Struggles Every Single Person Faces During Shaadi Season

Having said this, you will also come across a number of girls who don’t really look forward to their shaadi. They are okay with handling life on their own terms. And, no, they don’t really need a man to put a ring on their finger and say, “I’m there for you. Don’t worry.”

The only time when such women feel out of place is when the wedding season has kicked in, you know, the wedding of chacha ki beti or mami ka beta. With all the wedding preparations in full swing at home and all the relatives and not-so-good (but apparently close) friends filling every space in the house, you tend to feel nervous.

Well, that’s what happens to you when you have strongly opinionated elders around you. So, this one is dedicated to all those single ladies and single men who go through the real struggle during others’ wedding. We feel you!

Marriage is a big step in our lives. Our lives take a different turn altogether. Now, you become responsible for another person’s life. In fact, your life is now intertwined with your partner’s, and the word “us” takes over “me.” (You are not your own boss anymore!)

Some of us think of weddings as a time when everyone’s eyes are on us. The designer clothes, the matching dupattas, and the sparkling chudis are the talk of the town. Many girls out there have already shortlisted their wedding day look. We bet you have, too.

1. When Your Age Is The Talk Of The Town

We won’t be surprised if you end up screaming your lungs out saying, “Yes, I’m 28 years old. And no, I don’t care that I’m not married yet.” It’s all right. The elders are going to bring in all the laws of the world to make you feel like you’re running out of time. They will tell you to rush things (like get married to the next person that walks across the hallway). They are going to state the law of the society (log kya kahengey?) and the law of biology (you will cross the fertile phase of procreating). Ugh!

2. When The Aunts Play Marriage Brokers

You can go ahead and call them the rishta aunties. Their laser eyes can scan the largest of the crowds and pick out the single girls. And their sharp noses can sniff out the perfect bachelor for these single girls. It doesn’t stop there. They get into a detective mode and quickly gather all the information ranging from family history to wealth assets of the families. That’s some superpower!

3. When The Romantic Songs Make You Awkward

Just when you thought you could let loose on the dance floor and forget all the drama being caused by that fact that you aren’t married yet, something worse happens. You want to dance to a pop song and the DJ starts playing the romantic numbers. Like why, oh why?

4. When You Need To Pair Up With A Sangeet Partner

Marriages have a countless number of ceremonies and rituals, the sangeet being one of them. And even God wouldn’t be able to tell you why it is mandatory to dance with a partner in this ceremony. If you are single, chances are that you might be coupled with some random bachelor from the far relatives’ brigade. You will end up making small talk with your partner, which is pretty much of a flip to your usual “I’m the boss lady” character. Can’t we just do a solo? It’s sexy and fun!

5. The Only Thing That You Look Forward To Is A Lavish Buffet And An Open Bar

This becomes your go-to place at weddings if you’re single. Nothing is more appealing in life than some good food and a nice drink. Good food and drinks are enough to make you forget the pains of being single. But, of course, even this peaceful time can be ruined if a guy walks up to you and starts talking to you over a drink. You feel like putting on a “Not Interested” sign on your forehead, but you just let your eyes do the talking.

6. “I Wouldn’t Do This At My Wedding”

As much as you want to play the “Oh, I don’t have marriage on my mind yet” game, deep down in your heart and mind, you are assessing every minute detail of the wedding. And you start thinking about your wedding. If you would opt for a better theme, a better flower decoration, more variations in the buffet, or even a better groom. (Gotcha!)

We know this short list does no justice to the wedding torture. There are way too many mixed emotions one swims in when at someone else’s wedding. And it’s a lot more difficult if you are still single. What’s the weirdest thing you have faced? Let us know in the comments below.

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