How to cook rice porridge for a child

Each mother, taking care of her child’s health, pays special attention to his nutrition, trying to cook tasty and healthy dishes. Often rice porridge for children becomes not only the first lure, but also remains a favorite dish at an older age, due to its delicate taste and good compatibility, both with your favorite jam and healthy fish.

What is the use of rice

Many pediatricians offer to start complementary foods with rice porridge, because it is easily absorbed by the children’s body, does not contain gluten and is hypoallergenic. Rice porridge for babies is especially useful if there are problems with underweight or loose stools.

Rice is very nutritious and is a source of protein, B-group vitamins, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus and potassium, which contribute to the formation of bone tissue, as well as mental development. Starting to include porridge in the morning diet of the child is recommended from five months.

Features of cooking rice porridge for babies

Rice is cooked in water, followed by the addition of breast milk or a mixture. At first, the porridge is made very liquid – five percent, so that the child does not have problems with the stomach or overweight. Salt and sugar are not added to baby cereal.

If you do not know how to cook rice porridge for babies, then use the following recommendations:

  • it is preferable to choose round rice, it makes porridge viscous, and steamed rice is not suitable for babies: because of the solid structure, it turns out to be friable;
  • Before starting cooking, rinsing must be thoroughly rinsed, after soaking for 15 minutes;
  • in the first days of the introduction of complementary foods, it is desirable to grind rice in a coffee grinder to a state of flour;
  • porridge is boiled in a proportion of two tablespoons of rice flour in one glass of water;
  • flour must be carefully poured into boiled water and boiled over low heat until cooked for about 15 minutes, stirring constantly to make a homogeneous mass without lumps;
  • then you need to add half a glass of milk and cook for another 10 minutes;
  • later it is possible to grind not cereals, but ready-made porridge using a blender or rubbing through a sieve;
  • if the porridge is thick, it can be diluted with boiled water or breast milk, mixing thoroughly;
  • rice has a fixing effect, therefore, in order to avoid problems with constipation, cereals can be cooked together with mashed prunes;
  • food for babies is always prepared immediately before use.

How to make rice porridge your favorite treat

With age, each child has his own preferences in food and many mothers face the question: how to cook rice porridge for a child so that he eats it with pleasure and without unnecessary persuasion.

To solve this problem, the following recipe is suitable:

  • one tablespoon of 35% cream is added to the original ingredients and, if desired, honey, sugar, fresh berries or jam;
  • to prepare a small amount, you can use a Turk, pour a glass of water into it and bring to a boil;
  • pour washed rice and cook over low heat, stirring for about 10 minutes;
  • then you need to add milk, about 50 ml and cook for another 10 minutes;
  • then you need to add cream, mix thoroughly, turn off the heat, cover the porridge and let it brew for another five minutes;
  • optionally add your child’s favorite treats: jam, honey or fresh fruit.

Rice porridge for older children can be made both for breakfast and afternoon tea. It is easy to prepare, perfectly energizes, and thanks to the added sweets, it is quickly eaten by kids.

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