Wear or not wear underwear

Vaginal discharge can reach four milliliters per day. The amount of discharge may vary depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle. Therefore, to wear underwear or not in this case is a purely hygienic issue.

Almost all shorts have an additional layer of fabric – gusset. And since this part is not provided for in clothes, the discharge may leave visible spots on the clothes.

To wear or not to wear panties and a bodice, an individual decision. This is more a matter of hygiene and convenience. In the right clothes you feel confident and comfortable. And if this is your favorite lace set – so self-esteem in such underwear rises at times.

Today we dispel the myths about underwear, namely, is it possible to walk without panties and a bra on the street, in casual clothes. Is it possible to catch an infection by walking in a skirt without panties? Does bra cause breast cancer? Look for answers in our article.

It is impossible to pick up STIs (sexually transmitted infections) while sitting on a bench in a skirt without panties. Sexually transmitted infections are not in vain called.

Synthetic tissues that prevent the skin from breathing contribute to the growth of bacteria that already exist in the vagina. Do you need cystitis or thrush?

Do not wash underwear in cold water. Otherwise, you get one step closer to the spread of microorganisms on their own underpants. It is best to wash clothes at a temperature not lower than 60 degrees. For washing delicate fabrics at low temperatures, it is worth using a special antibacterial agent.

An ideal variant of fabric for panties for every day is silk. Pleasure is not cheap, and silk care should be delicate. But such underwear is comfortable to wear both in cold and in heat, and silk also absorbs moisture well. Bamboo linen is also suitable, but this fabric is often replaced with railon. This is a fabric that is so chemically treated that nothing remains of the properties of bamboo.

Let’s move on to the bras. They once suffered and were shrouded in a bunch of myths. For example, it was argued that wearing a bra has a detrimental effect on health, namely, causing breast cancer. That the rejection of the bodice contributes to the omission of the chest. However, there is no scientific confirmation of this “fact”

Other factors contribute to the omission of the breast: age, high body mass index, pregnancy, sudden weight loss. But not a bra. A tight bra can injure the skin: ribbons rub the area of ​​the shoulders, the bones rest on the armpits and leave traces. For sports, you MUST wear a sports bodice. It will prevent the appearance of chest pain and possible discomfort during sports.

What experts say

A bra is a necessary functional thing and a means of hygiene. The main objective of the bra is support. First of all, this applies to owners of large and heavy breasts. Without a bra they feel discomfort and even pain. The issue of aesthetics occupies a secondary plan, while not unimportant. A useful task of a bra is also to protect the chest due to the tight cups. This function is especially important for hormonal changes in a particular period of the month. A prerequisite during lactation and breastfeeding is to wear a bra. The main function of the bra will be comfort and convenience for women (the use of liners from leaking milk).

According to Vera, harm from wearing a bra may be due to:

  • the wrong size;
  • improper bra cup shape;
  • long-term use of a “no rest” bra for the chest and body;
  • the use of irregular forms of bras when playing sports.

All of the above options create uncomfortable and painful sensations that adversely affect a woman’s health.

A modern woman chooses the form of panties as an element of the image or as a solution to aesthetic issues, for example, if she wants to tighten her tummy. Unfortunately, women forget that underpants are an element of hygiene. It is better to sleep without panties, so that the body and skin rest from pinching gum and tesem.

I would like to dispel the myth that if you do not wear a bra, the risk of breast cancer increases, it will sag and be ugly. With the right bra, the risk of breast cancer is not and cannot be! To wear or not to wear a bra is a personal decision of every girl. But if the linen is chosen incorrectly – a very tight bodice, for example, then there can be huge consequences. This is because wearing a very tight bra can limit blood circulation and also damage the lymphatic tissue.

The main task of the bra is to support the chest and create comfort in wearing for the whole day! Panties should be worn, because without them you are exposed to dust particles that cause various infections! This is your concern for your health. Sleeping without underwear is good! Underwear can trap moisture,

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