Baby nutrition at 9 months

Even at 9 months of age, breast milk is still on the baby’s menu. At this age, his diet, although approximately equal to the menu of adults, however, he still can not completely abandon his mother’s milk.

In addition, due to the fact that the baby’s diet is now more advanced, one should carefully monitor his health. Package integrity and shelf life are a determining factor when purchasing any product.

It is also worth noting that it is impossible to add various spices, mayonnaise and ketchup to the food for the baby. However, if a child sees their bright packaging, it will certainly require, and therefore, such products should be kept away from children’s eyes. You should also not give your child fried, fatty and smoked dishes.


Although milk is present in the baby’s diet for 9 months, it is not the main product, therefore the introduction of complementary foods is important. From just 9 months, you can turn on dairy products in your child’s diet.

Cottage cheese

Curd, as well as any similar product, should be given no more than once a day. Moreover, it is better to give six-hour feeding in small portions. The first time you should give only a teaspoon of cottage cheese. Then the portion can be increased gradually: first up to 20 g., Then up to 30-35 g. And up to 50 g.

It’s worth buying a special children’s cottage cheese, the usual one from the store will not work. As an option, cottage cheese can be cooked at home. Such a home product is stored for no more than a day.

For a healthy diet, a 9-month-old baby can cook calcined or sour curd. For the first, a solution of calcium chloride is used, which can be purchased at a pharmacy, and for the second, one percent kefir.

Recipe 1. For 300 ml of milk, after boiling and cooling, 3 ml of the drug is taken. Then, in an enamel bowl, this mixture is brought to a boil, followed by cooling. The finished product is then squeezed with a sieve and transferred to another dish.

Recipe 2. Pour a little kefir into the jar. Place the jar in a pot of water. 5 minutes after the water in the pan boils, a clot forms in the jar, which should be put on cheesecloth. After the curd has cooled, it can be given to the child. From 100 g. Kefir, you can get up to 50 g. Curd product.


Kefir is best for a 9 month old baby in the evening. You need to start gradually with 20-30 ml, bringing the portion to 200 ml, but no more. Moreover, kefir is used exclusively for children. As a substitute for kefir, you can use fermented milk mixtures for children from 6 to 12 months.


For a good and healthy nutrition for a 9 month old baby, you can include fish on the menu. It is better to use low-fat and boiled ocean fish (hake, pollock, cod) or river (carp, pike perch). Soak the fish before cooking, as all proteins and mineral salts are washed off. It will be enough to rinse it under running water.

Fish fillet should be completely boneless: large and small. Lower the fillet is already boiling water, because the forming film will retain mineral salts. After the fish fillet is cooked, it is ground in mashed potatoes. Like any product that is introduced for the first time, fish is served in very small portions, gradually increasing them.

We make up the menu

A sample menu for a 9-month-old baby should be based on cereals: corn, buckwheat, rice and oatmeal. You can add yolk, meat or liver of young veal to cereals. You can also give your child an ear of lean fish. For dinner, serve fermented milk products that are designed specifically for children. Needless to say that all products should be first fresh ?!

Of course, every mother can organize a good feeding of a baby at 9 months old herself, with the support of a personal pediatrician. However, it will be about the same for many babies. For example, the menu may be this: in the morning the child receives a portion of breast milk, and for 10 hours you can cook him porridge and fruit juice. For lunch, you can cook some meat dish in combination with mashed vegetables and egg yolk.

All this also then can be washed down with juice. For the afternoon snack you can serve fruit puree, and for 6 hours any dairy product with easily dissolving biscuits. And before bedtime, also breastfeed or mix.

Gradually introduce variety into the menu of a 9-month-old baby, and you will see how he grows rapidly and actively develops. Good luck and good health!

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