Pregnancy planning, pregnant behavior

To minimize all possible risks that may arise during the development of the fetus, preparation for pregnancy should be carried out correctly.

It is recommended to start it in both a man and a woman no later than three months before the intended conception.

Usually, pregnancy planning consists of a whole range of activities.

These include:

  • The elimination of bad habits. Alcohol, nicotine and even more so drugs have a negative effect on both the egg cell and sperm. Some medications should also be excluded.
  • Proper nutrition. It is necessary to abandon diets for weight loss, especially strict, and try to eat properly. The diet of your family should consist mainly of healthy foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Women additionally should take folic acid or special vitamin complexes.
  • Waiver of the sauna. Men should refrain from excessive physical exertion, hot baths and saunas. This is necessary in order to sperm mature healthy.
  • Passing the survey. Be sure to be examined by narrow specialists: a gynecologist, an oculist, a cardiologist, a neuropathologist, a therapist, and even a dentist. If you or your partner have any chronic diseases, you should find out how they can affect conception and pregnancy. Also ask what medicines you can take if necessary.
  • Delivery of analyzes. If the future parents have some infections in the body, the birth of a healthy child will be under great threat. Therefore, in addition to the usual tests should also be checked for diseases that can be sexually transmitted, as well as toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus, enterovirus, etc. Such diseases often pass in a latent form and therefore may remain undetected for a long time.
  • Waiver of some contraceptives. If a woman has an intrauterine device, it should be removed at least three to four months before the intended conception, this is necessary so that the uterus can relax and recover. The same applies to hormonal contraceptives.
  • Rubella vaccination. If you have never had rubella, you should always be vaccinated, because this disease is very dangerous for the fetus.
  • Consultation genetics doctor. He will recommend the necessary studies and determine if your pair is at risk.
Pregnant behavior

With a successful pregnancy, the probability of having a healthy baby increases significantly. In this, an important role, in addition to planning conception, is played by the behavior of the woman herself during the period of carrying the baby.

To avoid possible problems for future moms it is recommended:

  • Time to get registered with the doctor.
  • Visit your doctor regularly and follow all his instructions.
  • Pass all necessary examinations and procedures.
  • Carefully monitor the health and in case of ailments, be sure to consult a doctor.
  • Do not take any drugs yourself, even at first glance, the most innocent.
  • Pay close attention to nutrition, your diet should be balanced and varied.
  • Avoid stress and physical overwork.
  • Try not to sit up, move more and walk, do simple workouts, such as doing yoga or swimming.

Anyone intending to become a parent wants his baby to be born strong and healthy. Sadly, this is not always the case. It happens that children are born very weak, painful, sometimes with serious pathologies or even congenital defects. Of course, to completely protect your family from this is unrealistic, but it is quite possible to reduce all risks to a minimum – planning and correct behavior during pregnancy can help.

Why is pregnancy planning necessary?

Many couples do not pay proper attention to planning conception and pregnancy, being in the assurance that mother nature will understand everything perfectly. Unfortunately, it is far from always able to overcome the mass of harmful factors characteristic of the modern world.

Bad ecology, unhealthy diet, crazy rhythm of life, bad habits, frequent stress, etc., have a bad effect on the state of the human body. Well, if we add to all this the lack of time to visit doctors, as a result of which many diseases remain undetected, the probability of normally carrying out and giving birth to a healthy child is significantly reduced.

That is why the preparation for pregnancy is necessary.

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