaten egg whites. To put it into greased molds and cook for a couple. Serve with sour cream.

Lunch. Potato soup in meat broth, meat patties with vermicelli and tea.

Potato soup in meat broth

300 ml of broth, 60 g potato, 15 g carrots 15 g, white roots 15 g onion, 10 g butter, Bay leaf, dill.

In the boiling broth to put diced (or sliced) potatoes and boil until soft. Meanwhile, the carrots, parsnip (parsnip, parsley roots, celery) and chop the onion and spasserovat on oil. For 5-7 minutes before end of cooking to omit the seasoning in the soup, to give to writing a rolling boil on low heat, put a Bay leaf. When serving the soup on the table, sprinkle with finely chopped dill.

The meatballs of boiled meat, baked in sour cream

150 g beef, 10 g of rice, 15 g butter, 1/2 eggs, 15 g sour cream. 5 g of cheese, 2 g of wheat flour, salt.

Meat to boil. Of rice to cook viscous porridge and cool. Skip prepared foods through a meat grinder with fine screen. To drive to the minced egg, slightly salt it, put the softened butter and beat well with a spatula. From the prepared mass to cut the meatballs, lightly fry them, place in a heatproof dish. Pour sour cream mixed with flour, sprinkle with cheese, drizzle with oil and bake in a hot oven. To the table serve with appropriate garnish.

Dinner. Potato stuffed with boiled meat, jelly from blueberries.

Potato stuffed with boiled meat

200 g potatoes, 75 g of boiled meat.

For the sauce: 15 g butter, 10 g wheat flour, 25 g of sour cream, 60 ml broth.

Equally-sized potatoes peel and boil until soft. Drain the water from the potatoes with a sharp notch (or a teaspoon) to select a portion of the pulp into the recesses put the minced meat. Boiled meat skip through Mincer and mix with a small amount of sauce (if diet allows, you can add browned onion). To prepare the sauce flour fry in butter, add sour cream, broth and boil briefly. Potatoes put in a pan and pour the remaining sauce. Bake in the oven or pouring a little water, stew under cover. Serve with sauce, which were braised potatoes.

For blueberry jelly

8 g of dried blueberries, 12 g sugar, 5 g of potato starch.

Rinse the berries, pour hot water and cook under cover until tender. Then mash them, strain the broth. The broth is heated to boiling, add sugar, pour the diluted starch and brewing. Serve warm.

For the night. A Cup of yogurt.


1-y Breakfast. Pasta with tomato and cheese, coffee with milk.

Pasta with tomato and cheese

50 g macaroni 15 g butter, 10 g tomato paste, 20 g of cheese.

Boil the pasta. Melt butter in a small frying pan and fry it with tomato, being careful not to overheat. To the pasta add the tomato puree and mix thoroughly. When serving, sprinkle the dish with grated cheese.

2-nd Breakfast. Baked Apple.

Lunch. Broth with meat quenelle, meatballs with meat crumbly buckwheat with butter, jelly.

Broth with meat quenelle

350 ml of broth, 50 g beef (or veal), 5 g of rice, 15 ml milk, 3 g of parsley.

With meat cut the fat and pass it through a meat grinder with fine screen. Add well boiled and cooled rice and again skip all through a meat grinder. Adding a little milk, beat the mass with a spatula. Ready Kalina weight should be easy to separate from her. Two tablespoons to cut dumplings, put them into a saucepan, oiled, and cook in a small amount of water. Hot dumplings put in a bowl, pour broth and sprinkle with chopped greens.

Meat cutlets chopped steam

120 g beef 25 g white bread 15 g of butter.

The meat is cleaned from fat and tendons, mince with stale white bread, soaked in cold water (or milk). For a lot of meatballs to cook in the same way as in the previous recipe. Wet hands to cut cutlets, lay them on a lightly greased maslom lattice steamer and cook under the lid for 10-15 min. the cutlets with melted butter. Serve with a side dish.

Buckwheat porridge with liver

50 g of buckwheat groats, 75 ml of water, 20 g of butter.

Cereal dry, and to fall asleep in salted boiling water. Bring to boil, reduce fire and cook until thick. For the final uprawiania to put porridge in a water bath (or oven).

Kisel from the hips

10 g of dried rose hips, 20 g sugar, 10 g starch.

Dry fruits to sort, wash in cold water, and crushed with a rolling pin or with a pestle. Then wash them down with hot water and to cook under a lid until tender (10-15 min). A little cool, along with broth RUB through a sieve (to separate the ingress of lint, you can optionally strain). Liquid combine the sugar, bring to boil and enter the starch, diluted with cold water (or leftover broth). The dessert is ready to cool.

Dinner. Fried fish with potato soufflé, compote.

Fish fried in egg

100 g fish fillet, l/4 eggs, 8 ounces of vegetable oil.

Fillet (with skin) cut into pieces and slightly prisolit. Fish dipped in egg batter. Then fry in a well heated frying pan, preventing the formation of coarse crust. Serve with vegetable puree, boiled or steamed vegetables.

Soufflé potatoes

150 g potato, 5 g of butter, 30 ml milk, 1/2 egg, 30 g of sour cream.

Peeled potatoes boiled until tender. Drain the water, the potatoes dry and RUB hot through a sieve. Mix puree with egg yolk, milk and oil. Then enter whipped whites and stir from the bottom up. Form grease with oil, put the weight and cook in a water bath. Serve with sour cream.

For the night. A Cup of yogurt.


1-y Breakfast. The soft-boiled egg, flummery, lemon tea.

Pudding Manne

50 g semolina cool, 150 ml of milk 1/2 eggs, 10 g sugar, 15 g of butter.

Cook the semolina in milk and cool. Add sugar, egg yolk,, carefully to enter whipped protein. Massa put in a greased mold (or Cup) and cook in a water bath or in a double boiler. The finished pudding when serving, pour oil, sour cream or sweet fruit sauce.

2-nd Breakfast. Broth hips.

Lunch. Noodle soup in chicken broth, boiled chicken, fried in breadcrumbs, with mashed potatoes and cream sauce, jelly.

Noodle soup in chicken broth

300 ml of chicken broth, 40 g, 15 g carrots, 10 g of onion, 35 g wheat flour, 1/2 eggs 5 g parsley or dill.

From flour, eggs and 1 tbsp cold water and knead the dough. Thinly roll it and cut into noodles. In boiling broth put chopped potato cubes for 10 minutes — fry in butter carrots and onions, and cooked noodles. Give writing a rolling boil for 5-7 min. When serving, sprinkle the dish with chopped greens.

Chickens boiled and fried in breadcrumbs

150 g of meat of chickens, l/2 eggs, 20 g butter.

The chicken carcass rinse well and tie the string so it won’t warp during cooking. Drop it into boiling salted water (with onion and roots) and boil until tender. Then slightly cool, cut into portions, dip in beaten egg and fry, not allowing Golden brown. The chicken is ready to serve with vegetable salad or fresh vegetables.

Sour-cream sauce on low meat broth

30 g sour cream, 5 g wheat flour 10 g butter, 50 ml of a weak beef broth.

Flour with part of the oil to warm to light yellow in color. Then dissolve, stirring the hot broth (or vegetable broth). Add sour cream and boil for 15 minutes the sauce is Ready carefully strain through a strainer and put a piece of butter.

Jelly rhubarb

45 g of rhubarb, 30 g sugar, 8 g of potato starch, 2 g of lemon peel.

The stems of rhubarb washed and, after removing the skin, cut into pieces 1-2 cm in length, Pour their cold water and leave it for 15 min. Simultaneously to prepare sugar syrup. Rhubarb is removed from the water and submerge in the syrup. Add the lemon zest and cook for 10 min. Wipe the rhubarb (along with broth), heat, add the dissolved starch and bring to boil. Jelly pour into bowl, sprinkle with sugar and cool.

Dinner. Cottage cheese with sour cream, tea with honey.

For the night. A Cup of yogurt.