Hurts: causes and what to do at home

Heart belongs to the list of vital organs, the violation of which very seriously affects the well-being of a man, and in some cases leads to serious complications and death. Most often, cardiac disease accompanied by a characteristic pain in the chest. When it appears, you should immediately go to the hospital to receive emergency care.

In other cases, non-intensive aching pain in the region of the heart can disturb the person for a long time without noticeable deterioration. This pain syndrome usually does not carry the threat of life and with it you can handle yourself at home. However, frequent repetition is necessary to consult a cardiologist.

Types of heart pain

According to the mechanism of occurrence of pain in the heart, it can be divided into two characteristic types:

  • Anginal (ischemic) pain. In this case, the symptoms develop when narrowing or complete overlap of the blood flow in one of the arteries that supply blood to the heart muscle. Under this condition develops angina and then myocardial infarction. Such pains are very dangerous to humans and have a poor prognostic outcome. To self-medicate with them categorically prohibited, as it is fraught with the most dangerous complications.
  • Cardialgia. This kind of pain occurs in all other cases which do not fall under ischemic disorders. Cardialgia can be inflammatory, nervous, or rheumatic character origin. If a person knows their diagnosis and suffering from this pain for some time, it can use for the relief of different valid methods.

Clinic angina pain

To learn to differentiate Arioso pain from cardiac, you need to know their symptoms.

The appearance angioni pain:

  1. Generally, the onset of pain syndrome associated with his own on the eve of the emotional shock, or done heavy physical work.
  2. Patients characterize such pain, in most cases, as pressing or squeezing.
  3. Pain that occurs behind the breastbone that spreads to the left shoulder, shoulder blade or upper limb.
  4. The symptoms disappear or are reduced after taking nitroglycerin tablets under the tongue.

In addition to the above symptoms, an attack of anginal pain may be accompanied by severe General weakness, dizziness, sweating and even loss of consciousness. As already mentioned, these can be symptoms of unstable angina or myocardial infarction. Therefore, when a similar clinical picture it is necessary to immediately go to the hospital.

Symptoms of cardialgia

This type of pain in the region of the heart is characterized by such features:

  • Pain aching or pricking character.
  • Occurs gradually and usually last a long time without significant deterioration.
  • Most often, pain localized left of sternum in the projection of the heart and do not spread to other parts of the body.
  • The pain is not removed after administration of nitroglycerin, but the patient’s condition can significantly improve against the use of painkillers.

If the patient concerned about these symptoms, and such clinical picture is not manifested for the first time, you can try to stop the seizure.

Causes of cardialgia

If the only cause of angina pain is acute ischemic heart disease that may manifest as angina or myocardial infarction, causes of cardialgia much more. In some cases, the etiological factor affects the choice of treatment, so you need to know what caused pain in the heart area.

Often it can be the following pathological States:

Residecny causes of pain behind the breastbone

Besides heart disease, there is a long list of pathological conditions of other organs, provoking pain behind the breastbone.

And if at the time of primary diagnosis not revealed the pathology of the heart, the patient must exclude the following diseases:

What to do at home if hurts

It is important

Treatment of pain in the heart area in the home is permissible only in those cases when a person knows their diagnosis, they experienced similar clinical signs and received expert professional advice. Otherwise, self-medication can have bad consequences.

First aid for aching pain in the heart

If the patient experiences pain syndrome in the chest, which is accompanied by characteristic compressive pain extending into the arm, shoulder or shoulder blade, you need to:

  • To provide access of fresh air. Ideally, if patients have someone who can open the window. Definitely need to unbutton the collar of his shirt or remove the scarf as it causes a reflex contraction of the bronchi, which only exacerbates the symptoms of shortness of breath.
  • Take ortopnoe position – half upright with a raised head end of the body. In this position decreases the pressure of the inside of the abdominal organs on the diaphragm, and also slightly decreases the flow of blood to the heart from the lower half of the body. This significantly reduces the load on the heart muscle.
  • If there is taken sublingually one tablet of nitroglycerin, which promotes the expansion of coronary vessels feeding the heart muscle.
  • To dial 03 and wait for the arrival of the ambulance.

It must be remembered that a similar attack can be a symptom of acute myocardial infarction, which often requires urgent surgical intervention. Therefore, timely hospitalization to the cardiology hospital for examination is very important. If the patient suffers from recurrent episodes of angina, he needs to relieve the pain a nitroglycerin tablet and contact your cardiologist for correction of ongoing treatment regimens.

Treatment of cardialgia in the home

The most common cause punginskoe pain in the heart is a neurosis.

When the symptoms occur in response to any negative emotions or psychogenic factors, first aid for this condition should be the following:

  • Self-control. First and foremost, you need to try to “pull myself together” and calm down. Often just this is enough to overcome the heartache.
  • Access to fresh air. As with angina pain, which in this case is extremely important to get a breath of fresh air and to release the neck of the garment.
  • Take a comfortable body position. A sharp pain in the heart that may cause fainting. To prevent this, you need to sit or lie down in a comfortable position.
  • Reflexology. It is necessary to compress the nail phalanx of the left little finger until the appearance of a sharp pain, then slowly release your finger. This procedure is desirable to repeat several times. Pain impulses coming from the fingers can block the signal coming into the Central nervous system from the heart, resulting in decreases or disappears pain.
  • Mustard plasters on the chest and hot foot bath is also a good means of acupuncture in neurotic pain in the heart.

If the above procedures do not help to eliminate the pain in the heart at home and need to take drugs – Barboval, Corvalol, Corvalment and other.

In the absence of positive effect of taking these medicines can be consumed under the tongue the same tablet of nitroglycerine or take an anesthetic drug of the type Dipyrone, Diclofenac and the like.

If within 15-20 minutes the pain syndrome is not relieved or it is repeated with high frequency, it is necessary to consult a cardiologist, who will choose the most suitable treatment plan.

Dangerous symptoms that need to go to the doctor

If the patient bother moderate pain in the heart, which can be easily removed by the above procedures, he needs to consult a doctor in case of:

  • the increase in body temperature;
  • disruption of the heart or irregular of his cuts determined by the pulse at the wrist;
  • fatigue of the person;
  • paleness or lividity of the skin;
  • blue in the face, nasolabial triangle;
  • shortness of breath.

All these symptoms can be signs of rheumatic, inflammatory or degenerative diseases of the heart, which, although not bear the acute threats to human life, but can lead to very serious consequences.

Prevention of pain in the heart

Treatment of heart pain can be much more successful if proper prevention of this pathological condition. In such cases, the pain syndrome can occur much less frequently manifest less intensity and much better to treat.

Basic principles of prevention of pain in the heart:

  1. Physical activity. Like any muscle in the body, the heart needs constant training. If you engage in regular moderate physical exercises that focus primarily on endurance training, the result will be the improvement of cardiac function. Physical overload, which lend themselves to professional athletes, have nothing to do with the right training.
  2. Maintaining maximum privacy. Stress is the main causal factor of pain in the heart, so you must try to avoid. If auto-trainings, breathing exercises and meditation have no effect, you can take the help of a professional psychologist or regularly repeated reception of sedative drugs. In this case better to give preference to drugs of vegetable origin.
  3. Balanced diet. For the smooth functioning of the heart it is extremely important to the human diet was foods rich in potassium. To them, first and foremost, include grapefruits, nuts and seafood. You need to avoid fatty and salty foods.
  4. Getting rid of bad habits. Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages is one of the most serious factors causing the disruption of the heart. Adherence to all other preventative measures when Smoking or alcohol abuse may simply be useless.

If you lead a healthy life, time to undergo routine examinations by a physician and cardiologist, and conditions like pain in the heart, you can not even know.

On the treatment of pain in the heart of the popular methods you can see in the video:

Olga Chumachenko, doctor, medical commentator