Hypertension — causes, prevention, treatment, massage, diet.

Гипертония - причины, профилактика, лечение, массаж, диета.

In our country, according to various estimates, there are between 20 to 50% of hypertensive patients. Half of them are not aware of their disease. The second half of that “in the know”, can be divided into two parts: one part hypertensive patients — from time to time taking antihypertensive medications to lower blood pressure, the other part is regular, i.e. 1/8 of all patients.

This flippant, careless attitude to their health, causes of deaths from stroke, heart attack, coronary heart disease.

With regular increase in blood pressure (hypertension) is bleeding into the retina of the eye, affects the arteries, develops renal failure, the more viscous the blood becomes. Vessels affected by atherosclerosis, the heart of the load is heavy.

Hypertension. Reasons:

The reasons for the development of hypertension: constant stress, lack of sleep, Smoking, alcohol abuse, sedentary lifestyle, overweight, heredity (especially maternal) and more.

Most hypertensive men, and young and old. In women, hypertension often develops during menopause when declining production of sex hormones, which protect the cardiovascular system.

Hypertension. What pressure is considered normal?

Although this issue is controversial, but today, the adult normal pressure should be 120/80 mm Hg.St. and acceptable – 140/90. Anything above these parameters is considered excess baggage.

In recent times doctors particularly wary of high blood pressure, which the pressure is increased up to 159/99 mm Hg.St. They believe such a hypertension is the most insidious, because the person may feel fine and not realize that he was in danger, it may be a brain stroke.

Most often, a hypertensive crisis occurs at night or early morning when it is difficult to take emergency measures. If healthy people during sleep pressure decreases, hypertension, it on the contrary increases.

It is very important to monitor your blood pressure! Buy tonometer to measure the pressure, especially in adverse days (for meteorology), in which hypertensive patients are particularly sensitive.

Do not self-medicate, see your doctor regularly and constantly take antihypertensive drugs if the pressure rises above 140/90.

Hypertension. Prevention of hypertension:

1. Keep track of your weight. Will help to reduce weight reasonable physical exercise, low calorie diet.

2. Not desalinate food. Salt retains fluid in the body and increases vascular tone. Eat more fruits, vegetables, cereals, meat, fish, cheese and milk – they are very few salt. Exclude smoked sausage.

3. Limit alcoholic beverages. High blood pressure in a week 60 ml of spirits and 200 g of dry wine.

4. Coffee and strong tea to limit to 1 Cup per day or to give up entirely. Drink green tea.

5. Less nervous, more happy life not to lose.

Hypertension in the elderly: Hypertension in elderly people destroys the bone — to such conclusion came British doctors. For 3 years conducted research that allowed us to establish a link between high blood pressure and osteoporosis. The group of women (average age 73 years) were regularly examined her hip.

The results showed that in women with normal blood pressure age-related decline in bone density occurred at a rate of 0.34% per year, and pressurized to 0.60%.

“Responsible” for this process sodium, which stimulates the removal of calcium from the body, and the calcium makes the bones less brittle and brittle.

Therefore, elderly people are advised to eat less salt in order to not only reduce pressure, but also to make stronger bones.

Try to eat a whole week without adding salt to food, and your blood pressure after 7 days will be 120/80. But you need to use only natural products. To exclude products, canned food, sausage, salted fish, as they contain a lot of salt. After a week, add a little salt to food, but not more than half a teaspoon per day. Note that in 3-4 pieces of bread contains daily intake of salt in 100 g of sausage.

Hypertension. Massage for hypertension:

1. You can do self-massage of the head, neck, thorax and abdomen, ways of stroking, rubbing and kneading.

2. Head massage are doing all over the hairy part upward with fingertips, 3 times.

3. Then massaged the frontal and temporal region.

4. Good results gives the massage “the neck” area. Massage the head, neck, shoulder girdle area, then shoulder and chest.

Massage is best done in the morning, just woke up, getting out of bed, turning on her side and curving to a better work out the back in the blades.

Duration of procedure – 10-15 minutes.

Hypertension. Hypertension diet:

Under hypertonic diet fractional power completely eliminates the feeling of hunger. On hypertension diet it is recommended to sit 1 day in 10 to 15 days.

7.45 – take 20 drops of tincture of garlic (how to cook are described below), and drink a half glass of infusion of fruits of mountain ash. Infusion: 1 tablespoon of Rowan berries pour 1 Cup boiling water and insist to cool, then strain.

8.00 – drink 1 Cup of decoction of rose hips. For this 20g of whole rose hips pour 1 Cup boiling water, boil on low heat in a sealed container for 10 minutes, then infused for 1 day, strain. You can add honey or jam to taste.

10.00 am – drink 1 Cup of decoction of hawthorn fruit. It is prepared in the same way as broth hips.

11.45 – take 20 drops of tincture of garlic and chase it with juice of red beet — 0.3 cups.

12.00 PM – vegetarian soup — 0,25 — 0,5 l. They are prepared without salt. The composition of the soup: peas – 50g carrots, cabbage, beets, onions and garlic – all of 40g. Boil 2-4 cups of water on low heat.

14.00 – drink 1 Cup of broth from the hips, adding 20 drops of garlic tincture.

16.00 – drink 1 glass of carrot juice with 1 teaspoon of garlic juice.

18.00 – vegetarian soup, the above – 0,25-0,5 L.

20.00 – drink 0.5 cups of carrot juice by dissolving it in the juice of garlic — 1 teaspoon.

22.00 – drink 1 glass of compote made of dried fruit (raisins, apricots, figs), adding 20 drops of tincture of garlic.

Garlic tincture with vodka: 1 srednetagelami garlic is crushed, selivestrova inactivatable in the dark place for 14 days. Periodically, you need to shake. Then defend the 1 day and then gently filtered through layered cheesecloth. Keep prohladno dark place.

Hypertension. Treatment of folk remedies. Herbs for hypertension:

For the prevention and treatment of hypertension, especially in the initial stage, need to spend more time outdoors, to learn not to get upset over nothing and ask for help to the medicinal herbs and folk remedies.

Marsh cudweed from hypertension. Traditional healers called sushenitsu — “toad herb”. Unaesthetic is the name of this herb was because since ancient times it is used as a treatment for angina (angina pectoris). Infusion of cudweed and tea of it has an impact on the strength and frequency of heart rate, normalization of oxygen exchange, dilates blood vessels, has anti-hypertensive properties. Cudweed contains vitamins a (in large quantities), C, b group; minerals: copper, iron, manganese, aluminum; essential oils and resins.

Warning: cottonweed is contraindicated in hypotension (low blood pressure) and thrombophlebitis.

When hypertension is recommended to take an infusion of marsh cudweed in combination with foot baths. Preparation of infusion for oral administration: 1 tablespoon brew 1 Cup of boiling water, to insist in a sealed container for 30-40 minutes and strain. Drink 3 times a day with 150 ml. the foot bath: 150 g of grass cudweed pour 3 liters of boiling water, to insist in a sealed container for 30 minutes. Allow to cool to a temperature of 37 degrees, feet immersed in the infusion to lower third of the leg for 10-15 minutes.

Motherwort ordinary hypertension. This herb grows in wastelands, and therefore got this name. Traditional healers have for centuries treated with motherwort heart ailments. Doctors recommend motherwort as a sedative and cardiotonic. Infusion of motherwort calms the Central nervous system, increases strength and slows the heart rate, lowers blood pressure.

Warning: motherwort is contraindicated in hypotension and bradycardia.

Preparation of infusion of herbs Leonurus: 1 tablespoon brew 1 Cup of boiling water, to insist in a sealed container 30-40 minutes, drain. To drink before eating half a Cup 3 times a day.

Very effective infusion of a mixture of herbs: motherwort, cottonweed, hawthorn flowers, taken in equal amounts. The method of preparation and administration of infusion the same.

Vegetable and fruit juices for hypertension. For greater efficiency of infusions of herbs is recommended to drink them along with the juices from vegetables and fruits 30 minutes before a meal. Give preference to the juices, has a diuretic effect: grape, carrot, peach, cucumber, and pumpkin.

Beet juice hypertension. A special place in your diet, take beet juice. Beet juice promotes vasodilation, thereby removing the risk of hypertension, normalizes sleep.

Make the beet juice half a Cup (not more) a day, mixing it with carrot juice in the ratio of 1:4, better in the evening. If you have hyposecretion of gastric juice, you should dilute the juice with water in proportion 1:10.

Green tea for hypertension. Refrain entirely from black tea and go to green tea, which is very useful for hypertension. Green tea, especially at the initial stage of hypertension, well-lowers blood pressure, improves elasticity of blood vessels, stimulates blood formation, reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, quenches thirst, diuretic. Drinking green tea is recommended 2-3 times a day for 1-2 cups.