Kremlin diet for weight loss

Kremlin diet for weight loss. The Kremlin diet is working according to a special principle — due to a sharp reduction in the intake of carbohydrates, starts increased reduction of body fat reserves, respectively, is weight reduction. Moreover, the faster the body uses its own fat stores, the more they had.

This is especially noticeable in the first days of the Kremlin diet — the body weight decreases rapidly. The hallmark of the Kremlin diet is that you are allowed to eat meat in large quantities, and it is the main supplier of energy. So people, the body of which of all available diet is right diet, feeling of lethargy and fatigue. This diet also called the diet of American astronauts. First of all, in this diet you should avoid sugary, flour, potato dishes, bread, rice.

At first, to abstain from vegetables, fruits, juices that contain a lot of carbohydrates. Most importantly — do not sweeten. Sugar, even 1 piece, swallow your daily diet and fed you will not they. You can eat meat, fish, cheese, vegetables and fewer carbohydrates and other foods with “low cost”.

Кремлевская диета для похудения

Diet — the basic rules

It is necessary to control the amount of food eaten: fat, salt, and alcohol. Even despite the fact that these products contain at least points on the Kremlin diet, it is better to give preference to natural proteins and to avoid alcohol.

It is impossible to overeat, even though you can have the points. Overeating, you pull the stomach and slow down the process of digestion and metabolism, and therefore weight loss is delayed.

Maximize the use of greens, vegetables, unsweetened fruits. As the Kremlin diet allows you to eat enough fish and meat, for normal learning need vegetables.

Drink plenty of water; it improves the functioning of the excretory organs. Also infuse the teas that are rich in vitamins, hawthorn, rosehips, ginger.

Take a multivitamin throughout the entire period of the Kremlin diet. They contribute to maintaining a positive state of the body.

Control points. If you are just beginning to lose weight, follow the menu containing up to 40 points per day, and if you have already reached your goals and want to fix the result — increase the points to 60. Note that focusing on our menu, you can easily make your individual, making your favorite, but permitted foods and changing their alternation.

Expect their own capabilities before making a decision about the beginning of the Kremlin diet. A sober assessment of the condition of his body. For those who have serious health problems, must be limited to a weekly cycle. He who thinks that he is healthy, feel free to skip to the ten-day cycle.

Take breaks between cycles of the Kremlin diet (preferably two weeks). During this period, limit the intake of food containing protein, but continue to eat as much greens. Thus the output of salt, the continuing weight loss.

For example, the menu Kremlin diet for a day might look as follows:

  • Breakfast – 2 eggs, toast of black bread, tomato;
  • for lunch you can eat: steamed vegetables (100 g) or cucumber, beef.
  • snack in the afternoon can 1 fruit 100 g of cottage cheese;
  • dinner: baked fish and a glass of kefir.

Even the most ardent opponents of the Kremlin diet is unlikely to lacking efficiency. For any diet, it is necessary, first, to build a system of proper nutrition.

Kremlin diet for weight loss

In the table each product has been evaluated “. e” — standard units, depending on how much of this product contains carbohydrates.

Product name, 100 gr. or PCs
Points (.e.)
Meat boiled
Vegetable oil
Broth any
Mineral water
Coffee without sugar
Tea without sugar
Egg, 1 PC.
Wine, 250 ml.
Whiskey, 150 ml.
Of 0.5 — 2 depending on the grade
Tomatoes, 1 PC.
Pepper, 1 PC.
Cabbage boiled
12 — 16 depending on species
Apples, 1 EA.
Boiled potatoes, 1 PC.
Pear, 1 PC.
Black bread
White bread
Cake cream
Ice cream sundae

The essence of the Kremlin diet is that the meat can be eaten unlimited, but severely limit the consumption of carbohydrates.

To lose weight you must cause your daily diet to the following criteria:

for weight loss about 40. E. on the day.

— to save weight — from 40. E. to 60. e. Have

— weight gain occurs when you set more than 60. E.

— in the diet dabout 40. E. it is possible for 8 days to lose 5.5 kg.

Kremlin diet menu for a week

The approximate menu of the Kremlin diet for a week (in parentheses are the sum of points for each dish, plus the total daily scores for days of the week).

    Monday / 38
Breakfast: cottage cheese 150 gr. (5), scrambled eggs from 2 eggs with a slice of ham (1), ginger tea (0,4);
Lunch: green soup (5), boiled pork (1), vegetables: tomatoes, peppers, greens (5);
Afternoon snack: Apple (18);
Dinner: squid (1), lettuce 100 grams. (2);

    Tuesday / 37
3 sausages (0), roasted aubergines, 100 g (5), tea without sugar (0);
chicken broth — 250 gr. chicken (0), vegetables 150 g (2), lyulya-kebab of lamb (0), Apple compote (18);
pumpkin seeds (6);
boiled fish, 200 g (0), lettuce 200 g (4), dry white wine 200 g (2);

    Medium / 38
the omelette from 4 eggs with grated cheese (3), vegetables (4), tea without sugar (0);
goulash soup (12), stuffed with vegetables peppers (11);
10 black olives (2);
boiled fish (0), a glass of kefir (6);

    Thursday / 39,8
fat cottage cheese (2,8), sour cream (3) coffee without sugar (0);
soup green (12), meat in batter (6), greens (1), tea without sugar (0);
tangerine juice (9);
fish stew in tomato sauce (6), tea without sugar (0);

    Friday / 39,7
cauliflower (5), scrambled eggs with ham (1), Apple juice (7,5);
mushroom soup (15), rabbit meat 250 g (0), red sweet pepper, tomato, greens (8);
cheese 200 g (2);
boiled fish (0), yogurt (3,2);

   Saturday / 41,7
caviar squash (8), 4 sausages (3), coffee (0);
celery soup (8), grilled chicken (0), beets, cabbage with sunflower oil (6), tomato juice (3,5);
pine nuts (10);
chicken (0), yogurt (3,2);

    Sunday / 38
2 boiled eggs, stuffed mushrooms (1), carrot juice (6);
vegetable soup (16), goose breast poached (0), spinach or sorrel (5);
cheeses (2), orange (8);
fish river (0), tea without sugar (0);

Contraindications for the Kremlin diet

Those people who have chronic diseases, especially heart, blood vessels, stomach, it is necessary to align your new menu with your doctor.

In addition, low-carb diet is good because it significantly limits the harmful simple carbs. But if you are doing mental work, you should consider giving your existing “Kremlin scores” for a small amount of glucose in the form of honey or fruit (you can afford in the morning strictly within the points).

Pay attention to their health in the process of dieting. If you experience dizziness, pain in the stomach, nausea, difficulties with the chair, I perhaps should abandon or revise their diet diet in favor of natural products.

It is not recommended to sit on the Kremlin diet for people with kidney disease and pregnant women.