How to bring her to bliss: the technique of “sexual alignment”.

довести девушку до оргазма Let’s be honest: not always the girls are able to reach the highest point of pleasure during sexual intercourse. In order to orgasm reached the man, often enough of the fact that he has sex. For girls can be an important tempo, posture, presence of eye contact, the size of the penis of the partner, the emotions she feels for the man, and many, many different factors… How to increase the chances that your girl will experience an orgasm during every sexual intercourse?

History of research of orgasm in women.

первые исследования в сексе The female orgasm has always been a mystery that has long attracted the researchers (sexologists, psychotherapists, physicians) for its unpredictability. The question of how to bring the girl to orgasm have asked yourself in the life of every man on reaching the age of adulthood from ancient times to the present day. Lined and not very scientific theories and assumptions, experiments were carried out, each made some conclusions based on my own experience. The first book, describing the intimate relationship between a man and a woman belong to the first years of our era (for example, “the Art of love” Ovid, or popular Indian treatise “Kama Sutra”). Long time sex has been studied only descriptive, in the framework of the allied Sciences: medicine, biology, and history. But in 1909 German physician Ivan Bloch (known, by the way, under many other aliases) has openly declared scientific society that sexology should be allocated to individual scientific knowledge, summarizing elements of psychology, biology, medicine, chemistry, history and other Sciences. The twentieth century was a Golden age for a comprehensive study of sex, and of course, that scientists have not avoided the questions of the features and stimulation of the clitoral and vaginal orgasm.

The elusive g-spot.

Many have heard or read something about the mythical g-spot. Many people think that should find her – and the orgasms are countless. So what is this G spot?

“Discoverer” of this magical area of the female body is a German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg (Yes, again German, again the doctor), which is in the middle of the last century insisted that the notorious point is separate the female sexual organ. Later, of course, has not been proven, and later this theory was razvenchan in tatters, but the idea remained…

точка G A separate body, the scientists never found. But really found the sensitive area of the walls of the vagina on the front wall behind the pubic bone, at a depth of approximately 2.5-7.5 cm (different women, the rate varied, even many pairs of girls participating in the research). The fact that the majority of the vaginal walls are quite insensitive (otherwise childbirth would be absolutely impossible process), but the elusive G-spot, as the test showed – very even. Scientists who conducted the study, and their followers call this part of the wall “krovenapolnenia region” and is attributed to stimulation of this area the opportunity and the brightness of the female orgasm.

In fairness it should be noted that part of the scientific community still disagrees and argues with the theory of “point G”. Believe it or not – the question, of course, personal to each. But if you believe and look for, sexual life is not exactly poor.

Technique of sexual alignment. Equal? Passionately!

миссионерская поза - основа техники полового равнения So, what is this mysterious technique of the sexual alignment? This is one way of sexual intercourse, was developed by Edward Acela (and millions of pairs worldwide). The idea is to combine in a single movement simultaneous stimulation and G-spot and clitoris, to give partners the opportunity to control their feelings and thus, help to achieve not only multiple female orgasm, but to complete the act of striking a simultaneous orgasm of both partners.

Actually, the method is not very new were even by that time, and many couples came to him purely by instinct, listening to their feelings and reactions of the partner. But Edward Eichel has to society two major merits:

  • He carefully described the technique of sexual alignment in the magazine devoted to sex therapy, thus initiating mass implementation and improvement.
  • During the research it was recognised that doing it for the reason that “sexual intercourse should be great. At any time. Anywhere. Under any circumstances”. Great phrase, worthy of adding to your favorites.

From the application of the method of sexual alignment externally difficult to distinguish from its prototype (in fact, this method is a slightly modified version of the sex in the conventional missionary position). However, it has a number of advantages:

  • The partners are face to face, their hands are not tense, allowing you to enhance the feeling of penetration looks, kisses, caresses or gentle moans.
  • The man fully controls his own movements and sensations, and thus can control the moment of orgasm.
  • For women there is no need clitoral stimulation using your fingers is in this position, the man stimulates his member base.
  • Sexual alignment technique does not require partners special flexibility or acrobatic skills, but significantly embellishes sexual life and enriches the feel of the process.

The description of techniques of sexual alignment

So, how does using this brilliant technique to increase the number of orgasms in girls and simultaneous orgasms? Wikipedia, and most instructions do not give an accurate understanding of how to move partners during sexual intercourse, what feelings they should experience and where better to start practicing.

Technique sexual alignment is, as mentioned, slightly improved version of the classic missionary position. The difference is that the active partner is moving slower and, due to the smooth movement of her hips along the body of the partner, tries base of the penis to RUB on her Clit. Partner, in turn “catches” his body movements and is keeping the same pace to move my hips along it. This is reminiscent of a passionate dance, in which the main thing – to feel your partner and the rhythm of his movements.

техника полового равнения Importantly in the practice of this method is to understand and feel what the main effort of the men directed not on penetration into the vagina, but rather on the way out. To understand the principle, you should suspend frictions at that moment, when a man is as deep as possible into the vagina. While the partner remains stationary, he moves very slowly along her body up, “pulling out” member and at the same time clinging to her pelvis, thereby stimulating the clitoris. Then, when the man returns to its original position, the girl movement of the hips to the partner “catches up” the penis, like nadias him. After that they are moving the hips to the beat each other back to the starting position.

In other words, the whole technique consists of 3 steps:

  • First, the man on top penetrate your partner as deeply as is comfortable for both partners, so men pelvis was directly over the pelvis of the woman, and pubic region has been in constant contact.
  • Second step. A man without lifting your pelvis from a woman slowly and gently and stepped forward as it slides along the body of the woman, and at this point, the base of his penis stimulates a woman’s clitoris.
  • Step three. In that moment, when the man returns to its original position, the woman lifts the pelvis, that is, as if going to meet, what would the clitoral stimulation was not interrupted, and the male member again penetrated deep inside the vagina. Then the man repeats step 2 and so on.

Movement of the member in this method, more like sawing. By the way here are some simple and important advice for beginners, who will quickly learn the technique of sexual alignment:

In order not to lose contact of the clitoris with the base of the penis and the pelvis of men are not moved out of the way, the woman is recommended to twist the legs back hips men, placing her foot on his calf.

In addition, beginners are also recommended to keep your hands still, high at the initial stage, You can hug each other.

The first time rarely anyone from work, but after several slow attempts, you will feel partner and your sex life will become richer, and the orgasms – brighter. This method of copulation at first seems very strange, and even uncomfortable, especially for men. However, girls in most cases just point to the novelty and the power of feelings. A little practice and movement in this position will no longer voluntarily return to the classic sexual intercourse, yet a little more and the man will be able to fully control his body, feeling each orgasm of his partner.

Try this technique and it will help you to diversify your sex life, orgasms will be more intense, and the girl will be delighted with their increased number. Practice makes perfect.

And remember, “sexual intercourse should be great. At any time. Anywhere. Under any circumstances”.