Kisses promote hormone production

Have you ever wondered why we are reaching out to kiss a loved one or kiss friends at a meeting? Researchers concluded that the kiss is a reflex inherited from our ancestors. here explains what benefits they bring to our body.

Hormone of love

Kisses cause a chemical reaction in your brain that triggers the release of the hormone oxytocin into your bloodstream. It is often called the “hormone of love” because it causes a feeling of affection.

According to a 2013 foreign study, oxytocin is especially important for men, as it helps them become attached to a partner and remain monogamous.

The analogy of feeding

Women experience a surge of oxytocin during childbirth and breastfeeding, strengthening the bond between mother and baby. Speaking of feeding, many believe that kisses came from the practice of feeding kisses. Like birds feeding the worms of their little chicks, mothers fed their children chewed food several centuries ago.

Hormone of pleasure

Dopamine is released when you do something pleasant, for example, kiss and spend time with someone who attracts you and whom you attract. This and other “happy hormones” make you feel dizzy and euphoric. The more you get these hormones, the more your body needs them. In a 2013 study, couples in long-term relationships that often kissed reported complete satisfaction with the relationship.

Attraction to a partner

Older studies show that for women, kissing is a way to evaluate a potential partner. Participants in the experiment said they were less likely to have sex with someone without a first kiss. They also noted that poor partner skills repel and reduce the likelihood of an intimate continuation of the meeting.

Hormone of happiness

Along with oxytocin and dopamine, which cause you to feel attached and euphoric, kisses release serotonin, another chemical that positively affects your mood. It lowers cortisol levels so that you feel more relaxed while making a good time around.

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