Which world leaders and officials have had Covid-19?

However the state response to the virus has been complicated in some countries by the sickness of heads of state who would otherwise be tasked with leading them through the crisis.

The Covid-19 coronavirus has spread rapidly over the last eight months – impacting every inhabited continent and resulting in more than 11.7 million cases globally.

Here are some of the world leaders who have found themselves to have been infected by Covid-19.

Jair Bolsonaro

Having played down the severity of the virus for several months, the Brazilian president was confirmed to have contracted the virus on 7 July. Mr Bolsonaro had previously described Covid-19 as a “little flu”, and had been a vocal supported of hydroxychloroquine – the anti-malaria drug touted by US president Donald Trump that is yet to have its efficacy proven.

1/50 7 July 2020

Tengger tribe people make their way to the summit of Mount Bromo volcano to make offerings in Probolinggo, as part of the Yadnya Kasada Festival. The Tenggerese climb the active volcano to seek the blessing from the main deity by presenting offerings of rice, fruit, livestock and other items

2/50 6 July 2020

A healthcare worker checks the temperature of residents during a check-up campaign in Mumbai, India

3/50 5 July 2020

People wearing protective face masks to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus sit at a bus stop in the city of Zanjan, Iran

4/50 4 July 2020

Protesters blocking an exit to the precinct of the officers who arrested Elijah McClain, cover their ears anticipating the use of flash-bang grenades by police in Aurora, Colorado

5/50 3 July 2020

A member of the Israeli border police jumps during a Palestinian protest against Israel’s plan to annex parts of the West Bank, in Kafr Qaddum near Nablus

6/50 2 July 2020

A surfer jumps clear of his board while enjoying winter waves at New Brighton Beach in Christchurch, New Zealand

7/50 1 July 2020

A man is detained by riot police during a demonstration in Hong Kong. China imposed a new national security law which has faced international condemnation

8/50 30 June 2020

A man smokes a pipe while wearing a face mask during a demonstration in Nantes, as part of a nationwide day of protests to demand better working conditions for health workers in France

Boris Johnson

Having tested positive for the virus at roughly the same time as health secretary Matt Hancock – and weeks after minister Nadine Dorries – the prime minister was forced to hand over his official duties to Dominic Raab as he was treated in intensive care. Speaking after his hospitalisation, Mr Johnson said the severity of his condition meant plans had been drawn up in the event of his death.

Others in the UK to have contracted the virus include MPs Kate Osborne, Tony Lloyd and Llloyd Russel-Moyle, as well as Prince Charles. All have since recovered.

Michel Barnier

The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier tested positive on 19 March, when talks between Brussels and London had already been postponed due to the virus. He returned to his post just under a month later.

Iraj Harirchi

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Iran’s deputy health minister was one of the first figures on the world stage to have contracted a confirmed case of the virus – and quickly became emblematic of an alleged cover-up of infections in the country. Defending a case rate of 95 in February despite claims the number was in fact much higher, Mr Harirchi could be seen sweating profusely in a press conference the day before his positive test. He was noted to have fully recovered from the virus, which in early March had infected around 8 per cent of the nation’s parliament, a fortnight later. The nation’s vice president, Eshaq Jahangiri, was also among those to have been infected

Pierre Nkurunziza

Questions have continued to circle around the death of the Burundi’s president-elect, who passed away on an unspecified date in early June. While the government officially confirmed his passing to be the result of a heart attack, multiple reports from diplomats and medical sources have claimed he was infected with the virus, which had been passed on to several others in his circle. If confirmed, his would be the first death of a world leader to be attributed to Covid-19.

Rand Paul

The Republican lawmaker was the first senator to have a confirmed case of the virus, which also led Senators Ted Cru, Rick Scott and Lindsey Graham, to quarantine after coming into contact with those who had been infected. Scores of members of the house of representatives also contracted the virus.

A number of people in Donald Trump’s inner circle, most notably an assistant to his daughter Ivanka and VP Mike Pence’s top spokesperson, also tested positive for the virus. In early May, the 45th president claimed he had taken a course of hydroxychloroquine – an anti-malaria drug that is yet to be proven as a Covid-19 treatment – as a “preventative measure”.

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Peter Dutton

The Australian home affairs minister tested positive for the virus after returning from the US, where he had been pictured with a number of high-profile figures including Ivanka Trump. At the time he was among the nation’s 156 confirmed cases – a figure that included actor Tom Hanks, who was in Queensland when he fell ill.

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau

The wife of Justin Trudeau was confirmed to have caught the virus in mid-March, prompting the Canadian leader to quarantine with her and run the country from his home. Her symptoms were described as mild, while the PM was never confirmed to have contracted the virus.

Prince Albert II of Monaco

It was confirmed the province’s head of state had contracted the virus in mid-March, but medical practitioners said he was fully cured by 1 April.

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