Mixtures Bellakt Immunis for the baby

Every modern mom knows that there is nothing better and more beneficial for the baby than breast milk. But what if breastfeeding for one reason or another is not possible to continue? Thanks to the achievements of modern science, this problem is easily solved today.

A new generation of infant formula provides the child’s body with all the substances necessary for optimal growth and development. But how to choose the best among the variety of manufacturers? Today we will try to help you with this and introduce you to Bellact products.

What is the advantage of Bellact milk formula? Firstly, it is a mixture of natural, environmentally friendly raw materials. Milk for their manufacture was presented to us by cows fed with juicy herbs near the Belovezhskaya Pushcha reserve.

Secondly, the composition of the mixture is selected taking into account that the child not only has a satisfying and tasty meal, but also strengthens his immunity at any time of the year. And parents could not worry about the health of their baby. But that’s not all!

Bellact – life begins with milk

The company “Bellact” began to produce its products back in 1970. More than one generation of babies grew up on dry mixes of this company, and the quality of its products has always been at its best. Today, Bellact produces useful and natural products with the most modern equipment in accordance with international standards and the latest scientific achievements. The mission of the enterprise is clear and simple: caring for the health of small and adult, the release of high-quality, healthy and tasty products. And, importantly – inexpensive, in contrast to imported counterparts.

Modern highly adapted Bellact milk formula contains the optimal amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, nucleotides, essential fatty acids, vitamins, micro and macro elements: zinc, iron, selenium, iodine. All this contributes to the proper formation of the nervous system of babies, their overall growth and development.

The company “Bellact” does not stand still and is constantly evolving, improving product quality. One of the latest innovations of the company is the line of infant formula “Bellact Immunis +”, aimed at the formation and strengthening of children’s immunity.

“Bellact Immunis +” Immunity under protection

What is Bellact Immunis +? It:

  • Strengthening children’s immunity,
  • Prevention of dysbiosis,
  • Easy and comfortable digestion without colic,
  • Optimal growth and development of your baby.

For the proper formation of immunity in mixtures “Bellact” Immunis + “contains prebiotics, probiotics and lutein. They normalize the intestinal microflora, which is a key factor in shaping the health of the child.

Bellact Immunis mixtures have good individual tolerance, reduce the frequency of functional digestive disorders, and stop infant colic. When using mixtures, hemoglobin values ​​are normalized. Digestion of fats improves, the composition of the intestinal microflora is optimized – the number of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli increases, the growth of Staphylococcus aureus decreases. All these factors, no doubt, prove the positive effect of the “Bellact Immunis +” mixtures on the formation of the immunity of a child of the first year of life and make them indispensable helpers for caring mothers!

Your baby grows and develops, which means that his nutritional needs are changing too. Therefore, for children over 12 months of age, Bellact milk drink “Immunis 3+” has been specially developed, which will continue to take care of the child’s immunity after a year. Bellakt Immunis milk mixes have already been appreciated by both small buyers and professionals: the products have been awarded numerous professional awards.

Favorite porridge has become more beautiful!

In addition to the milk mixture, the Bellact assortment also includes baby cereals, which have recently been issued in a new bright package. Corn, rice, oat, wheat, buckwheat,.. With inulin, with fruits and vegetables, with milk and without! Even the most fastidious little gourmet will find a gruel to his taste!

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