How to drink a newborn: 8 healthy drinks

With the onset of summer heat, many mothers begin to think about how to drink crumbs. We offer you a list of healthy drinks that will help your baby quench his thirst.

1. Breast milk

Modern pediatricians assure parents that during the first months of life, the baby does not need anything more than mother’s milk. An exception is the need to dilute the medicine (although a few drops of expressed breast milk are perfect for diluting powdered tablets) and medical indications.

We are talking about health problems – high fever, physiological “jaundice” of the newborn, diarrhea, dehydration. Mother’s milk is 87.5% water, so it perfectly quenches thirst. However, children who are breast-fed still need to be fed between meals.

2. Water

From the age of six months, when complementary foods are already being introduced, the child should start drinking water. It is better not to give him boiled tap water: boiling kills bacteria, but salts of heavy metals remain. It is safe to drink crumbs with bottled water from the store, but be sure to choose still water. Make sure the bottle says “baby” and the name of the organization that controlled the production. Now there are 3 of them in Russia: the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the Institute of Nutrition of the RAMS and the State Sanitary Inspection of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

Although in the first months of life children need only one breast milk, in extreme heat, you can also give them some water.

3. Morse

Making this drink is very simple, even heat treatment is not needed. Just pour boiling water over the fruits and berries, and then let the fruit drink a little bit. You can drink them a child from the age of one.

4. Juice

This drink is suitable for babies who are already 4 months old. However, juices with pulp are recommended for children from six months. Recommendations about whether it is worth introducing such a drink into the diet of crumbs are usually given by the local pediatrician.

If you buy juice in the store, choose it in the departments with products for children. Always carefully study expiration dates and storage. Often, industrial juices for babies are enriched with vitamins and minerals – all this can be found by reading the label.

First give your child a few drops of one-component juice to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction. Gradually increase the amount of the drink, bringing it to the age norm.

5. Compote

If the child is already 6 months old, he can already be given homemade compotes. When preparing a drink, replace sugar with fructose – it is sold in pharmacies, but is often found in supermarkets. The fact is that sugar loads the pancreas, but the baby’s digestive system is still weak. Do not add fresh grapes to the compote, as well as raisins, if you cook a drink from dried fruits. These berries in any form provoke gas formation and fermentation processes in the intestine.

6. Kissel

The jelly contains starch, so they should not be given to children under 6 months of age. And from the age of six months, the child needs to be given this drink carefully – after consulting with a pediatrician and subject to several rules. The baby can not be offered a thick jelly, but it must be boiled immediately before use. To avoid allergies, use only those foods that the baby already eats, and do not experiment with exotic fruits.

7. Tea

This is one of the popular drinks that is loved in all families. For children produce special teas with herbs and plants – with mint, lemon balm, chamomile, dog rose and hypericum. They are not only delicious, but also treat. For example, there are drinks that improve digestion, soothe, stimulate the elimination of sputum when coughing.

Granulated teas are sold in pharmacies. If you choose these, be sure to follow the recommended dosage. Nevertheless, before buying any tea for crumbs, consult a doctor, because you need to be careful with herbs. Artificial kid can be given tea in 3-4 months, babies – from six months.

8. Kefir

It is not necessary to introduce this sour-milk drink into the crumbs diet before it turns 8 months old. Moreover, for a child it is more food than drink. Try to buy fermented milk products of well-known manufacturers with a good reputation and only in trusted stores.

Watch your child, do not force him to drink in the heat if he does not want to. This means that mother’s milk is enough for the baby, and for the artificial baby, the liquid in which the mixture is diluted.

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