Treatment arthritis hands

Arthritis refers to diseases associated with tissue damage of the joints. If this happens with the hands, the mobility of the limb is lost. And every action is accompanied by pain, which increases with the progression of the disease. An important part of the fight against joint disease is drug therapy. Along with this, your doctor may recommend a number of other methods through which the arthritis treatment will be more effective.

Лечение артрита кисти рук

The therapeutic effect of physiotherapy

Physiotherapy treatments are designed to alleviate pain and return the hands former mobility. They are selected depending on the degree of progression of the disease.

In acute course of the disease will be useful treatments with ultraviolet light, and electrophoresis. In the first case, it takes about 15 procedures with the impact on the affected joints made with UV-rays. In the second case it takes about 12 treatments, during which the joint is exposed to electrical impulses. Also with the help of electrophoresis is the introduction of medicines.

If the situation is not much neglected, the doctor may prescribe DVM therapy laser helium-neon irradiation, pulsed low-intensity or low-frequency magnetotherapy and phototherapy.

For the prevention and treatment of ARTHRITIS our constant reader uses the increasingly popular NON-surgical method of treatment is recommended by leading German and Israeli orthopedists. Thoroughly acquainted with him, we decided to offer it to your attention.

If the arthritis manifested itself in the proliferative phase, effective phonophoresis, high-intensity pulsed magnetic therapy, light therapy, General or local cryotherapy, therapy. Each of the methods has its own characteristics and the duration of the course, which are adjusted by the attending physician.

Types of therapeutic massage

Another way to improve physical health is massage.

Физиотерапия при артрите

Physical therapy for arthritis

Therapy of this disease requires a combination of segmental manipulation and point types, which form a single complex. The number of sessions is assigned by the attending physician depending on the severity of the condition and severity of pain.

In the first sessions of manipulation of the master affects the joints that are affected by the pathology to a lesser extent. This allows you to avoid the discomfort caused by sharp pain. First try to reheat the joints. To do this, use rubbing, stroking, vibration and softening. All this helps to improve blood flow in the affected area, helps to relief pain.

After the initial sessions are completed, the master can begin to work on the joints, which are destroyed to a greater extent. The nature of impacts needs to be energetic, but not to bring the patient great pain. An important role in activation of regenerative processes is acupressure. It is based on the impact on the active points of which are located in the region of the fingertips.

Found effective remedy for pains and for the treatment of joints:

  • natural composition,
  • with no side effects
  • efficiency, proven expert,
  • a quick result.

By scheduling the massage for the joints, the physician should ensure that the patient has no permanent or temporary limitations on such procedures. To health problems, due to which the procedure should be postponed include:

  • the presence of a strong inflammatory process;
  • increased body temperature, including accompanied by fever;
  • a tendency to hemorrhage;
  • signs of physical or emotional fatigue;
  • nausea and vomiting during manipulation of the master;
  • the presence of skin diseases;
  • poor health.

    Важную роль в восстановлении имеет точечный массаж

Exercises for arthritis

If you can not enjoy a massage, conduct massage independently at home. This requires that you sit down, focusing back on the chair. You first need to knock hands on any solid surface. The exercise is performed correctly, if the wrist is maximally relaxed, and the hand easily bounces off the surface. During this step, you can feel the palette of different feelings from stimulating impulses to the pain and numbness.

Перед упражнениями необходимо постучать кистями рук по какой-либо твёрдой поверхности

If procedures delivers overly painful joints, amplitude and force of the blows required to relax. When done correctly, it can improve the finger sensitivity due to stimulation of the reactions of the nervous system. In the same situation you can drum your fingers on the table. This will increase the blood flow to the fingers and ease the condition.

Repeating the first task alternately with both hands, you are ready to the main massage. Arms first you want to grind into each other. It is necessary to increase blood flow and improve sensitivity. The process can take part of the palm and fingers, without involving the elbow and shoulder joints.

A good therapeutic effect of exercise based on the compression and unclamping hands. To obtain relief it must be repeated 5-10 times every half or two hours. As soon as the job in the simple version is mastered, it can be more difficult due to compression in the palm of rubber expander.

Now, you need to place hand on a hard surface so as to form a bearing of the brush. In this position the left hand should take the tips of the fingers of the right and execute a rotational movement. Thus it is necessary to gradually increase the radius as much as possible. In exercise of the arm muscles should relax as much as possible. After rotational movement of the fingers exercise goes on the brush. The entire complex is required to repeat, changing hands roles.

To soothe pain in the joints you can, gathering his fingers into the lock and pulling them over my head. An important condition for the correctness of the exercise is to turn the back side of the palms to the ceiling. To complete a set of exercises, running fingers fan-like motion.


К оперативному вмешательству прибегают только в крайних случаях

If joint disease in the hands is so complicated that pills, exercises and treatments not have the desired effect, your doctor may recommend to solve the problem surgically. The operation consists of removing damaged by disease phase or a joint followed by replacement of the remote component system of the prosthesis. This process involves a long recovery process, but also a complete lifestyle change:

  • adjustment of the power mode;
  • a waiver of any static loads;
  • regular physical exercise;
  • the periodic medical examination.

In view of this, surgical intervention is resorted to only in extreme cases. Doctors advise their patients to begin treatment when disease symptoms are not acquired launched. This will stop the destructive process and to improve the condition of joints, without resorting to emergency measures.

Folk remedies

Folk medicine for treatment of joints is considered to be a worthy addition to the traditional, because the basis of her recipes are natural plant components. It should be remembered that it is not the proposed funds will have the same effects on all people. They have their indications and limitations for use. So use them without the knowledge of the doctor is not necessary.

Some of the common treatments for arthritis:

  1. Healers often talk about the benefits of cherry in the treatment of this disease. To prepare the tincture from this plant you want to take about two tablespoons of the crust and pour 200 grams of vodka. An alternative may be any alcohol-containing liquid. Components of the medication, thoroughly mix. The prepared composition is placed in a quiet place for 10 days. To get the therapeutic effect obtained by the tool needs to treat damaged joints twice a day.
  2. Analgesic effect have leaves of cabbage. To relieve pain, it is required to apply at night to the affected joint.
  3. Useful when arthritis is onion. To prepare the medicine, the main component should be crushed to a pulp, which is applied to the affected area for one and a half or 2 hours twice a day.
  4. Another life-saving remedy for the pain is the leaves of peppermint. To relieve the condition, it is necessary to attach the leaves to the area damaged by arthritis the joint for 10-15 minutes.Полезным при артрите будет репчатый лук, измельченный до состояния кашицы
  5. As a means for external applications fit the complex based on the healing effect of radish and horseradish. These components can be used at a time. The first day is to prepare a compress with one medicinal plant, and the next use a different tool. Before the procedure, the treated area is smeared with baby cream. Superimposed on top of the skin ingredient in grated form. Compress closed top gauze, cellophane and warm cloth. To remove it after 3 hours. To enhance the effect of the active substance, it is possible to add honey, salt and vodka.
  6. To the popular recipes for external use include ointment with turpentine. For its preparation is taken in half a liter of turpentine, olive oil, pure alcohol, one-third teaspoon of camphor. All of these components are required to mix and stir. Ready ointment applied on the affected joint and leave for the night. You should be prepared for the fact that the tool after use, it will harden. This recipe is designed for prolonged use.

Physiotherapy for the restoration of joints can be done at home. One of the ways you’ll need melted in a water bath paraffin. Its temperature should be 60-65 degrees. In cooled form, this substance is applied to the affected joint on the brush for 30-40 minutes. At the end of this period the treated area of skin is covered with woolen cloth for 10-12 hours to maintain the effect of warm-up as long as possible. To comply with the time interval, it is better to choose for the procedure before bedtime.

Лечить артроз кистей рук можно грязевыми, солевыми или хвойными ваннами

To treat arthritis will help mud, salt or pine baths. Most often used weight medical clay. They are heated and then applied to the affected area. The medicinal composition is removed after 30-40 minutes.

Salt baths can be taken as a whole, bringing the whole body. If this is not possible, you must prepare the container in which it will be convenient to put one’s hand to the wrist. It is filled with salt water, prepared with the ratio of 200 g of crystals per liter of liquid. To obtain a therapeutic effect from the procedure will be enough to put the arms back no more than half an hour.

Instead of salt you can use pine buds, which have a calming effect. Recommended treatments using extracts of conifers permitted the use of baths with fir oil. It is necessary to add water 6-8 drops medications. The resulting mixture was necessary to immerse the hands for approximately a quarter of an hour. After completing the procedure, lubricate the joints cream with fir oil. It is believed that if you perform this procedure during the year, it is possible to improve the status of chronic arthritis.

Warming treatments are made with a infusion of sage. To prepare pour the dried shoots of the plant with water from a ratio of 20 tablespoons in 5 litres. Insisting the mixture for 2 hours, it needs to drain and mix with warm water. Take a bath with sage to cost no more than 15-20 minutes. Procedure needs to be performed daily for 10 days. After the break, repeat the course. When the decision to carry out physiotherapy at home is to consult with your doctor. It will help to determine the feasibility of the procedures, and choose the best option.

If the arthritis struck joints on the hands, in addition to medication, there are several effective ways to alleviate the condition, and to nullify the ravages of the disease. But choose and use them with the permission of the attending physician. It will help you choose the best funds based on the patient’s condition and possible contraindications. Physiotherapy, massage and exercises are not a substitute for medication. Treatment of arthritis of the hands is only effective with an integrated approach.