How to remove belly fat

The volume in the abdominal area to lose not just because its presence is influenced by many factors, including stress and genetics. Coach of the Victoria’s Secret models Justin Gelbart (Justin Gelband), who works with Miranda Kerr (Miranda Kerr), Karlie Kloss (Karlie Kloss) and Irina Shayk (Irina Shayk), gives advice on how to get rid of “stubborn” fat.

1. Avoid stress

This is the case when it is easier to say than to do. But stress is one of the main reasons that the fat lingers in the stomach. Proper relaxation and meditation will help to avoid blisters in this area, which will visually make you slimmer. It is important to do relaxation exercises daily practice and to give them 10-15 minutes a day.

2. Do not eat after 20:00

This trick will help to reduce the stress on the digestive system. It is better to eat small portions several times a day and the last meal plan, no later than 20:00. So the stomach will not be crowded while you sleep.

3. Don’t forget the cardio

Interval cardio training helps to speed up metabolism. As a result, the body actively burns calories. You need the right cardio, where you work together body, brain and metabolism. For example, fit HIIT — high intensity interval training.

4. Eat balanced

Press done in the kitchen, and up to 90% of success depends on what you eat. In the struggle for a beautiful body will have to rebuild the power supply, give up alcohol, restrict the carbs. As a source of healthy fat, Gelbart advises nuts and avocados.

5. Avoid questionable diets

According to Gelband, once a few models before an important appearance on the podium went on a juice diet and not told him about it. The result was predictable: no one lost weight and some even gained weight.

Diet too low in calories can have the opposite effect: the body preserves fat so as it seems that the coming times of famine.

6. Do not focus on twisting

Gelbart, does not approve of this exercise. First, performing it, people often involve non-targeted muscles. Secondly, exercise can be dangerous for the back.

Instead, he offers to perform a variety of movements that involve not only the press, but other muscles of the body. For example, for the “angels” Victoria’s Secret it offers training with a small ball weighing 680 grams.