Baby nutrition at 10 months

At 10 months, breast milk continues to be included in the main menu of the baby. However, it is already being produced much less, so you need to think well than to feed the baby.

What is included in the diet?

The closer to a year, the more diverse the child’s diet becomes. Juices are far from the last place here. And you can give not only fruit juices, but also vegetable. And if the child does not like the latter, then you can mix them with fruit juices. He definitely should not refuse such a drink.

A serving of cereals should be 200 g and it is advisable to alternate cereals. Meat should be given no more than 50-60 g. Do not overload the baby’s body with too much protein. No more than twice a week, a child can be given an egg yolk, half or whole, as well as cottage cheese. Fish should not be given often – once a week is enough.

In the diet of a baby of 10 months, bread or special baby cookies acts as an addition to the menu. It usually quickly “melts” in the mouth immediately. And various kinds of mashed potatoes are usually supplemented with a small amount of vegetable or butter.

Since at this age the child already has several teeth, it is possible to cook meatballs or meatballs for steaming from meat and fish. For lunch, you can cook soup, which does not need to be turned into a homogeneous mass.

As for breast milk, it can be present in the diet of a 10 month old baby and you can continue to breastfeed your child for up to two years.

Menu compilation

For a child of 10 months, nutrition plays an important role, since its further activity and its development depend on this. The more actively he behaves, the more he eats with great appetite. By 10 months, every mother already knows that her baby loves most of all, and therefore she can determine what approximately servings should be fed to her.

For proper nutrition of a baby of 10 months, it is important that the menu includes all the necessary minerals. Do not buy a child ready-made sweets and give him foods that cause allergies.

Feed should also be at least 5 times daily, and the approximate menu of a baby of 10 months may be as follows:

  • At 6 a.m. – breastfeeding or infant formula. Before breakfast, you need to give your baby some water, herbal tea or fruit juice. This will allow him to get used to the right diet.
  • For breakfast, you can serve some cereal cooked in milk (rice, oatmeal, buckwheat). Instead of cereal, curd can be combined with mashed fruit. You should not feed a child at this age with semolina porridge, since it contains a lot of carbohydrates, and there are no other useful substances in it. It is recommended to introduce it into the diet, starting from the year.
  • At lunchtime, a baby’s nutrition at 10 months may consist of soup on meat or vegetable broth. Garnish can be mashed vegetables or baby vermicelli. Meatballs from dietary meat: poultry, calves, beef will give the child more strength. Twice a week, meat dishes can be replaced with fish cakes, which should be steamed.
  • Dinner can consist of one egg yolk or its half, mashed potatoes (vegetable or fruit). You can also offer your child to try bread crumbs.
  • Eating a 10-month-old baby before bedtime should not include junk food, because then the baby will sleep restlessly. In this case, instead of mother’s milk, it is better to use kefir.
Allergy risk

In some cases, when feeding a 10-month-old baby, an allergic reaction may appear. How can I understand if a child is at risk? In medical circles, this phenomenon is called atopy, which implies an inborn predisposition. If one of the parents was allergic, the risk can be up to 37%. A more risky situation would be if both parents suffered an allergy – in this case this is already about 60%.

Usually, to prevent an allergic reaction, it is necessary not to include cow’s milk and co-containing products on the menu of a 10-month-old baby. Also, do not give your child chocolate, strawberries, tomatoes, citruses and wheat products until the child is one year old.

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