Coronavirus turned out to be dangerous not only for the elderly

To date, 4825 Italians have died from coronavirus. The total number of cases is more than 53.5 thousand, of which almost 3 thousand are in serious condition.

A doctor from Lombardy warned that COVID-19 also affects young people

Doctors in Italy exposed the widespread perception of coronavirus as a disease of the elderly. According to Antonio Pesenti, head of the intensive care unit at a hospital in Lombardy, infection can also be severe in younger people. At least, Italian doctors are faced with such cases.

The doctor’s words are quoted by Sky News.

“50% of our most severe patients in the intensive care unit are over 65 years old. But this means that the remaining 50% of our patients are under the age of 65, ”said Pesenti.

He also noted that in the hospital there are infected with coronavirus at the age of 30 and even 20 years. “They are in the same serious condition as the elderly,” the doctor said.

One thing is the same: mortality from coronavirus remains higher among older patients. A large number of deaths in Italy is explained by this (after all, about a third of the country’s population are elderly people).

Wasserman: “A long-standing disease protects me from coronavirus”

Anatoly Wasserman is a multiple winner of intellectual games, a political consultant and scholar, who seems to have answers to all questions. We asked the expert where he would advise investing at the time of the economic crisis amid the rampant epidemic. And at the same time they asked what precautionary measures he was taking so as not to become infected with a virus that was already terrorizing half the world.

“Personally, I don’t have any savings,” Wasserman shared. – As in that proverb – naked rain is not terrible. Therefore, I’d better say where you don’t need to invest money. I categorically do not recommend buying up currency – it’s late! Already earned regulatory mechanisms of our state financial bodies. The currency, without a doubt, can still grow in value, but also can suddenly collapse. Panic buying up dollars and euros will only deprive you of a fair amount of savings.

No need to invest in stocks of products. This is absolutely pointless – there are no problems with food in the country, and excessive demand only provokes a rise in prices. Also, remember that foods have an expiration date, even canned foods. It is better not to make sudden movements in this direction.

As for the level of my concerns about coronavirus, they do not exist. Here, as they say, there would be no happiness, but misfortune helped. The fact is that for many years I have been suffering from sinusitis – my illness has been experienced for 50 years. This is an unpleasant thing, but for all this time I have never had the flu, in any case, I can not recall this.

Sinusitis, of course, is different, but my form of this disease protects against any ailments that affect the respiratory tract. Therefore, I do not use any masks.


Sinusitis is called inflammation in the maxillary sinus, it can occur acutely or have a chronic course. Sinusitis occurs in older children and adults, manifesting pain in the maxillary sinuses, accumulation of pus inside them and symptoms of intoxication.

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