Dating “at night” is a rather dangerous occupation

The thing is that men can easily diagnose diseases that are transmitted primarily through sexual contact. Just look at the “tool”, but for women everything is much more complicated.

Many men are not against a “one-time” relationship, getting to know girls for one night. In such cases, in no case should you neglect security measures, and it is better not to approach suspicious ladies at all. But if you still ended up in bed with a stranger, pay attention to a few points…

The Naked Truth community is directly dedicated to sex. But sex is not only a pleasant activity, but also quite risky. Of course, I am against a one-night relationship, but I know that many men and women practice such dating. And, of course, such relationships most often cause sexually transmitted diseases.

Do not know the ford, do not pop into the water

Dating “for one night” is a rather dangerous occupation. You never know what they will lead to. I would like to say that you just should not go anywhere, but unfortunately, in real life such tips do not always work.

And women who are sick with sexually transmitted diseases do not always know about them, and if they do, they do not always receive complex treatment. Of course, a normal woman, knowing about her problem, will not jump into bed with a stranger. But, as we know, not all women are normal, and not all men are cautious.

How to understand?

As a woman, I must tell you that there really are such ladies who sleep with men, knowing about their diseases. That is why I want to warn you and tell you how to determine the “purity” of a woman.

It should be understood that a 100% guarantee is given by a doctor’s certificate with the date and name of the institution.

But it’s not always possible to ask for help before sex, so use a few tips:

  1. First of all, I urge you to pay attention to the skin. With sexually transmitted diseases, cracks appear in the corners of the lips, ulcers on the hands and face. Of course, it can be an allergy, but why take the risk?
  2. Smell. During some diseases from the genitals it can smell strongly. You will not confuse this smell with anything. If there is a pungent odor, immediately run, my advice to you.
  3. Allocations. Even with STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), there may be unpleasant purulent discharge from the vagina. Sometimes they even look like foam with a very pungent odor.

These are the most common signs of an STD. In many cases, the disease may not even be noticed, since it is at an early stage or without pronounced symptoms. There are still diseases that do not affect the female body, but as soon as the infection gets to the man, he begins inflammation.

At the slightest suspicion, immediately consult a doctor, and do not forget to protect yourself! If you suspect it is better not to stick around. Lack of sex is much better than excess STDs.

HIV is no longer a sentence, doctors say. A study conducted over eight years involving couples where one of the partners was infected showed that if an HIV-positive partner takes modern therapy that suppresses the development of the virus, he can lead a normal life, start a family and have sex with his partner, not at the risk of infecting him.

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