How to cook corn porridge for a child

Breast milk is the most important in the nutrition of a newborn baby. It is difficult to overestimate its significance, because it is not only food for the child, but also immunity. However, as the baby grows up, his needs change.

The milestone after which mother’s milk alone (or milk mixture) is not enough for a child is considered to be 6 months.

You yourself will notice that after six months the child begins to change rapidly: he is actively interested in the outside world, begins to crawl, sit down. He spends more energy, which compensates for food.

This is the time for the introduction of the first feeding, which is recommended to start with vegetables or cereal. Corn porridge for infants is well suited as a continuation of the acquaintance with cereals, after buckwheat or rice.

What is the use?

This porridge is known as hypoallergenic and high in fiber.

It is because of fiber that it has low energy value, but also because of it:

  • the work of the gastrointestinal tract and the absorption of toxins and fats are improved – relevant for bloating;
  • the problem with constipation is solved – it is relevant for breastfeeding.

It is also worth noting the help of corn grits in painless teething. But because of the low energy value, do not rush to introduce it to complementary foods for kids who are poorly gaining weight.


Baby corn slurry can be purchased in stores, or you can cook it yourself. So how to cook corn porridge for a child? As well as for an adult, the only difference is the more liquid consistency and additional grinding of the finished mass.

Proportions : 20 g of cereal (about 1 tablespoon) per 100 ml of liquid. Pour the groats with water, after washing. Bring to a boil, then cook over low heat for about 40 minutes. Readiness can be determined by the stiffness of the cereal: it should become soft. Ready porridge must be crushed with a blender.

That’s all! Add salt or sugar only if the baby refuses to use the pulp in fresh form. If the child dismisses and does not want to eat it – do not insist. For now, postpone the introduction of this complementary foods and offer it after a while, but now give what the child eats with pleasure.

Pediatricians recommend introducing corn porridge not earlier than 8 months. Like any complementary foods, you should start giving very small doses – literally from 1-2 teaspoons. In the first half of the day. The rest of the day, the mother should closely monitor the baby. If a reaction occurs (redness, rash, vomiting) – stop immediately.

If the baby eats very little – do not worry, because you are just starting and gradually preparing the child for adult food.

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