Not everyone knows how to relax, fatigue test

Take our test and find out what kind of vacation you need. From the proposed options, select the answer that most closely matches your reality.

If you read this text with your eyes half closed and often yawn, you haven’t slept at night. Lack of sleep is one of the common causes of rapid fatigue and irritability.

Although, judging by Lenta.ru statistics, Russians sleep 9 hours 20 minutes a day, research by American and Australian scientists does not match the reality of an adult working person.

Autumn spleen can come unnoticed and ruin your mood. Not everyone knows how to relax.

1. When was the last time you were on vacation?

A. Literally a month ago. We flew with my family to Spain for two weeks – we had a great rest by the sea and examined all the sights.

B. Just got out of vacation. It’s good that they managed to dig up potatoes, cut off the tops of tomatoes and make compost for the next season.

B. It seems last year. This time there is no time to rest – you need to earn money on apartment renovation and a new car. Domestic needs are more important, but I will tolerate…

D. Vacation, what is it? I see no reason to lose my salary for a month of idleness.

2. How do you usually relax?

A. I lie on the couch and watch a TV series or go to the movies with my friends.

B. I read a book or go to training – there is nothing better than a change of activity.

C. I’m watching an online course useful for self-development, or studying foreign languages. Now, for example, mastering Chinese…

G. I take a laptop and go to a cafe – it’s more fun to work this way, sometimes I allow myself to turn off the phone and not advise anyone for an hour.

3. What do you suggest as a life slogan for children?

A. Tili-tili, trawl-wali, we didn’t go through it, we weren’t asked.

B. Cause time – a fun hour.

C. Patience and labor will grind everything.

G. Be patient, Cossack, you will be the chieftain!

4. How many hours a day do you sleep?

A. 9-10 hours.

B. 7-8 hours.

B. 5-6 hours.

G. 4 hours or less.

5. How often does it happen that you suddenly look at one point and do not notice anything around?

A. Never. But does this happen?

B. It was a couple of times. I learned from the doctor that this is a sign of fatigue and changed the regime of the day.

Q. Quite often, it bothers me.

G. At least once every couple of hours. This minute is enough time for my rest.

Test results:

More A. You know how to relax and do it with great pleasure, keep it up! The right balance between work and rest will allow you to preserve health for many years.

More B. You confuse a change of activity with rest – this is a common problem, according to psychologists. Reading a book, playing sports is the same job where the brain is involved. Try to spend at least an hour a day on a walk with pleasant music or watch your favorite series.

More than B. You have already done enough work, it’s time to take a vacation and go to distant countries. Warn relatives and colleagues that your phone will be unavailable. Turn it off and enjoy the time spent in idleness – sometimes you can afford it.

More G. Your energy reserves are at zero. Urgently review the daily schedule and set aside at least two hours to rest. Better to give up a couple of workouts than to get to the hospital with nervous exhaustion. Contact a psychologist who will help you understand the reasons for your workaholism and change your mind towards taking care of yourself, not self-destruction.

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