Is it normal if the heart rate is 55 beats per minute is good or bad for women and men, and what to do for lifting?

сердце и пульс

If a person feels the need to measure your heart rate, it almost always says that the heartbeat causes him some discomfort. It happens when an arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythm), tachycardia (rapid heartbeat) and bradycardia (slow heart rate).

Pronounced manifestation of these conditions is usually accompanied by extremely unpleasant symptoms – panic, feeling of “fading” of the heart or feeling that it’s about “POPs”. Try to understand what sensations one experiences at a heart rate of 55 beats per minute.

What does such palpitation at rest?

For the average person, the normal heart rate at rest ranges from 60 to 90 beats per minute. Deviation of the heart rate to below 59 strokes is called bradycardia. It turns out, pulse of 55 beats per minute is a sign of prediabetes, so, you should find its reason, because this condition may hide a dangerous disease of the heart and other organs. Although in some cases, the bradycardia is physiological in this case does not require treatment.

Good or bad?

In the previous paragraph for a reason is a refinement of the normal heart rate for the average person. Because of normal ranges can significantly move downward depending on the scope of activities of a person or his constitutional (physiological) peculiarities.

Cases in which the pulse 55 beats/min is good if:

  • bradycardia is a genetic predisposition of a person (usually along with hypotension, low blood pressure) and, most importantly, does not affect the health;
  • measured at rest in athletes;
  • 55 beats/min has an elderly person at rest in the absence of other symptoms;
  • this heart rate found in humans who underwent hypothermia (for example, prolonged exposure to cold water).

And here is a list of situations where pulse 55 beats/min is bad:

  • if the pulse fell a person suffering from hypertension;
  • if the slow heart rate alternating rapid and accompanied by a feeling of anxiety, fear for your life, etc.;
  • if heart rate is 55 persons experiencing clear signs of impaired circulation – dizziness, weakness, confusion of consciousness or its loss, pain in the chest.

This factor could indicate a dangerous cardiac (heart) prerequisites lowering heart rate.


измерение пульсаIn addition to cardiac, there are other pathological causes of low heart rate — diseases of internal organs, the nervous or endocrine system, infection, tumor, etc. Referring to the common pathological causes for the decline in heart rate to 55 beats per minute, back to physiological.

  1. In the case of reducing the heart rate to 55 beats a minute (and sometimes below) when exposed to cold the body gets rid of the serious consequences of hypothermia by slowing down metabolism.
  2. In elderly slow pulse is a natural phase of ageing of the myocardium and attenuation of sinus node function – the main generator of the cardiac pulses.
  3. Athletes strive to develop the heart habit to work slowly, but full – by raising the stroke volume of the heart. This state heart rate is achieved by systematic training of the heart for endurance.

To clarify the pathological causes of bradycardia requires careful diagnosis.


Several varied reasons for the decline in heart rate to 55 beats per minute in women. This can happen:

  • when hormonal changes during pregnancy and the postpartum period and during menopause;
  • due to chronic poisoning (e.g., chemical or pharmaceutical industries);
  • in neurotic States, panic attacks, slows the heart rate when at rest in contrast to tachycardia during the seizure attack;
  • in systemic or organic diseases (including endocrine and neoplastic);
  • long-term use of antihypertensive funds, lowering the pulse – blockers calcium etc.

The list of reasons leaves no doubt of the need for visits to the doctor, especially if the background heart rate of 55 beats/min, a woman feels a noticeable deterioration of health and the symptoms described earlier.

способы измерения пульса


For the physically trained men pulse 55 is a normal heart rate. Professional athletes-runners, both men and women, heart rate at rest may be reduced to 40 blows, and below does not bring discomfort.

If the discomfort with this heartbeat there, and the man – not the athlete, should be examined. Men, too, are:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • panic attack with alternating tachycardia and bradycardia;
  • conduction disorders and cardiovascular activities in General and other pathological causes of low pulse.

Particularly frequent cause of low pulse is weak, fitness of the heart muscle that affect its expansion and the ability to fully contract and relax. This factor is peculiar to men engaged in intellectual work, and finding time for physical activity.

If bedtime, is this normal or not?

Person at least once faced with a high pulse, knows how hard it is to sleep with an accelerated heartbeat. Therefore, doctors recommended before bedtime (at least 1.5 hours) do not watch TV, not sit in front of the computer, not to eat. These can all increase heart rate.

But if the pulse before sleep 55 beats per minute, is this normal or not? The doctors here recommend to focus on health.

If anything other than a pulse, and man do not bother, there is nothing to fear. The predominance of the parasympathetic nervous system in the evening is quite natural, as the slow night heart rate of 45 beats per minute.

If to take for a rule every morning to start charging, and a few times a week to do as much exercise, the pulse rate will be less trouble and cause issues.

What to do to raise it?

одышка у женщиныWhen heart rate is 55 beats/min was the cause of the illness – shortness of breath, weakness in legs, dizziness, etc., the question – what to do – still occur. If in this case the person is not able to action, then to stretch or walk is unlikely to succeed, but it might raise the pulse.

To normalize blood circulation will help other simple steps:

  • lie on the horizontal surface without a pillow;
  • legs to lift up and lay on the sofa placed a pillow or cushion;
  • unfasten the gate and all the tight clasp that may compress branches of the vagus nerve.

If the weakness had overtaken in the morning, the best way to recover is to eat Breakfast and drink hot tea or coffee.

When bouts of bradycardia occur periodically and affect the well-being, you should go to the doctor and to receive recommendations on further treatment.

How to improve?

To increase the pulse should be strong reasons – for example, the threat of sudden cardiac arrest, fainting. At a heart rate of 55 beats per minute, as a rule, no. Doctors advise not to hurry with taking medication when it is not sharp and significant decrease in heart rate, particularly if its nature is unknown. In these figures it is possible to do short-term measures described above. And further treatment should be discussed with the doctor.

If 50 u./min.

Is it possible to include a pulse of 50 beats per minute to emergency situations that require medical intervention? No, threat is considered a heart rate of 35 beats and below is a 100% reason to invoke SMP. And at 50 beats/min (if pulse is not reduced further), you can safely live and work, knowing that millions of people are resistant to such deviations. However, if there is weakness or dizziness — do all the same manipulations with laying in a horizontal position with a low pathologies.

Drink Advil, caffeine benzoate and other drugs without blood pressure control dangerous (especially if we are talking about the pulse of 55 beats per minute, the hypertension).

Therefore, you should choose methods with the least impact, and if the heart rate is 55 beats per minute, no more worries – and not to worry.


  1. A pulse of 55 beats in most cases is a normal variant in the absence of other symptoms should not cause much excitement in humans. And yet preventive examination the doctor will not hurt.
  2. If this pulse is occurred due to long-term use of hypotensive drugs should consult with a specialist about the correction schemes of antihypertensive therapy.
  3. To take some medications without establishing the exact cause of low pulse should not be.