How to cook buckwheat porridge for a child

The best food for babies is mother’s milk. Over time, the child has to accustom to ordinary food. Pediatricians give preference to various cereals for the first feeding, one of them is buckwheat.

Buckwheat is indispensable for children, because it contains a huge amount of substances necessary for growth and development.

Buckwheat porridge for a child is a source of iron, which is necessary to increase the hemoglobin, potassium and magnesium needed by a small heart, gives a growing body calcium, iodine and B vitamins, has a beneficial effect on the digestive tract, normalizing metabolism. It does not contain gluten, which causes allergies in babies.

Buckwheat porridge for the first feeding

The first lure can be started with ready-made buckwheat porridge, which contains additional vitamins, prebiotics and does not need cooking. If the mother does not trust the branded packaging, buckwheat flour can be made by grinding the grits in a coffee grinder. At first, the child is given 5% porridge, dissolving a teaspoon of buckwheat flour in 100 ml of breast milk or a mixture that the baby consumes. When the child gets used to the new food, buckwheat can be gradually added, bringing the percentage of its content to 10-20% and higher.

Ready buckwheat cereal for the baby is ground in a blender or passed through a sieve.

The choice of buckwheat should be approached carefully. It is better to buy steamed buckwheat, since there are more vitamins in it than in fried. The cereal should be clean, it is better to sort it out first, removing the black scales. Before cooking cereals should be washed.

Buckwheat Dishes for Kids

Already grown up kid can cook a wide variety of dishes from whole grains. Every mother knows how to cook buckwheat porridge for babies. Boiled buckwheat is very soft, so do not be afraid that the child will choke, on the contrary, it is advised to learn to chew on this grits.

Mostly traditional porridge is cooked. To do this, it is enough to fill the washed buckwheat with water twice the volume of the cereal and, letting it boil on a gentle fire, turn it off. Leave on the burner for 10-20 minutes, so that the croup is steamed. Ready porridge can be poured with boiled milk.

How to cook buckwheat porridge for a child depends on the imagination of the parents and what the baby is already eating. Older children dilute porridge with cream or vegetable puree. Buckwheat goes well with finely chopped boiled egg and green onions. You can add minced meat and broth, turning porridge into the first dish. And you can make dessert by crushing sweet fruits.

The finished dish is best designed in the form of a smiling face or a funny turtle. With this approach, buckwheat is unlikely to annoy the baby.

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