Cardiovascular disease — causes, prevention, recommendations.

Сердечно-сосудистые заболевания - причины, профилактика, рекомендации.

Currently, cardiovascular diseases are as common and dangerous as cancer. The reasons for this wide distribution is different, we will consider only some of them.

Causes of cardiovascular diseases:

1. A sedentary lifestyle.

For the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system of the person must lead an active lifestyle, for example, take place daily for at least 6 km in rural areas this rate, most often perform. But in the city, many are too lazy to walk even 1-2 bus stop or there is just no time. We are constantly late for something, in a hurry, and it was a leisurely walk has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

Each person is well known that if the muscles don’t exercise, they get weak. In the heart and blood vessels also have muscle which needs regular training, like all other muscles in the body. Training vessels lies in their expansion and contraction. For this purpose suitable contrasting treatments: shower, bath, sauna when the temperature changes sharply from high to low. Such contrasts reduce the risk of flu, a sore throat, which often have complications on the heart muscle.

In addition, a sedentary lifestyle is the cause of obesity. And obesity inevitably leads to heart failure, hypertension, atherosclerosis. These cardiovascular diseases cure physical education.

2. Neuro-psychological load.

With a decrease in physical activity in modern humans increased neuro-psychological load. Due to the overwhelming amount of negative information, the human nervous system is overloaded, causing changes in circulation, because of the cardiovascular and nervous systems are interrelated.

The human body is so arranged that tension is relieved with physical activity. But if this balance is disturbed, then develop cardiovascular diseases: hypertension, atherosclerosis, heart failure, myocardial infarction etc.

Some to reduce nervous tension, excessive use of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs than further exacerbate their condition and provoke cardiovascular diseases.

Prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Some General guidelines:

Most often cardiovascular diseases develop from the neuro-mental stress. Therefore, a good preventive measure is the reduction of nervous tension. To reduce psychological stress is recommended:

  • Exercise, walks in the fresh air, ski trips, swimming and other physical activities, fun person.
  • Tempering treatments: douche, bath , or sauna, dousing with cold water, etc.
  • Friendly attitude to people, in particular, to their home, to learn to forgive and forget the insults, laughter therapy.
  • Full sleep at least 8 hours a day, rest during the day.
  • Food: not to get too fat, spicy and salty food. This leads to obesity, affect the flexibility of blood vessels and blood flow.
  • Regular routine inspection at the cardiologist.