Causes of pain in the elbows and treatments

Pain in the elbow develops fairly often and has multiple causal factors. These include pathology in the elbow joint and paraartikulyarnye tissues, but also diseases of the cervical-thoracic part of the spine, shoulder neurosphere. The danger of delayed diagnosis of the causal factor in the development of pain in the elbow (as in the right and left) is that therapy will be delayed in time and there is a high risk of chronicity of postprocess. And this can lead to the breakdown of functionality, because the elbow joint is important for the entire upper extremity.

Epicondylitis of the lateral or medial epicondyle of the shoulder

Such partprocess are called “tennis elbow” or “elbow of the golfer”. They develop as a result of thisparagraph. The most common cause is committing the same type of repetitive motor acts (country of work, sports, work behind a PC or some mechanisms that require muscle tension pronation and supinators of the hand). The typical pain when polerowanie points of attachment of the tendon fibers called the muscle groups and also painful sensation in the case of active flexion of the hand (medial epicondylitis) or extension (outer) which may radiate to distal on the forearm. Motor acts in the elbow joint is usually not limited.

Therapeutic interventions:

  1. The exception of the loadings on astroelite.
  2. Anti-inflammatory drugs.
  3. Thisprocedure (lazero – and a magnetotherapy, ULTRASOUND, electrophoresis).
  4. Special exercise therapy.
  5. In the absence of the desired result – block based drugs in anesthetic and drug And corticosteroids.
  6. UHT (chronic process).
  7. Rarely, surgery.

Deforming osteoarthritis

The disease mostly occurs in policosanol damage.

In isolation, this disease is relatively rare, except for post-traumatic osteoarthritis. Mostly elbows are damaged in the case of polyarthrosis. Pain is exhausting the patient during fiznagruzki, carrying heavy objects. Typically the limited Commission motor acts, cracking UltraEdit, further deformity. With the development of postprocess pain syndrome becomes constant and aching in nature.


  1. In the case of acute – anti-inflammatory meds.
  2. Limitation fiznagruzki.
  3. LFK.
  4. The purpose of chondroprotectors.
  5. Physiotherapy.
  6. A hand massage.


The elbow joint may be subjected to inflammatory transformations in the case of RA, gouty or psoriatic lesions, infectious nature. The patient complains of pain in the joint, intensifying during the movement and at night. He is forced to keep the arm in a bent position to ease Algie, whereby is formed the stiffness. But pain is tiring stiffness on the background of prolonged immobility, increased local temperature, redness. When gouty in the elbow formed nodular formation – tophi.

Therapeutic measures:

  1. Treatment of underlying pathology.
  2. Exception of physical activity.
  3. NSAIDs.
  4. When purulent form – antibiotic therapy.
  5. Physiotherapy.
  6. After removal of the inflammatory process – LFK, light massage, course the use of chondroprotectors.

Tunnel syndrome

This disease is formed due to compression of the ulnar nerve bundle in the area of his advancement in bone furrow astroelite. The reason for this compression can be different factors — injuries, frequent supination and pronation at the elbow, osteoporosi. Painful syndrome can be felt in the joint and may radiate along the forearm, IV and V fingers. In parallel, a sense of numbness of the skin in the area. Diagnostic test – the practitioner applies mild blows with a hammer on the ulnar furrow, patients get a tingling or chamber along an elbow rest area and V the finger.

Curative measures:

  1. Limited physical activity, in some cases, the hold astroelite by an orthosis.
  2. NSAIDs.
  3. Protivokariosnoe, antidepressants.
  4. Physiotherapy.
  5. Vitamin.
  6. Blockade with the use of drugs based on corticosteroids and an anesthetic component to the point of compression of the nerve bundle.
  7. Rare – operational method.

Neuritis of the ulnar nerve

Causes of neuritis of the ulnar nerve can become injury, hypothermia, waimatenui with bone structure in the background of valgus deformation of astroelite. Painful syndrome of the elbow is characterized by manifestations of aching, numbness, IV and V of the fingers, reduced strength in them.

Therapeutic interventions:

  1. NSAIDs and bleullama funds.
  2. Vitamin.
  3. Vascular pharmaceuticals in combination with diuretics.
  4. Physiotherapy.
  5. Massage, therapy.

Injury to the ulnar astroelite

This group consists of contusions, dislocations of the bony structures of the forearm, different fractures of the articular bone components, rupture of the tendon fibers is 2-headed muscle.

In the case of persistent presence after injury persistent pain, swelling, deformation joint, or para-articular regions, limited and springing motor acts at the elbow, you should immediately seek the advice of to the medical institution. After carrying out diagnostic procedures in the form rentgenografii the doctor will prescribe:

  1. Offset shows the manual mapping osteotomes either by operational methods. If the dislocation requires reduction. In case of rupture of the tendon fibers of the bicep primarily assigned to the surgical intervention with the purpose of crosslinking.
  2. Immobilizovannye of astroelite.
  3. Painkillers, NSAIDs.
  4. The rehabilitation period after the removal of immobilization devices in the form of massage, physiotherapy, exercise therapy.

Other causal factors algicheskom syndrome in the ulnar joint can be a bursitis of the olecranon, osteochondrosis, intervertebral gryzenia protrusions, Charcot arthropathy, synovial chondromatosis and other diseases.