Kegel exercises for men and women: how to train intimate muscles.

упражнения кегеля для сексуального удовлетворенияAbout the kegels heard many. But for some, this phrase sounds very mysterious, because most people with the more simple exercises are familiar superficially. But exercise suggested once Kegel, special, because they allow not only to improve the health and quality of life, but also to make more vivid sex life. And what is this training? How to run them? Who needs classes? Are there any contraindications? This is to understand.

A bit of history

It is believed that exercises for intimate muscles was invented and developed by gynecologist Arnold Kegel who practiced in the distant twentieth century. Actually it is not so. It was found that the first such exercise was suggested by Dr. Joshua Davis, who was involved in the treatment of urinary incontinence. So initially the exercises were aimed at addressing such delicate issues. And Arnold Kegel a little later complex modified and improved it. In addition, in 1845, he patented a unique simulator for training, which significantly increased the effectiveness of training. It is noteworthy that the exercises were known for almost 2 centuries ago, but only recently they began to practice.

Who needs such training?

What exercises Kegel? To exercise the muscles of the pelvic floor. In everyday life these muscles almost never involved, however, they are very, very important, as they provide support for the pelvic organs. In some people these muscles are weak from birth, in others they are weakened and stretched during life. But to strengthen them you need anyway.

Should list the main indications for training:

  • The development of intimate muscles necessary for young girls who are preparing for pregnancy or are thinking about having a baby after some time. So, if the muscles are weak, the pregnancy may develop incorrectly (the uterus will not be supported properly), and postpartum will occur prolapse of the pelvic organs.
  • During pregnancy exercise is also not to be redundant, they will help to train the muscles and make the birth process more quick and painless, and avoid sprains and ruptures of the vagina.
  • After birth, some fabrics stretch much. But Kegel exercises for intimate muscles will return to their seats and to have complexes because of the increased size of the vagina.
  • Useful workouts for women after 30-40 years. The fact that at this age increases the risk of prolapse of pelvic organs. And this can lead to undesirable changes in sexual relations, as well as poorer quality of life.

    By the way, men can also be a change of the position of the bodies, so that they exercise sometimes necessary.

  • If the omission has already occurred, exercise the pelvic floor muscles will help significantly to improve the situation.
  • Training of intimate muscles is often used for the prevention and treatment of incontinence of stool or urine (but this problem is not uncommon for the elderly).
  • Exercises help improve your sex life. For example, they increase libido in men and women. A strong half of mankind of exercise will not only help to normalize the potency, but also to learn to control the sexual act and greatly prolong it.
  • Workouts allow you to avoid some diseases of the reproductive organs (both male and female). For example, they are preventing inflammation.
  • If the muscles are weakened, the pelvis can be observed congestion that lead to disorders in the located in the zone bodies. So, you can develop infertility in women prostatitis or BPH in men, and so on.
  • Kegel exercises for the pelvic muscles is very important for sexual life. Exercises will help to make more vivid sensation, prolong sexual intercourse, to make more pronounced the orgasm, and also improve the sensitivity.
  • At some point in life (around 40-50 years) sexual desire reduced sex life fizzles. But exercise can significantly delay this moment and live life to the fullest for a very long time.

    How to understand which muscles should work?

    мышцы тазового днаMany do not know what muscles should be involved during training. In fact to define it is not as difficult as it seems. So, a girl or a woman needs during urination try to restrain urine stream. But to move the legs or straining buttocks and other parts of the body impossible. So, when a jet happened to contain, you can feel which muscles managed to do it. By the way, they are involved in the last step of the process of urination, when it is necessary to allocate the last drop. You can still put in the vagina and finger muscles. So, when the finger will be provided with the tangible pressure, you need to understand what kind of area stiffened.

    The man to identify these muscles is easier. They aktiviziruyutsya when the urine stream, you need to keep. The activity is observed in the moment when to start the process of urination must naturalise.

    Are there any contraindications with kegels?

    Can anyone train? Exercise is almost safe, but still there are some contraindications:

    • Erosion of the cervix. In this state, the integrity of the epithelium of the cervical canal is disrupted, so that the muscle tension can cause even more damage.
    • Tumors and cysts of the urogenital system of any nature are also a contraindication for training.
    • Inflammation of the pelvic organs (eg, cystitis, urethritis, endometritis in females or orchitis and other diseases in men).
    • Any General disease, accompanied by General deterioration and a significant increase in temperature.
    • Disruption of the vascular system, for example, thrombosis, phlebitis or varicose veins (in severe cases).
    • The post-operative period.
    • Uterine bleeding.
    • Bleeding of any nature or tendency to them.
    • As for the pregnancy, then exercise is permitted under normal condition of the expectant mother. But if there are problems such as morning sickness, tone the uterus, preeclampsia, and certain diseases, then exercise is contraindicated.

    But in any case, even if no clear and apparent contra-indications are not available, it is still worth before you start training consult with experienced doctor. He will be able to give some advice with regards to exercise intensity and some characteristics of their performance.

    How to train intimate muscles: multiple choice exercises

    мышцы кегеляSo, how to perform Kegel exercises? Nothing complicated about it. To start training better by lying on the back or side. This will help you understand what muscles are working, and to ensure proper exercise. If we talk about the duration of training in the initial stage, is to start small. So, it is recommended to perform roughly 100-150 manipulation (contractions, abbreviations or vytaskivanii) per day. But this does not mean that everything should be done at once. You can perform several exercises 5 times a day. And when everything will get good and relaxed, you can do Kegel exercises not only at home but also when performing simple daily duties (even at the workplace or in the store).

    There are three options for the exercise: compression, contraction and ejection. When you compress a muscle you need to strain for some time, then relax. A reduction means a faster and more intense compression and relaxation. And when pushing you need to push (as in push urine during urination).

    So, below are proposed some Kegel exercises to strengthen the muscles.

    1.You need to quickly stretch the muscles (as is done during the containment of urine when urinating), and then relax them for 10 to 15 seconds. After that, you need to relax a bit (about 10 seconds). All you need to perform 3 sets. The same exercise can be performed in a slightly different variation. So, the approach will last 5 seconds (as the rest), but the number of repeats will increase to 9.

    2.Should be 10 times rapidly to stretch and relax the muscles, and then relax for 3-5 seconds. Performed 3 sets.

    3.Muscles need to stretch and hold in this condition for 5-10 seconds, then relax for the same time period. All you need to do 10 approaches.

    4.Need a little push down (3-5 seconds), then return to normal. Repeat this exercise 10-15 times.

    5.First, squeeze the muscles for 5-10 seconds, then relax them for 10 seconds, and then for the same amount of time to push. This exercise includes both the compression and ejection.

    6.Exercise “The Elevator”. It is so named because when it runs you can imagine yourself during the ascent and descent of the Elevator. So, each fictional floor to stretch the muscles. First, the voltage must be small, then it needs to be increased gradually, pausing in each position for 5-10 seconds. When compression is maximum, you need to likewise gradually and gradually relax the muscles.

    The specified amount is suitable for beginners. But after 2-3 weeks of training you can increase the number of repeats 5-10 times. For the effect of daily needs at least 150 iterations. In addition, it is advisable to alternate exercises of compression, contraction and ejection and perform them in blocks (one block includes all procedures). By the way, Kegel exercises for men are performed in the same way.

    Useful tips and recommendations for the training of intimate muscles

    To achieve the maximum effect from kegels, you need to follow some simple guidelines.

    1. During exercise you need to ensure that stays and does not involved the muscles of the legs, abdomen and buttocks. I have to be careful to work only your pelvic floor muscles.
    2. Pregnant girls need during exercise deep breathing that the body is saturated with oxygen. It is more likely to relax and reduce the intensity of training. Surge is fraught with sad consequences.
    3. Exercises should be regular. So, the daily execution of all exercises.
    4. After some time you can use the special equipment. They are placed in the vagina and increase the load on the muscles. But before you purchase such things you should consult with a specialist.
    5. Not worth it to overwork, it may aggravate the situation. So daily the number of repetitions should not exceed 200 times.

    In conclusion we can add that the benefits of training of intimate muscles is invaluable. So you should start training, because many already see the effect and was pleased.