What causes low pulse and what to do in the home to immediately to improve?

сердце и пульс

The problem of low pulse, very few people perceived as the problem. It is easy to explain, because a healthy person doesn’t feel their own pulse and does not feel discomfort from heart rate (HR).

But it happens that in the background of the decreased heart rate occur associated symptoms, apparently talking about the hemodynamic (blood circulation). In some patients this is accompanied by the feeling of “heart failure” and unaccountable fear, so ignore such circumstances is impossible.

Talking about a low heartbeat at rest?

измерение пульсаMeasurement of heart rate, and blood pressure (BP) is recommended in the rest. This is the state when the external influences on the body is minimal, therefore the measured parameters are considered to be the most informative. What does a low resting pulse?

The situation when the pulse is low, in the language of medical professionals is called bradycardia. Its presence is to say, if the heart rate reaches 60 beats per minute. But under certain rare conditions the pulse may be a normal variant, even if it deviates from it by 15 beats per minute.

Reasons for weak heartbeat

Before to do something to strengthen a weak heartbeat, you need to ensure the appropriateness and safety take action. And this lead to causes of low pulse rate, which are physiological and pathological.

The older man

Natural aging of the heart muscle – the myocardium – is frequently the main or only cause of low heart rate in an older person. The sinus node of the heart (the main driver of the heart rhythm) less intensively generates the impulses necessary for rhythmic contraction and relaxation of Atria and ventricles. That’s why low heart rate in an older person in most cases is a natural, or physiological symptom that does not require special treatment.

But if the bradycardia is accompanied by clear signs of impaired circulation – dizziness, confusion, impaired respiratory function, etc., and heartbeat is very low, what to do in this case? To prevent such catastrophic consequences of a low heart rate, such as sudden cardiac arrest, doctors suggest many older patients in two ways:

  • conservative therapy medicines;
  • in severe cases, surgical treatment in the setting of an artificial pacemaker, pacemaker (EX).

The indication for the installation of AIX in the elderly is not only a low heart rate, but progressive dysfunction of the cardiovascular system.

Why athletes?

спортсмены If the aging heart are clear, then why the low heart rate observed in athletes, because their heart needs more oxygen?

In fact it is the high requirement of a myocardium in oxygen in athletes leads to a gradual morphological changes of the heart muscle – it grows and cover it with an extended network of blood vessels.

Due to the increase of the myocardium increasing cardiac output, the heart begins to work more slowly, but much better than in untrained people.

Therefore, at rest, many athletes a heart rate less than 40 beats per minute. However, when driving, during training and competition heart rate reflex accelerated. Such a useful exercise, as running at a low pulse representing the difficulty for fans, for athletes is not a problem.


A variety of causes of low heart rate in women. In addition to the cardiovascular pathologies that can be:

  • panic attacks, neuroses, often creating a situation known to physicians under the name “Tahi-Bradi”;
  • hormonal changes during pregnancy, after childbirth, during menopause;
  • various organic and systemic diseases in women, including endocrine (diabetes, hypothyroidism);
  • acute and chronic (associated with occupation) poisoning.

Many women at low risk pulse “treated” antiarrhythmic funds, which are mostly contraindicated in bradycardia.

None of the drugs reduced heart rate without prior approval from a doctor drinking is not recommended. This can lead to the development of severe forms of arrhythmia, heart failure and other undesirable consequences.

места определения пульса


The list of causes of low heart rate in men also has impressive size, covering physiological, and pathological factors. For men engaged in heavy physical labor, actually the same explanation of bradycardia, and for athletes. In contrast people with poor exercise and sedentary lifestyle can have serious violations:

  • conductivity of the heart;
  • the weakness of the sinus node;
  • increased activity of the vagus nerve (vagotonia), and other reasons forcing the heart to work at half capacity.

Reason for the sharp decrease of the pulse (and usually AD) in men can be a even a tightly knotted tie.

To clarify the causes of low pulse rate, especially if it creates a situation dangerous to life and health men – dizziness, blackouts, severe weakness, etc. – should consult a doctor and be examined.

The child

Low heart rate in a child – a phenomenon rather exceptional than common, and it can stand:

  • congenital disorders of cardiac activity;
  • a serious infectious disease;
  • electrolyte disorders;
  • excessively fast growth of the body – especially for teenagers.

When determining heart rate in a child should be remember that the rate for this age group differs significantly from adult. Low heart rate for newborns is considered a heart rate less than 120 beats per minute preschoolers – less than 100 in adolescents is less than 70.

At normal pressure

тонометр с нормальным давлениемSignificant deviations of the pulse from the norm at normal pressure is usually said about the physiological bradycardia that occurs in physically active men at rest, for example, a night’s sleep.

Morning workout and a hearty Breakfast, as a rule, it is enough to bring the heart rate back to normal. But if a low heart rate are pathological causes, the first thing to do is to go to the doctor.

With high blood pressure

Against the background of high blood pressure (BP), low pulse is quite difficult to solve the problem for the doctor. Causes of low heart rate in hypertension is most often be hypotensive (pressure reducing) medication, an additional effect which is slowing the heart rate. But it can be not only medical, but also organic the causes of the development of this syndrome from sick sinus to endocrine diseases. Figure it can only after a thorough diagnosis

Low blood pressure

What to do if a low pulse and low blood pressure, — you should also ask the doctor about it. This is a classic clinical picture of hypotension and bradycardia. Therefore, treatment usually includes medications containing caffeine and other substances that contribute to the activation of the sympathetic nervous system. These funds can be used for rapid removal of the attack and longterm therapy.

55 u./min — good or bad?

How to treat such heart rate, 55 beats per minute, normal or bad? We have already mentioned that trained people low heart rate at rest is a normal variant. For this group of 55 beats per minute is a normal heart rate outside of exercise. If the heartbeat does not respond well to physical activity (heart rate almost not accelerating), you should look for the cause of the low heart rate in a medical facility.

How dangerous is a rare cardiac contraction?

About what the dangerous low pulse, says its list of pathological causes and possible consequences for the heart and other organs. Here is a partial list of the dangerous conditions, manifested by low pulse:

  • heavy organic, endocrine or infectious disease;
  • the weakness of the sinus node;
  • blockade of conductive nodes of the heart;
  • inflammation of the heart muscle and surrounding shells (e.g., pericardium).

Not to mention how dangerous symptoms associated with impaired blood supply to the brain — dizziness, loss of consciousness and impaired respiratory function that occur with a low pulse.

What to do at 50 beats per minute?

пульс Detection of low heart rate is not always about the presence of pathology. To suspect danger allow the symptoms listed above and speaking about the blood circulation. What if at a heart rate of 50 beats per minute the person feels weakness, absent-mindedness, the desire to relax?

And in fact, should rest in a horizontal position without a pillow with raised above the head level of the feet. Then coffee, and even better – dense snack. The reason for calling an ambulance should be too low heart rate (below 40 beats) and the unconscious state of a person.

How to improve urgently?

If the heart rate fell below a critical level (40 beats/min), should be immediately call the doctor. Urgently to do something for the relief of the human condition at home is possible all the same way:

  • laying in a horizontal position;
  • the elevation of the legs above the level of the head;
  • or sitting on a chair with a tilt of the head to the knees.

In addition, you should undo any tight fasteners on clothing, especially in the neck area, where even a tight collar or a scarf could cause effects on the vagus nerve. These measures when a low pulse is rapid but brief, so the question of further treatment should be addressed with your doctor.

Does it require treatment?

The question is, does low heart rate treatment should also be considered from the position of hemodynamic significance of symptoms. Simply put – if low pulse obvious signs of impaired circulation:

  • dizziness;
  • mental confusion or frequent loss of consciousness;
  • chronic fatigue, weakness;
  • shortness of breath.
Sometimes a low pulse can join another dangerous symptom is pain or heaviness in the chest. This may be a sign of cardiac (heart) causes the condition and no doubt requires a visit to the doctor.

How to treat at home?

прием врача кардиологаFind out what else you can do at home to stabilize the heart rate. Home treatments also need to be arranged with a specialist.

You never know what methods you personally is contraindicated, then instead of getting rid of the problem of low pulse to dangerous complications and new diagnoses. Just making sure that the process is under control, you can use the pharmacy medicines or folk remedies, approved by a physician.

But the treatment at home, most likely, will begin with a global change in lifestyle. After all, the root cause of low pulse, the doctors see the wrong diet, lack of exercise, rare exposure to fresh air, inadequate sleep, and unhealthy habits. All this will have to be adjusted in accordance with medical recommendations, or to start treatment does not make sense.

What are you taking?

The safest that can be taken when a low pulse – all sorts of decoctions of medicinal plants with the ability to accelerate the heart rate. These include Helichrysum, yarrow, Thistle, Chinese Magnolia vine, leuzea. Herbs intended for continuous treatment for 10 or more days. For a quick effect at low pulse can you take pharmacy alcohol tinctures that should be added to the tea 10 drops or to drink separately 10-15 drops to the reception, holding the medicine in his mouth. Have drops have contraindications, for example arterial hypertension, therefore, during their reception it is necessary to control HELL.

What drugs to drink?

In consultation with your doctor, be sure to know what drugs you can drink with a low pulse. Without a doctor’s prescription to take any medications that increase the pulse rate, it is dangerous, because if used improperly they can trigger the development of arrhythmias or heart failure.

Do not forget that drugs with a low heart rate should vary depending on the underlying pathology – hypertension is will alpha-blockers, or ACE inhibitors, hypotension – holinoblokatory, analogues of adrenaline and other drugs prescribed by your doctor.


  1. A low resting pulse may indicate opposite States of health, from high the body fitness to sick sinus and heart and other organic problems.
  2. Causes of weak heartbeats are age-related changes in the heart muscle, physically active lifestyle, infections and diseases of the internal organs, psikhonevrologicheskii state.
  3. Selection of the correct treatment depends on causes of low heart rate, so they should be installed by a thorough diagnosis.