The Chinese told what happens with ill COVID-19

Today, 100 thousand people have been cured of coronavirus in the world. The total number of infected – more than 390 thousand. From the complications caused by the disease, 17.1 thousand died.

One of the most common coronavirus effects is lung problems.

Scientists from Hong Kong spoke about the complications that should be expected as a result of the transferred COVID-19.

Most of them are lung injuries. Fibrosis (i.e. the formation of scar tissue) contributes to the destruction of part of the lungs and makes it difficult for oxygen to enter the bloodstream. For this reason, people who have been ill for the rest of their lives can be short of breath and cough.

“In some patients, after recovery, lung function may decline by 20-30 percent,” notes physician Owen Tsang Tak-yin. The words of a specialist are quoted by Lenta.

But there is good news. One of the “pleasant” consequences of the transferred coronavirus is acquired immunity. Chinese doctors found that the survivors had developed the necessary antibodies that made them immune to the new infection. Based on the collected data, it was concluded that after the transferred COVID-19, the probability of reinfection tends to zero.

Polio vaccine loses effectiveness due to virus mutation

WHO warned that new mutant varieties of poliovirus type II appear due to vaccinations

Epidemiologists of the World Health Organization and other world experts have called for the creation of a new polio vaccine. Scientists have reported that new varieties of poliovirus type II appear.

One of the reasons for mutations is the existing polio vaccine, a component of which is a weakened virus. It is reported by Lenta.

“On the one hand, polio outbreaks cannot now be controlled without a vaccine based on attenuated type II poliovirus. On the other hand, because of the same vaccinations, new mutant versions of the virus appear. The risk of widespread circulation of the virus is constantly growing, as global immunity to it is rapidly declining, ”an article in the journal Science quoted the news portal as saying.

Currently, there is no natural focus of type II poliovirus on Earth – for this reason it has ceased to be introduced into a childhood vaccine. As a result, the infection undergoes various changes. The way out of this situation is to create a new type of polio vaccine.

Polio in most cases affects children under 5 years old. This highly infectious disease caused by the virus strikes the nervous system and can lead to general paralysis in a short time.

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