How to feed a baby in 8 months

Approaching the age of eight months, your child begins to stand on his feet and do his first steps. It was at this time that he began to actively develop and spend his energy.

And so that it can be replenished, it is necessary to carefully consider the menu of a child aged 8 months.

A small child should eat often in small portions. Thus, it is necessary to feed your baby at least 5 times a day. Such five meals a day should remain until the child is one year old.

When feeding an 8-month-old baby, breast milk is still used. However, it can no longer fully provide the baby with all the necessary proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Here is the time to introduce complementary foods, thanks to which the baby tries everything new, eats, eats and gains strength that he needs so much at this age. Milk for feeding is already used only in the morning and evening.

Introducing Products

The menu of an 8-month-old baby, in addition to breast milk, should also include products that will fully provide him with vital energy.


So it is desirable to include meat, and in addition to it you can, and even need to give meat broths. In meat, there are all the most necessary substances: be it proteins, fats and amino acids, which are so necessary for a growing still very young organism.

Meat products should be introduced gradually. It is also advisable to start with turkey, lamb or rabbit meat if possible. Such products do not cause allergies. It is best when at first such meat will be part of the used vegetable puree. And then, as the child begins to get used to it, you can give already full portions, consisting of pieces of meat.

It is advisable not to include frozen foods from little-known manufacturers in the diet of an 8-month-old baby. It is better to give preference to local farms. If possible, you can include the tongue or liver in the diet. You can also take canned meat or meat and vegetables. Since such products pass a very strict quality control, you should not worry. The main thing is to check canned food before buying for concavity.


In addition to meat, a chicken egg can be introduced into the diet of children 8 or 9 months old. To begin with, you should give only a grain of yolk, and if it is normally taken by the body, then the portion can be increased to a whole yolk. Since protein in most cases can cause an allergic reaction, therefore, it starts with the yolks.

In the diet of a child of 8 months, the amount of yolk should not exceed two times a week. At the same time, arrange meals so that the yolk is not taken at the same time as meat. This will avoid the occurrence of the same allergic reactions, and the body will not be overloaded with proteins.


The main vegetables that you can feed your baby are potatoes, zucchini, cauliflower. They can be mixed in any variation. You can also add a little (up to 50 g) of vegetables such as carrots, beets, cabbage, green peas.

In order for addiction to new products to go faster, they must be added to the baby’s favorite dishes, starting with small portions that will gradually increase. In some cases, children refuse to eat, and the point is not in its taste, but in the fact that the child must get used to new taste sensations.

An approximate menu of a baby of 8 months may be as follows:

  • Morning. Consists of the first and second breakfast. For the first, already familiar breast milk is used. The second breakfast will be more diverse: milk and non-milk cereals, half an egg yolk.
  • Day. At this time of day, the diet of a child of 8 months may somehow resemble the dinner of any adult. You can serve soup prepared in meat or vegetable broth, and a small portion of meat or fish in an amount of about 50 g is served on the second. Milk or juice is recommended from drinks. At lunch, you can give your child some fruit up to 50 g and 150-180 g of milk.
  • Evening. It is better if dinner will consist of dairy products. For this, milk, kefir, yogurt, milk porridge are suitable. In order for the baby to be full of dinner, a portion of 200 g is enough.

It is worth noting that when a child is already 8 months old, the development of proper nutrition plays a big role in the further strengthening of his body.

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