12 Household Hacks That Call For Nothing But Plastic Wrap

Plastic wraps can make your life around the house much easier. Here are 12 tried and tested hacks that’ll make you go – “Why didn’t I try this before!”

The environmentalists might chant anti-plastic slogans and warn you to never use this material ever again, but as it turns out, a plastic wrap has a great many handy uses.

There’s just so much you can do with your average saran wrap apart from covering your food in a thin transparent film!

1. No-Spill Cup With Plastic Wrap

Spilling fruit juice is the worst. It always stains! However, you can prevent spillage by wrapping a plastic wrap over the cup and poking a straw in it to drink your beverage. Never will you have to spend hours cleaning juice off the carpet ever again!

2. Making Poached Eggs

Making poached eggs is hard even if you follow all the instructions down to the last detail. If you don’t want to ruin your eggs and instead get a perfect result each time, pour the eggs into a plastic wrap and tie it up into a small pouch before putting it in boiling water.

The eggs will come out just fine!

3. Can Opener

We can all agree that jars with metal lids are not easy to open. If tight lids are giving you trouble, cover the lid with a plastic wrap and then try opening the lid. Since your hands won’t constantly slip, you’ll be able to open the jar easily.

4. Prevent Kitchen Splashes

When using the blender, splashes are inevitable since they don’t have a lid.

Cleaning the mess they leave behind is far from ideal! You can prevent the splashes, however, by covering the bowl/jar with plastic wrap and using the blender by poking a whole in the film.

5. DIY Fly Trap

Fruit flies are everywhere where fruits are. To prevent them from sitting on your food and infecting it, make a fly trap of your own with a plastic wrap. Take a clear glass and put some bits of fruit in it. Now, cover the opening of the glass with plastic wrap and make holes in the wrapping. The flies will instantly get trapped in the glass once they get in!

6. Prevent Paint From Drying Out

If you have some furniture paint lying around your house and don’t want it to dry out and go to waste, cover the paint tub along with the paint brush with a plastic wrap.

Neither will the brush harden nor the paint dry.

7. Carry Things Without Dropping

If you’re moving houses or just changing the setting of your house, you know what a pain moving stuff can be. Especially when you’re cleaning out drawers! To make moving things an easy experience, wrap your drawers or containers with plastic wrap with the stuff inside them. We promise nothing will fall off and you won’t have to reorganize everything!

8. Clean Meat Tenderizer

When tenderizing meat, you’ve obviously noticed bits and pieces of it flying helter-skelter.

To prevent that from happening, cover the meat in your plastic wrap and then tenderize it. Your table and kitchen will remain spick and span!

9. Keep Your Makeup Bag Safe From Accidental Spillage

While travelling, it’s not uncommon to find your makeup bag all dirty and gooey due to leaked makeup. To prevent such accidents from happening, cover the individual tubes of makeup with plastic wrap and then close their cap. Leakages will not occur!

10. Easy Toilet “Unclogger”

Yes, “unclogger” is not a term but you’ll want to use it once you try this! To unclog a clogged toilet, wrap the bowl with your plastic trap, taping the edges as you go.

Now flush your toilet and you’ll notice the plastic wrap swelling up. Next, press the wrap down multiple times to unclog the toilet.

Now, these were the useful hacks. Let’s take a look at 2 bizarre ones that look appealing and should only be tried by brave souls.

11. Waterproof Phone Cover

In the habit of taking your phone to the shower? If you want to prevent water damage to your phone, cover it in a plastic wrap before taking it with you! We personally do not recommend this unless your phone is water resistant.

12. Quick Weight Loss Hack

The internet suggests that if you wrap your skin in plastic before working out, you’ll shed kilos faster. We do not trust the long-term effects of it, although we’ll say that covering your skin in plastic makes you sweat more, which can lead to fluid loss.

Crazy some of these hacks might be, but there are plenty of them that are also pretty useful! You’ll have fun trying these out. Also, don’t forget to share this post with friends and family who are still oblivious to the many wonders of plastic wrap!

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