Myth Busted: Does Dirty Hair Really Grow Faster?

We live in a world of myths and misconceptions. However, that’s not the sad part! What’s sad is that mired in a web of lies, we’re often unable to distinguish the fibs from the facts, causing us to falsely believe things we shouldn’t.

And unfortunately, some of these myths can have a negative impact on our health! Take this crazy myth of dirty hair growing faster, for example. This myth has been doing the rounds lately, and frankly, it has left us baffled.

We were shocked to find how many women actually think it to be true! So, we took the onus upon ourselves to put this myth to rest once and for all.

What The Myth Claims

As per the myth, dirty hair is actually instrumental in helping your hair length increase at a faster rate. How? Well, the myth states that shampooing frequently can restrict hair growth as shampoos are loaded with chemicals, which can have an adverse effect on your hair strands.

They can make your locks dry, brittle, and thin – constituting unhealthy hair, which is much harder to grow. Hence, to have healthy hair growth at an accelerated rate, using the shampoo bottle infrequently when you shower is ideal. This is what the myth claims.

Why This Myth Is False

Okay, granted certain shampoos contain harsh chemicals that can impact your hair negatively. But the keyword here is certain, not all. Not every shampoo is made up of harmful ingredients that damage your roots and strands. Plenty of mild shampoos and conditioners are available in the market that get the job done just fine, without damaging your hair even a little bit!

Besides, not shampooing your hair for a long period of time can actually act as a hindrance to hair growth rather than promote it! You see, dirty hair creates the perfect environment for yeast to grow on your scalp, which can lead to infections. Moreover, bacteria can grow on your scalp as well due to the buildup of sweat, dirt and debris, your scalp’s natural oils, and dandruff.

So, in essence, when you don’t shampoo, you invite a lot of unnecessary hair trouble. This not only stops hair growth but also negatively impacts your hair health and quality in general. Ergo, instead of swearing off shampooing, try changing your haircare routine to get the desired hair length.

For instance, if not shampooing forces you to use multiple styling products to get non-greasy hair, cut back on them. Choose to wash your hair a little frequently instead, so you don’t have to suffer from the consequences of buildup. As mentioned before, hair product residue can damage your hair. It blocks your hair follicles and prevents new hair from growing out. Hair experts recommend washing your hair at least twice a week so you can have a buildup-free scalp.

Moreover, another thing you can do to accelerate hair growth and have healthy tresses is to pick the right products for your hair. This means going for mild shampoos and conditioners that impart a gentle cleansing effect to your scalp. While shampooing or conditioning your hair, ensure you use small but sufficient amounts of product so you can prevent buildup. The cleaner and healthier your scalp is, the faster your hair will grow!

What Are The Factors That Control Hair Growth?

It’s worth noting here that, the rate at which your hair grows is also dependent on your genes. On average, your hair grows one-fourth to half an inch every month. Your diet and lifestyle play an important role too in the number of inches your hair will gain over the course of time. If your diet and lifestyle choices are poor, you can expect your hair growth rate to be extremely slow. However, if you eat well and follow a healthy lifestyle, the converse is bound to happen. This conclusively proves that the rate at which your hair grows is not dependent on how dirty your scalp is, but on a combination of other factors.

So, if healthy, long locks are what you desire, ensure that you follow a diet rich in biotin, vitamins A, C, E, and iron, zinc protein, and selenium. Also, get your mane trimmed frequently, preferably every six weeks. This helps in getting rid of split ends, which act as major obstacles in the path of hair growth. Simple hacks such as using silk pillowcases instead of cotton ones can also help in keeping your tresses soft, smooth, and damage-free. Lastly, be gentle when combing your hair, always starting from the bottom up. That’s an easy way to prevent breakage.

You don’t need to forego hygiene and keep a dirty, messy scalp to have long hair. A clean scalp followed with the right haircare methods, products, and a nutritious diet can get you enviably long and gorgeous hair!

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