Is there a cure for tachycardia: treatment principles and effective drugs, medications, tablets for the heart


A process such as the treatment of tachycardia, is caused by a number of influencing factors. Before to prescribe certain pills tachycardia or assign it to another type of treatment, the doctor needs to determine the causes of pathology, and the nature of its manifestations and degree of severity of the disease.

There are many tools that can help to cope with the disease, but they can be taken only as directed by your doctor.

Called tachycardia abnormal heart rhythm in which the number of contractions of the myocardium becomes more than 90 per minute. On the basis of compelling reasons, the arrhythmia may be:

  • physiological;
  • pathological.

сердечный ритм

In the first case of heart rhythm disorders are periodic, associated with external influences on the body: physical or emotional stress, stress, sexual arousal, use of alcohol, coffee, medicines. A distinctive feature is the restoration of normal heart function in the elimination of physiological effects.

The pathological nature of the disease is characterized by prolonged or constant the aforesaid violation, not dependent on any external factors. As a rule, it is not about the specific disease, but the consequence of other cardiac diseases (pericarditis, myocarditis, endocarditis, coronary disease, etc.). Perhaps the appearance of such arrhythmias as a result of severe shock (anaphylactic, traumatic, cardiogenic, and others), intoxication or infection.

Treatment of tachycardia caused by abnormal factors, aimed at addressing the underlying disease.

Depending on the focus of irregular rhythm arrhythmia happens:

  • sinus (center of excitation is located in the sinus node);
  • paroxysmal (increased contraction of the Atria and the ventricles formed from ectopic centers).

The symptoms in both cases are similar in many ways:

  • rapid heart rate;
  • bouts of breathlessness even in a resting state;
  • the feeling of lack of air, the pressure in the region of the heart;
  • dizziness, fainting;
  • increased nervous excitability;
  • sweating.

If the occurrence and frequency of such symptoms violates the health and wellbeing of the person should consult a cardiologist. It is not necessary to self-medicate only a doctor knows how to treat tachycardia.

тахикардия сердца

Basic principles of treatment

If diagnosed with tachycardia, what to do? There is a lot of information about how to treat tachycardia of the heart. The basic principles that make up the treatment of tachycardia, may be summarised as follows:

  1. The elimination of external influences, sets the wrong rhythm.
  2. Medication.
  3. Surgery.

The elimination of external influences, sets the wrong rhythm

In the case of physiological arrhythmia that completely normalizes the heart without any other treatments. Excludes consumption of alcoholic and caffeinated beverages, fatty, spicy, smoked food. Physical activity is minimized and creates a favorable emotional background.


таблетки While doctor prescribed medications tachycardia with the features of pathology identified in the diagnostic process. So, if the arrhythmia is a consequence of neurogenic causes, shows a sedative of tachycardia and tranquilizers.

In many cases, to normalize the cardiac rhythm is used a cure tachycardia as Lidocaine. The drug is effective for the treatment of pathological (ventricular) arrhythmia, characterized by rapid action and low toxicity. It is administered intravenously and used as a standalone tool and in conjunction with other drugs.

Sinus kind of arrhythmia caused by hyperthyroidism, and requires treatment with thyreostatics drugs, and beta-blockers. If the latter is contraindicated, assigned calcium antagonists dehydropiperidino series.

If sinus arrhythmia is caused by heart failure, along with beta-blocker treatment involves the use of cardiac glycosides – pills tachycardia and palpitations.

In paroxysmal arrhythmias help special tests, reflex decreasing the heart rate (the sample, Danini-Aschner, respiratory reflex and others).

Paroxysmal ventricular tachycardia arrhythmic in need of intensive treatment in hospital.

Medical treatment of tachycardia in most cases very effective, however, in case of serious violations that threaten human life, it is not enough.


радиочастотная абляцияThis treatment is used when the patient’s condition is deteriorating and to help him in other ways.

Radio frequency ablation surgery introduction endovascular catheter, conducting high frequency currents. Electrical impulses to set the correct heart rhythm. The method used for the treatment of supraventricular arrhythmias, of atrial flutter.

A pacemaker is a special machine that supports the normal frequency of contractions of the myocardium. Fixed subcutaneously and causes the heart by means of electrodes.

What are you taking?

The conduct heart surgery is an extreme measure, and yet is there a cure for tachycardia? Is tachycardia treatment with effective drugs and which ones?


Treatment of tachycardia often involves the appointment of sedatives, such as Diazepam, Phenobarbital, Relanium. Of drugs of plant origin can be called Persen, Novo-Passit, hawthorn tincture, motherwort extract, Valerian.

Arrhythmia occurs due to improper stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system. Treatment sedation is a sedative, relaxing effect on neurosystem reducing the number of arrhythmic contractions.

The list of effective beta-blockers

Beta-blockers include a list of drugs prescribed for tachycardia.

These medications regulate the effects of adrenaline and noradrenaline. They can be selective (cardioselective) or non-selective. In the first case, the action of the drug is aimed directly at the heart muscle, where the highest concentration of beta-1 receptors. Such tools include:
таблетки Конкор

  • bisoprolol (Concor, Coronal,Bicolor);
  • metoprolol (Betalok, Logimax, Vasocardin);
  • atenolol (Prenorm, Tenolol);
  • nebivolol (Nebilet, Linalol).

Nonselective beta-blockers are equally active against beta-1 and beta-2 receptors. This subgroup includes:

  • propranolol (Noloten, Propain, Inderal);
  • timolol (Arutimol, Ocumed);
  • oksprenolol (Karatal, Trasicor);
  • nadolol (Corgard).

Preparations on the basis of propranol and bisoprolol of those than to take tachycardia can be most effective.

Calcium antagonists

Abnormal heart rhythm often associated with an excess of calcium ions in myocardial cells, causing the increase of internal pressure and overload the heart muscle. To maintain normal amounts of calcium and block their surplus outside the cell and used drugs – calcium antagonists. Most assign these drugs with tachycardia on the basis of verapamil: Isoptin, Isoptin SR 240, Phenoptin, Lekoptin, Verapamil itself.

Blockers of sodium channels

These medications slow down the metabolism via the sodium channels of the heart muscle, stabilizing the frequency of contractions of the myocardium. For the treatment of tachycardia of the heart is used drugs such as Quinidine, Procainamide.

Thyreostatics drugs

таблетки ТирозолFor tachycardia what to take if diagnosed also increased production of thyroid hormones, which puts further stress on the myocardium?

Treatment of tachycardia in this case includes the reception of thyreostatics drugs that enable to regulate the amount produced of hormones, reduce stress and reduce heart rate. Examples include Tyrosol, Propitsil, Merkazolil.

Features of therapy for different blood pressure

In unstable blood pressure the question of how to treat tachycardia of the heart, is of fundamental importance.

When normal blood pressure

Treatment of tachycardia of the heart at normal pressure aimed at relieving symptoms of the attack, and the adoption of measures to eliminate the causes of pathologies identified in the diagnosis. First of all, eliminated all possible external factors that have a pathological effect:

  • normalized and quality of food;
  • excluded physical exertion, stressful condition;
  • eliminates irritability, nervousness.

That you can drink with tachycardia and normal pressure, should be called the sedative medication calms the nervous system. If the symptoms persist, then the cardiologist will prescribe another drug for tachycardia at normal pressure from the line of calcium channel blockers or beta-blockers. This should be made only in dosage specified by the doctor.

In case of hypotension

If suddenly there are signs of tachycardia with existing low pressure, it is necessary to take urgent measures to prevent more serious pathologies. Treatment of tachycardia when it is combined with alignment normal blood pressure.

  1. The person needs to provide full rest in the lying position, lifting legs with a roller, or in a sitting position, his head bowed.
  2. To give sedatives: tincture of Leonurus, Novo-passit, etc.
  3. After a complete diagnosis by a cardiologist prescribes additional medication: beta-blockers (inhibits the production of stress hormones), glycosides (for heart failure).
Antiarrhythmic drugs for hypotension is denied because of the decrease in the number of contractions of the myocardium lower blood pressure. Cure tachycardia of the heart is determined based on the presence or absence of individual intolerance of the drug components.

In hypertension

тонометр The narrowing of blood vessels due to any disease or physiological reasons, leads to higher blood pressure. This pathology can also be triggered by strengthening or acceleration of heart emissions.

If the arrhythmia is observed on the background of already existing abnormalities of AD, the causes of such disorders will help to establish accurate diagnosis.

How to cure tachycardia with concomitant violation? Here it is necessary comprehensive treatment of tachycardia. It includes General recommendations on nutrition and lifestyle, the use of national ways of dealing with the disease, the medication of tachycardia and palpitations, the list of which is very impressive. The last one presents sedative (Persen, Relanium), antiarrhythmic (egilok, Propranolol) medication, and beta-blockers selective and non-selective type (Nebilet). Also, the readings can be assigned thyreostatics and cardiac glycosides.

With high blood pressure treatment tachycardia is carried out using national resources that are beneficial to the condition of the vessel. This infusion based on hawthorn, dog rose, chokeberry.

In severe cases (coronary artery disease, congenital heart disease) the treatment of tachycardia is reduced to the resumption of a proper heart rate with surgical intervention.

What means the most effective and safe?

It happens that during a sudden attack of tachycardia a person does not know how to help themselves and, most importantly, not to aggravate the situation. What are pills of tachycardia and palpitations are the safest? These can be called almost all sedatives natural ingredients. Treatment their beneficial effects on the nervous system, relieves tension and restores heart rate in a natural way. Is a medicine on the basis of motherwort, Valerian or Novo-passit.

Be aware that some medications can raise or lower blood pressure that is not always safe for those who already have a problem with that. Treatment of tachycardia greater impact is assigned only on the instructions of the doctor.

How to treat at home?

The question of how to treat tachycardia of the heart in the home, should be negotiated with your doctor.


You should only take those drugs that are included in the course of treatment prescribed by the physician, at the dosage and with the frequency specified by him. It is impossible to independently change money, change the order of appointment or dose, as in this case, perhaps a sharp deterioration of the General condition.

Vitamins for the heart

таблетки для сердцаGood therapeutic and preventive action have special vitamin-mineral complexes for the recovery of the cardiovascular system.

Vitamins for the heart with tachycardia must have in your list of units the group B and C, A, E.

Folk remedies, herbs

Receiving medical tinctures popular recipes able to remove tachycardia and to normalize blood pressure with regular and prolonged use. Herbs for tachycardia, which can really help submitted to peppermint leaf, chamomile, lemongrass, raspberry leaves, motherwort, nettles (dried) and others. Treatment of tachycardia folk remedies in the home is most effective with other therapies.

First aid

It is very important to be able to block the sudden attack tachycardia when quickly giving the man first aid, since under certain circumstances it may save his life.

How to quickly remove the attack?

As the attack manifested suddenly, the measures for its relief should be made as soon as possible to protect vulnerable parts of the heart from overload due to frequent contractions of the myocardium.

  1. The patient takes a deep breath, holds the breath for a few seconds and slowly exhales. Steps to repeat 5 minutes.
  2. The massage pressure of the fingers on the eyeballs for 10 seconds. Repeat for 2-3 minutes.
  3. Moisten the face or the whole head with cold water.
  4. That you can drink with tachycardia, suitable Valerian tincture or Valokordin.

The first three points of treatment are the answers to the question about how without drugs to remove the tach.

If the treatment of tachycardia did not show positive dynamics, call for an ambulance.

This first aid for tachycardia at home or at work can restore normal heart rate and calm the nerves.

What can you do?

массаж каротидного синусаStimulation of the carotid sinus (upper neck area on the leading edge grudinoklyuchichnosostsevidnoy muscles) helps to reduce the number of emissions of the myocardium.

All of the above actions first aid can help in how to cure tachycardia in the home if it is a primary disorder due to physiological causes.

Without medications to calm the heartbeat?

How to get rid of the tachycardia, will help vagal sample, there are certain physical techniques that affect the vagus nerve reflex due to other organs. Examples are:

  • the sample Aschner (pressure on eyeballs);
  • reflex “diving” dogs (lower face in ice water);
  • the sample of Valsalva (forced exhalation with closed mouth and nose);
  • carotid sinus massage.

Holding such treatment reduces the frequency of contractions of the myocardium. That you can take with tachycardia as a first aid drug-free, suitable for herbal teas fees, soothing and normalizing heart rate.

Is it possible to cure permanently and how?

Many of those who are faced with the unpleasant symptoms of this arrhythmia, wondered about how to cure tachycardia forever. If pathology is due to external causes, it is sufficient simply to eliminate and palpitations can not remember. Of course it works, if a person leads an active lifestyle, eat right and watch their weight. In the case where arrhythmia is a manifestation of a more serious disease, you must eliminate the reasons for it (medical or surgical treatment). Then the pathology will disappear too.


  1. Treatment of tachycardia is a comprehensive method that includes steps for appointment of cardiologist and measures that people can help themselves.
  2. If the arrhythmia appears periodically in connection with the physiological causes, the treatment is limited to conducting vagal samples and taking sedatives.
  3. In the case of constant irregular heart rate tachycardia treatment is performed with the help of drug therapy and in extreme cases surgery.
  4. Treatment of tachycardia should not be delayed, if the disease progresses and disrupts the normal way of life.