Outbreak of coronavirus will result in hundreds of thousands of abortions

Former Kremlin doctor, TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov warned of the serious consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. One of them can be a huge number of abortions. But this “side effect” will not be caused by the disease itself, but by the panic injected around it.

Dr. Myasnikov compared the current situation with the Chernobyl accident, when frightened women began to get rid of pregnancy en masse

In this regard, the doctor remembered the Chernobyl disaster and terrible reports in the Western media, after which women began to be afraid to give birth to a sick child. The result was 200 thousand abortions, which, according to Alexander Myasnikov, were made “illegally from a medical point of view.”

According to Tsargrad, the doctor still believes that the risk of infection with COVID-19 is low, and the virus itself in most cases causes only mild ARI. He also urges the media not to fan the panic about this. This is probably not the last epidemic in the history of mankind, so now you need to be patient and behave steadily and wisely.

But about the elderly and people with serious illnesses, it’s really not worth relaxing. Butchers urged to protect them and protect them from infection. Earlier, the doctor said what exactly old people die with coronavirus.

Igor Nikolaev coronavirus has not been confirmed

The singer thanked the doctors of the hospital in Kommunark, where he was hospitalized after talking with the patient Leshchenko

Igor Nikolaev delighted his fans, saying that he did not confirm the diagnosis of COVID-19. The artist wrote about this in his Instagram, posting a photo of the test results. He waited for them for several days.

“The long-awaited result: COVID-19” NEGATIVE “! ??? I am very grateful to my friends and colleagues for their sincere concern and words of support!” – said the singer.

He also thanked the doctors of the hospital in Kommunarka “for professionalism, optimism and indifference.”

Subscribers heartily rejoiced for Igor Yuryevich. “Keep it up! Be healthy! “,” Take care of yourself and your family! ” – Commentators are delighted to write. True, some noted that the final conclusions can be made after two more tests for coronavirus. “Two more little things,” the informed subscriber advised.

Igor Nikolaev felt bad on March 18. It was assumed that he could become infected with a coronavirus from Lev Leshchenko, who, having arrived from the USA, immediately went to the birthday of Igor Krutoy’s sister. The party was attended by many other Russian artists, including Alexander Buinov, Valery Leontyev, Alexander Serov and others. The Russian public is now seriously worried about their health.

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