Stomach ache: causes and what to do at home

Stomach pain is a frequent symptom of various diseases of the digestive tract. Some people may confuse this symptom with the signs of diseases of other abdominal organs, so everyone should know the characteristic pain in the stomach.

Aching pain in the stomach:

  • Is localized in the upper Central abdomen, which scientifically is called the epigastrium. People quite often you can find such a trivial description as a “pain in the stomach”. It is the place of the location in anatomical terms, just corresponds to the projection of the stomach on the anterior abdominal wall.
  • Very rarely spreads to other areas of the body. Radionovna can occur only at the transition of the disease from this on to a neighbor that observed in cancer or running ulcer.
  • May be accompanied by heartburn, nausea, and in rare cases vomiting. When complications of diseases of the stomach in the vomit sometimes reveal the blood.

Stomach aches: causes

There are many reasons that can cause nagging stomach.

Among the most common etiological factors are necessary primarily to provide:

  • Gastritis – the most common cause of pain. This disease is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach.
  • Peptic ulcer disease. The ulcer is, so to speak, a chronic wound in the mucosa. Pain in the stomach may occur in localization of ulcer in its mucous membrane, or mucosa of the duodenum.
  • Polyps of the stomach. In some rare cases they can also occur pain.
  • Other infrequent causes of stomach pain be attributed to malignant neoplasms of this organ, which in the initial stages of development, but usually are asymptomatic.
  • Acute food infection, leading to a sharp spasm of the muscle membrane of the stomach.
  • Burns of the gastric mucosathat occurs upon exposure to various chemical agents.

“Megalodacne” the cause of the pain

In addition to the diseases of the stomach, there are many other pathological conditions of the abdominal organs, which can lead to nagging in the stomach. Most frequent among these diseases are:

  • Diaphragmatic hernia, characterized by a displacement of abdominal organs into the chest through an abnormal hole in the diaphragm.
  • Pancreatitis – inflammation of pancreas is anatomically located immediately behind the rear wall of the stomach.
  • Esophagitis – inflammation of the lower esophagus located in the abdominal cavity.
  • Various liver diseases.

Besides all this, there is such a thing as functional pain in the stomach, arising without apparent organic pathology. It develops on the background of a number of disorders of the body. These include slower gastric emptying (hypotension), and reflux of duodenal contents into the cavity of the stomach (reflux).

Kinds of stomach pains

Depending on the causes of stomach pain can have different manifestations:

  • Non-intensive aching pain associated with food intake, usually caused by tumors or chronic gastritis.
  • Sharp pain, often compared with the blow of a dagger, typical for peptic ulcer disease, in particular for its complications – perforation.
  • Burning pain is usually characteristic of a burn of the mucous membrane of the stomach.
  • Spastic pain occurs most often on a background of infections or functional disorders of the stomach.

The treatment aching pain in the stomach at home

Stomach pain very rarely are symptoms of any threatening diseases or pathological conditions. Thus, the search for the cause of pain in most cases can be postponed until the planned gastroscopy and consultations with a gastroenterologist. Along with this, to endure such pain is not necessary, as there are a large number of funds that can reduce the intensity of this symptom.

These include:

  • correction of the diet;
  • medication;
  • traditional medicines.

Correction of the diet

As a rule, people can fairly accurately name the cause of pain in the stomach. Most often it is associated with food intake. The pain may occur after eating, and the “empty stomach”. In the latter case, for the relief of pain a person needs to eat. The food should not be salty, spicy, fatty or concentrated. The portion of soup, not cooked in the broth, or fresh porridge can eliminate the pain and significantly improve the health of the person.

If the pain occurs after eating, a person should go to a dietary diet.

In diseases of the stomach, it is recommended to limit the use of products such as

  • alcoholic beverages;
  • carbonated beverages, coffee, strong tea;
  • rich meat and fish broth;
  • coarse varieties of cereals;
  • fresh bread and pastries;
  • fresh vegetables;
  • mushrooms in any form;
  • milk and dairy products;
  • any concentrated fat extracted meals.

Medication aching pain in the stomach

In the medicine Cabinet of the person who suffers from periodic pain in the stomach, should always be a list of the most necessary drugs for the relief of the symptom.

There are several major groups of medicines, intake of which can improve the condition:

  • Antispasmodics. This group of drugs in the first place is Pepto, Allergy, Drotaverine and others. The action of such drugs aimed at eliminating muscle spasm of the gastric mucosa, often associated with functional disorders or food poisoning.
  • Kislorodnaya funds. These include drugs such as Omez, Ranitidine, Controloc, Pantex and others. These drugs reduce the acidity in the stomach by reducing the gastric juice secretion. This consequently reduces the irritation of inflamed or affected with an ulcer of the mucous membrane, which leads to reduction of pain syndrome.
  • Enveloping drugs. Funds in this group (Maalox, Almagel) effective first in inflammatory diseases of the stomach, as they create on the mucosa a protective barrier against irritation.

Any pretext can not be taken with pain in the stomach pain relievers (Analgin, Diclofenac) as they have a pronounced ulcerogenic effect and irritate the mucosa.

Traditional medicines with aching pain in the stomach

Folk remedies for pain in the stomach can often be no less effective than drugs that only need to know which one and when to take it.

It is important

Any of traditional medicine may only be used after prior consultation with your doctor.

When gastric ulcer you can help:

  1. Pine tar. In people it is called resin. The first 14 days of daily dose of this funds must not exceed 3 oz., since the 15th day of the amount of the drug is gradually increased to 5 gr. a day. The duration of treatment is 45 days. During this period the normal water to drink better replaced by melt.
  2. Olive oil is one of the best envelop funds, created by nature itself. To enhance the effect, to half a liter of oil add 0.5 kg of honey and juice of two lemons. The mixture was thoroughly mixed, store in the fridge in a glass airtight containers. Duration of treatment – up to eating the entire serving. At the same time for half an hour before meals you need to take 1 tablespoons. Frequency – 3 times a day. 20-30 days course can be repeated.
  3. The infusion of the birch buds. For cooking 50 gr. plant materials insist on 0,5 l of alcohol. Important: during the infusion vessel with a vessel must be in a dark place and periodically shake things up. After 20 days strain the infusion and take 15 minutes before eating. Dosage per single dose is 15 drops. Frequency – 3 times per day.

Please note

Gastric ulcer is a very dangerous disease, giving a lot of pretty serious complications, so the treatment of this disease must be under the supervision of a specialist.

To eliminate the pain in the stomach with gastritis with high acidity:

  • Warm cabbage juice. Fresh and slightly warmed juice drink hour before meals. Frequency – 3 times a day.
  • The infusion of sea buckthorn berries. It is prepared in a thermos. Per Cup of fruit take 1 liter of water. Extraction time day. Then to the filtered liquid add 0.5 cups of honey. Daily dosage: 3 tablespoons before eating. Frequency – 3 times per day. Course duration – 3 weeks.
  • Kisel from the hips. To make it peremennye fruit pour 400 ml of boiling water and insist 2 hours in a thermos. Then the pudding is cooked in the usual way with the addition of 1 teaspoon of starch.

For treating aching pain in the stomach gastritis with low acidity.

  1. The juice of the currant. Important condition: the juice is drunk in the morning on an empty stomach. Next meal – not earlier than in an hour. Dosage is 100 ml. duration of treatment – 7 days.
  2. Egg whites. Whites of two eggs, carefully separated from the yolks and whipped in a solid foam and eat. The duration of treatment is 60 days.
  3. The infusion of herbs. To make it, take 3 liters herbal (leaves of bilberry, St. John’s wort, plantain, in equal proportions), pour 200 ml of boiling water, insist night in a thermos. Course duration – 21 days. Daily dose 1 tablespoon 3 times a day before meals.

If the pain is renewed, repeated or stopped by the above methods, one needs to seek the assistance of a gastroenterologist and pass a comprehensive examination of the stomach.

Olga Chumachenko, doctor, medical commentator