Intimate piercing procedure, is it worth it to decide

We decided to find out what types of intimate piercing a salon can offer you, and what contraindications exist.

What types of intimate piercing currently exist

It is difficult to pierce someone with a piercing nowadays, however, the most daring ones are still solved for some types of punctures. We are talking about intimate piercing. The very idea that such a tender place undergoes such a procedure causes a shudder, and yet the piercing masters do not lack clients.

Labia piercing

Probably the most popular type, which is preferred by 65% ​​of girls who dare to such a difficult procedure. The main plus can be called relatively painless piercing and quick healing of the wound.

Labia piercing

It is believed that piercing in this area increases the sensitivity of the partner. In this case, the puncture should be done closer to the clitoris. However, a puncture of the large lips will heal a little longer than the small ones – about 3 months.

Clit hood piercing

Puncture can be carried out both vertical and horizontal. Healing also takes place over several months.

Clit puncture

Pretty painful puncture, and therefore suitable only for very brave girls with a high pain threshold.

What are the pros and cons of intimate piercing at the moment?
Is it worth it to decide on genital piercing?

It all depends on your personal preferences, if you do not have medical contraindications, you can discuss the matter with your soulmate. In any case, the piercing can always be removed as soon as you begin to experience discomfort or the body begins to reject the foreign object. Most people who decide on piercing in the intimate zone, talk about powerful stimulation of the intimate zone.

However, there are those who do not tolerate the presence of foreign objects on the body of their partner, so you should not test the patience of your man, if you suddenly want to bring something new to sex life, always consult your soul mate, because even such a trifle as piercing may cause conflict.

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