I want and I can, sex after 60

For the most part, people over 60 do not often discuss sexual life – other problems appear, for example, health begins to fail, and in this state it is no longer sexually on a weekly basis. But nevertheless, there are many examples when a man leads an active sex life, having crossed a 60-year milestone.

The question is, is it possible to maintain sex drive when a man is already well over 60, and what actions need to be taken to remain “in the cage” for as long as possible? Let’s try to figure it out.

Despite his considerable age, Evgeni Vaganovich leads an active lifestyle to the envy of all haters. According to bloggers, the comedian is trying to keep fit so as not to lose appeal in the eyes of a young lover.

Perhaps in this way Petrosyan is trying to regain the sexual strength with which certain problems arise at this age. But, most likely, the whole thing is in elementary physical activity, which is necessary not only at 74 years, but throughout life.

What are the features of intimate life after 60?

It all depends on how you feel. If a person is far from physical activity throughout his life, it is not surprising that it is difficult for him to be given any load, including an intimate one.

The hormonal background of a man after 60 is very unstable, which leads to various kinds of malfunctions. Due to the decline in the required number of hormones, sexual opportunities are significantly weakened, while desire remains. Not every man is able to come to terms with such a dissonance.

Faced with a decrease in libido, a man is ashamed to tell someone about this, and even more so, contact a specialist. And very in vain.

What to do?

Firstly, experts recommend changing the diet: you need to use salt, increase the amount of fruits and vegetables on the plate, do not ignore seafood and drink enough water. Moreover, it is advisable to follow these same recommendations already from a young age, in order to face fewer problems in the future, including in the intimate sphere.

In addition, daily physical activity compatible with the state of health is necessary, an example of which is shown to us by Evgeny Vaganovich. It is impossible to maintain quality potency without movement. Think about it.

If a man has bad habits like smoking and a constant glass of alcohol on the bedside table, what intimate harmony can we talk about? For desires to coincide with opportunities, you must begin to change, without it, your body will quickly become unusable.

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