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With metabolic syndrome, the cells of the body cease to absorb the hormone insulin, and as a result, it does not fulfill its function. Cells do not absorb glucose well, do not receive the necessary nutrition, since nutrients do not turn into energy, but are deposited in the form of fat, and glucose and the hormone insulin accumulate in the blood.

This inevitably leads to pathological disorders throughout the body, such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cardiac ischemia. And such a “bouquet” of diseases, in turn, threatens with very serious consequences.

Excess weight, uncontrolled cravings for sweets, a round-the-clock feeling of hunger and a thirst to eat anything that comes to hand – all this can be symptoms of a metabolic syndrome, or metabolic disorder, to put it more simply. And if fat is deposited mainly in the abdomen, and the waist circumference increases dramatically – time to sound the alarm!

Who’s guilty?

The problem of the metabolic syndrome today is becoming a real epidemic in all civilized countries. And we ourselves are to blame mainly: minimal physical activity and high-calorie nutrition with a predominance of simple carbohydrates, causing a sharp increase in blood sugar.

The recommendations of doctors for those who are at risk, but who want to prevent serious consequences, are simple and affordable: it is important to reduce weight and prevent sudden jumps in blood sugar, increase the sensitivity of cells to insulin.

To do this, you need to change your lifestyle and food culture. Regular physical activity and a balanced low-carb menu, taking into account the glycemic index of products, are an effective tool in the fight against metabolic syndrome. That’s just the diet for many becomes a real torture, and sports are given with great difficulty. And overweight, it seems, is already growing almost from the smell of food alone.

And what to do?

Firstly, in order to maintain sugar levels normal, avoid sharp fluctuations in it, withstand a diet test and lose weight, take Oligim vegetable pills from the pharmaceutical company Evalar regularly .

Oligim maintains normal sugar levels due to plant components that have proven themselves with a tendency to high sugar levels and fullness.

Tablets “Oligim”:

  • Slow down the absorption of excess sugar from food, so it does not enter the bloodstream and is excreted
  • Maintain normal blood sugar
  • They support the pancreas, maintains healthy production of insulin and the sensitivity of cells of all organs and body tissues to it

In addition, Oligim reduces cravings for sweets by affecting taste buds, and this makes it much easier to follow a diet, which means it’s easier to fight excess weight.

Secondly, drink Oligim tea throughout the day – this is a tasty alternative to regular tea for those who need to control their appetite and weight, maintain a normal metabolism and blood sugar level.

In its composition:

  • herb galega (goat’s medicinal), which helps maintain normal blood sugar
  • lingonberry leaves, which have a diuretic effect and accelerate the excretion of sugar and insoluble salts from the body
  • nettle leaves that support normal insulin production

Thirdly, for daily vitamin support of an organism in addition accept “Oligim vitamins at diabetes. Unlike ordinary vitamins, Oligim vitamins are designed specifically for people who are prone to overweight and the development of metabolic syndrome, taking into account the special needs of the body and nutritional errors. It contains 11 vitamins and 8 minerals reinforced with taurine. The intake of a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals helps to strengthen the body, improve immunity and prevent the occurrence of complications associated with their deficiency.

It is important that the components of the Oligim series 1 are of natural origin, therefore all drugs can be used for as long 2 as it takes to bring oneself back to normal. 

Advertising. Dietary supplement. Not a drug.

1 The main active ingredients of Oligim tablets and Oligim tea for diabetes

2 According to recommendations for use

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