Baby food at 11 months

Time passes when the child wakes up every 2 hours to eat and the mother forgets about constant sleep deprivation. But the older the crumb, the more important the question becomes about the correct and useful menu for the baby.

Feeding Features

Does a child grow up, what do you need to know when creating a menu? Eating a baby at 11 months old has its own rules that must be observed.

Food should be at least three times a day, in addition to mixtures or breast

The obligatory presence of porridge, which has fiber in its composition and has high energy value for a growing organism.

The presence of fruits and vegetables when compiling a baby’s menu at 11 months old is imperative and vital. The baby should receive enough vitamins to strengthen the immune system and protect against bacteria and germs.

Meat products and food of animal origin are directly related to the nutrition of an 11-month-old baby. These are proteins for the growth of the body and iron for the healthy functioning of the circulatory system.

Naturally, all products need to be introduced gradually and their number increased, relying on the appetite and growth of the child, but in no case should you overfeed. Everything useful should be normal.


Although the baby will soon begin to walk and it seems to you that it is possible to diversify the child’s menu indefinitely from 11 to 12 months, this is not so. There are certain restrictions on the method of cooking and its consistency.

Spices should not be present in the diet of an 11 month old baby. The baby’s intestines are not yet formed to receive such food and can behave unpredictably.

Mandatory lack of exotic fruits – foreign delicacies often cause allergic reactions.

The baby has not yet grown all its teeth and the digestive tract is not ready to digest any kind of food. The food should be moderately chopped – this will gradually teach the baby to chew products and will not affect the intestines.

Remember : only steamed products! This method is healthier and safer for proper digestion in children.

All the above requirements must be observed up to 3 years.

Menu, please!

A baby at this age should have breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For reasonable mothers, it will be useful to know some tips when creating a menu for crumbs:

  1. After waking up at 6 – 7 in the morning, the baby is given breast milk or a mixture.
  2. Breakfast at 9 o’clock should include the following dishes: porridge – 120 – 150 ml., Boiled egg (half possible), homemade fruit puree 40 – 50 ml., Fruit juice or compote 30 ml.
  3. Lunch at 14.00 – 14.30: vegetable broth 40 – 50 ml., Mashed vegetables 150 gr. (it can be potatoes or boiled carrots), mashed meat (chicken or beef) 40 – 50 gr., fruit juice 50 – 70 ml..
  4. Dinner at 18.00 – 19.00: kefir 100 – 150 ml., Cottage cheese 30 – 50 gr., Fruit puree 50 ml..
  5. At 22. 00 a mixture or mother’s milk.

This is an approximate baby menu; some mothers give vegetable or some meat puree for dinner. It all depends on the physiology and appetite of children. Between lunch and dinner, you can give your child cookies or bagels. Be sure to drink water between meals, a balanced amount of water in the body helps to improve digestion and protects against dehydration during the hot period of time.

If possible, try not to feed your child ready-made vegetable purees, you can perfectly make them at home. For the health of little men, only homemade food is useful, no matter how manufacturers of baby food try. The same applies to juices: it is better squeezed at home than having store concentrates with unknown concentrates.

And the last: a child’s poor appetite is not necessarily a consequence of illnesses, as lack of walking can affect it.

Walk and eat more often with pleasure!

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