Who should not eat persimmons?

Since persimmon contains a lot of iodine and iron, it is recommended for people suffering from anemia. It will also have a beneficial effect on the condition of people with various cardiovascular problems.

A stomach ulcer is also not a contraindication. But who really needs to stay away from persimmons is people who have problems with the gall bladder and kidney stones.

Angelica Duvall recalls that persimmon has many useful substances that help maintain immunity, strengthen the nervous system and protect against various diseases. It is better to use it several times a week, but only in fresh form. No heat treatment and no re-freezing.

If December is the time of tangerines, then November is the month of persimmon. But only not everyone can eat it. Let’s see what nutritionists say about this fruit.

Nutrition coach Natalya Prokhorova approaches the question a little differently: the woman says that the fruit is healthy because it contains fiber, but it is very high in calories. She urges diabetics to exercise caution in consuming persimmons and eat no more than one fruit per day. If you have no problems, then you can eat 2-3 pieces.

Nutritionist Elena Solomatina noted that persimmon relaxes blood vessels and removes excess fluid from the body. Eating persimmons, you can slightly lower your pressure and even get rid of excess cholesterol. However, it is worth overdoing how constipation can begin and even “carotene jaundice” can develop. Pay attention to the degree of maturity of the fruit, because hard skin can cause intestinal obstruction. By the way, it is better not to give persimmons to children under three years old at all.

If you are more than three years old and you do not suffer from kidney stones, and with the gall bladder everything is in order, then it’s time to go to the store.

But first, some advice from Roskachestvo.

All persimmons are divided into astringent and non-astringent. As a rule, the first is brought unripe so as not to spoil the presentation. It’s enough to buy such a fruit, put it in a bag for several days and just let it ripen, so that it turns into an undying. Interestingly, ripening is accelerated by neighbors such as bananas and apples, as they secrete ethylene.

There are other ways to make persimmons more palatable. For example, freeze it or dip in boiling water for several hours.

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