Men’s frigidity, how to fight

Strong sex may not be so confident. If your partner has encountered this problem, he is in a hurry to give recommendations.

Surely you thought frigidity was an exclusively feminine feature. As it turned out, this is not at all true. Men suffer from this disorder as often, and perhaps more.

In scientific terms, male frigidity is called alibidemia. What is most unpleasant, now more and more young men are faced with the problem of lack of sex drive. Why this is happening and how to deal with it, we’ll talk today.

What is male frigidity?

In the general sense of the word, it is a sexual disorder due to which the libido decreases or desire gradually disappears completely. Although this problem is not much discussed in society, as it is believed that a man never refuses sex, however, it is there and it is solved by specialists from all over the world, trying to identify the reasons.

Most men experience a terrible sense of shame about sex, and therefore do not seek help from a specialist, preferring to solve the problem on their own, having read tips on the Internet.

According to sexologists, the problem is solved in 95% of cases, so you should not postpone a visit to the doctor.

Men are divided into three groups according to the degree of sexual activity:

  • Weak
  • Medium.
  • Strong

As you probably already understood, the most frequent patients of sexologists are the first group. The problem can be either congenital or acquired. The most important thing is to make an accurate diagnosis and then start treatment.

The main causes of male frigidity

As a rule, the reasons are acquired, which means that you can fight them.


Without the stress of tension, not a single resident of a metropolis can imagine his life. Stress awaits us everywhere: in transport, at work, at home, with friends. Often men in such conditions earn erectile dysfunction, and in addition to it frigidity.

Undermined health

Not everyone can boast of excellent health – both mental and physical. Mental causes include schizophrenia, depression, neurosis. Diseases of a physiological nature: atherosclerosis, diabetes, diseases of the genitourinary system and alcoholism. First of all, it is necessary to determine the cause, and only then to deal with treatment, moreover, by a specialist, and not by yourself.


A man can have sexual intercourse for at least his whole life, but after 45 there is a decline in sexual activity. Nevertheless, this is not a reason to abandon sexual life: medicine allows you to extend men’s health for a long time, you just need to choose the necessary therapy.

What to do if your man is faced with such a problem?

The main specialists with whom you need to start the path to male health are sexologists and urologists. It is important to understand that the effect will not be instantaneous, it will take time and long-term therapy. In this matter, the support of loved ones, especially the wife, is important. A man will draw up a treatment regimen, which he must adhere to all the time while he is being observed by a specialist.

However, the main means for a modern man should be regular rest, and not a large number of people should surround him, but only those with whom he can relax and forget about business for a while. The task of the woman in this situation is not to incite, but to support and provide the necessary assistance if necessary.

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  1. Most men experience a terrible sense of shame about sex, and therefore do not seek help from a specialist, preferring to solve the problem on their own, having read tips on the Internet.

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